Under Ferrari Bonnet

4 Essential Car Maintenance Tips

As of recently, there has been much talk about car safety.

Talking into consideration that, in spite of all the measures and awareness campaigns, the number of car accidents is on the rise, these concerns are more than reasonable.

So, the question remains, what can we do to improve these numbers?

Enforcing penalties, working on improving drivers’ skills, and making the signs more distinct are all workable solutions.

But, the fact remains that all these mentions are worth very little if the vehicles we are driving are in poor shape.

Let us then take a look at some of the essential car maintenance tips that will move this basic issue off the table.

Check the Tyres

Being mounted on the wheels, tyres have a tremendous impact on the performance of your vehicle.

Be sure then to do frequent safety checks and cut all the possible problems in the root.

  • First, check the tyre depth. If you have a problem determining are they ok, you can use a penny coin as a reference point. The tyre should cover at least the third of the coin.
  • Second, do a quick pressure check. Remove the cap, press the gauge, wait for the hissing to stop, and then read the pressure. Compare this reading to the recommended numbers you can find in the manual.
  • Finally, give the tires close visual inspection and look for any signs of damage, scrapes, cuts, and punctures.

Checking Tyre Tread with Penny

Inspect the Engine

Since it’s a far more complicated component than a tire, major engine interventions should be left to professionals.

However, there are some small fixes you can do for yourself.

For instance, most of the Check Engine alerts occur due to problems with components like camshafts.

Getting premium brands like Crow Cams from T.I. Performance and similar suppliers is relatively easy, and installing new camshafts is even easier.

So, in cases like this, you can avoid expansive interventions at your mechanic.

Replace the Fluids

Although they sound relatively menial in the grand scheme of an intricate car mechanic, various fluids play a huge role in making this whole system work.

Do your best to give them a check at least once a month.

Let’s take a look at the top three solutions you should keep in focus:

  • Engine Oil – In most of the cars, this check is performed by using a dipstick. If you are losing oil faster than expected, visit a mechanic. Otherwise, the oil should replace every 3000 miles of six months.
  • Coolants – Coolants can be easily inspected if you simply remove the radiator cap. The current liquid level is measured against the internal indicator. The coolants should be completely replaced every two years.
  • Power steering fluid – Just pop the hood and do a quick visual check by looking at the reservoir. In this case, you won’t need to replace the fluid on a regular basis, but make sure to constantly keep it topped.

Other important mentions you should keep in mind are brake fluid, transmission fluid, and windshield washer.

Working Under a VW Beetle

Keep the Brake System in Shape

First and foremost, you will need to frequently inspect the brake discs and make sure they are fully functional.

The more often you do it, the better, but let’s say every three months is an acceptable frequency.

Second, make sure the brakes are well-lubricated and resistant to rust.

Finally, use brakes properly to extend their lifespan and efficiency.

If you can, rely on the slowdowns rather than immediate stops and avoid cadence breaking.

Instead apply the pressure gradually, release it and apply again until the vehicle is brought to a halt.

Of course, the issue of road safety and car maintenance is far more complicated than these couple of mentions and even extends to ancillary systems like air-conditioning.

But, all these things are important up to an extent.

The four maintenance tips we gave you are absolutely crucial for any semblance of safe driving.

Be sure to always keep them in mind and do your best to keep your four-wheeler in good shape.

All of your efforts will be well-rewarded.

Reviewing Investment Portfolio Performance

How to Grow Your Wealth for the Future

Figuring out how to grow your wealth for the future isn’t easy.

No one can disagree that there is no shortage of information on investing available over the Internet.

However, too much data can be overwhelming.

Thankfully, this post should help you get a solid understanding of the basics of investing.

Outlined below, you will find everything you might require to start investing and prepare yourself financially for the future.

You Have To Earn Your Wealth

So, you want to grow wealth and get rich.

Well, you have to earn it.

With cash, this is pretty damn straightforward.

Do you want it?

Get out there and start making it.

Find a job. Find a second one. Maybe even a third.

Start side hustling or side projects to earn more cash.

Even if you’re in a college, you can still have a side job to pay for it.

The point being, if you wish to grow wealth, there must be an income to back it.

There are literally thousands of ways to earn income, and you have to find the one that you can do – and get to work!

No one is stopping you.

The only obstacle between you and your wealth is your own willingness to work for it.

Confused Looking Woman Using Laptop

Short-Term Investment Opportunities – Fixed Interest

Fixed interest investments (also called bonds or fixed income) typically have a set investment period (five years, for instance), and give predictable income in the form of consistent interest payments.

They are often less risky when compared to other kinds of investments, so you can use to have a balance and diversity in an investment portfolio.

Fixed interest investments are issued by companies and governments both internationally and in Australia.

For example, a government bond is a fixed interest investment.

It gives the holder regular interest payments, and once it matures, the amount you originally invested (called the principal) can be returned back.

Although the value of the investment doesn’t increase with inflation.

Long-Term Investment Opportunities – Self-Managed Superannuation Fund

A self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) is a superannuation trust structure that offers benefits to you upon retirement.

The major contrast between SMSF and other super funds is that SMSF members are also the trustees of the fund.

One of its main advantages is the level of control you can have when it comes to tailoring the fund to meet your personal needs.

In other words, if you decide to use a self managed super fund, you will have the power to choose from an almost limitless range of investments, which is unrivalled when compared to other types of superannuation funds.

Some of the more common types of investments available within SMSFs include:

  • Cash and term deposits.
  • Managed wraps and funds.
  • International and Australian listed securities (shares).
  • Real estates.
  • Unlisted shares and collectibles.

Define Your Investment Objectives

Investing means putting your cash to work to accomplish your personal goals, so begin by defining what you wish to accomplish by when.

When you set goals, they will force you to plan, and when you have a clear goal – ideally one put on paper – it will motivate you to stick to the plan.

Reflect on your objectives first.

Maybe you’re saving for a holiday, for a child’s education or for a home deposit.

Perhaps you want to boost retirement savings.

Different objectives have different timeframes.

You likely only have a couple of months or a year to save for a holiday, but, if you’re saving for retirement, you might have 30 or 50 years.

Assigning a timeframe to each investment objective will allow you to think about how much you can afford to invest and how long it will actually take you to reach it.

Financial independence is the objective most of us have in mind when we consider building wealth.

It isn’t about the mindless hoarding of cash, but rather using it to buy our freedom.

And that’s what growing your wealth enables you to do. Stop planning and start building.

Major Social Media Brands

How to Correctly Rollout a Company Rebrand

There are a number of things you have to think about when starting a rebrand project.

Are you doing it for the right reasons?

Do you know what exactly you want to achieve?

Do you have the right team?

Only once you have answers to all of these questions should you embark on a rebrand.

However, even if you do, it doesn’t mean your rebrand will turn out to be a success.

The only way to make sure you roll it out properly is to plan everything through.

With that said, here are a few things you can do to make your rebrand rollout the way you intend it to.

Prepare Touchpoints

There’s no point in uploading the new company logo to your website but still hand out business cards with the old one.

The last thing you want to do is confuse your customers which is why you want your rebrand to be effective immediately, with absolutely everything boasting the new look of your brand.

Also, you want your rebrand reveal to create some noise and nothing can make it less effective than visual inconsistencies.

Of course, your logo isn’t the only thing that might need a new look.

Everything from your email signature to business cards needs updating.

If you tackle it in phases, make it very clear what changes are yet to take place.

Pantone Colour Swatches

Get Your Style Guide Ready

People in general, try to resist change as much as possible.

This is why your team members might need all the help you can provide when it comes to understanding the new look of your brand.

The best way to make sure the change goes smooth for them is to prepare a style guide.

As long as your guide is comprehensive and easy to navigate, they’ll know how to represent the company the right way.

Make all assets such as fonts, logos, and colour schemes available with your style guide.

Another good idea is to have someone in charge and have team members come to them in case they have any questions about your rebrand.

Start By Launching Internally

A style guide can help employees grasp the new look of your brand easier but it doesn’t give them time to adjust to the changes.

It’s critical to bring everyone in the office into the brand story and make sure they know exactly how to represent it.

Launching the new brand design internally is the perfect way to do it as it leaves plenty of room for questions and approvals.

To make it more official, you can even think about hosting a special unveiling event where the creative team can walk everyone through the rebrand.

You can rely on videos and games to help your employees adjust to the rebrand faster.

Business Planning Essentials

Host An Event For Your Customers

We’ve talked about hosting an internal unveiling event but there’s more you need to do if you want to make adjusting smooth for your customers as well.

Making the rebrand official is even more crucial while launching it externally and hosting an event is extremely important.

The best part of it is that the event isn’t only going to help your customers understand the new look of your brand but it might help you make more sales as well.

Promote your event by creating promo assets for every platform your brand is on.

Another thing you can do is hand out promotional products with your new colour scheme and logo.

Tell Your Rebrand Story

There’s a story behind every rebrand including reasons for tackling the project and everything that the new brand design brings.

The story about your rebrand can do wonders for your business but it’s up to you to tell it right.

This means you should use every opportunity to tell all about it on a more detailed level.

What this does is add a human element to the whole project which can be a huge plus.

When unveiling the rebrand on your website, make sure it’s followed by a detailed explanation of why you changed your logo or how you came up with the new name.

You can also use these stories to give your email and social media marketing a slight boost.

Not a single brand out there has been built overnight.

A rebrand sure is an exciting endeavour but it’s not the end.

Once the entire project has been completed, it’s time to start looking for what further updates you can make to your brand and help your business grow even more.

Cottages in Autumn

The 5 Most Important Maintenance Tips for Your Home This Fall

In order for your home to be functional for years to come, it needs to be well maintained – and every season comes with its own maintenance tasks you should complete.

Doing some maintenance in fall will prepare your home for the harsher weather that is yet to come, so you should set aside a few days just for this.

With that in mind, here are five maintenance tips for your home this season.

1. Clean Your Gutters

Clogged gutters can lead to roof leaks, because they would prevent water from flowing freely.

Eventually, that water would build up and seep through your walls, roof, and even your basement.

Plus, when the temperatures drop below zero, not cleaning your gutters can result in ice damming, which can damage your gutters.

In short, not cleaning your gutters on time can lead to some costly necessary repairs later.

So, even if you’re not that experienced in this field, you can hire somebody to help you, but don’t skip this step.

Smoke Detector

2. Test Your Smoke Detectors

This is a task that only takes a few minutes, and it can save lives.

Test your smoke detectors to make sure they are working properly, and change the batteries.

After all, whether you have a fireplace or an electric heater, you will be heating your home much more during fall and winter, so the risk of fires is a bit higher than usual.

Plus, it’s always better to be safe than sorry, and you don’t want your detectors to malfunction when you need them the most.

3. Check Your Drains

Clogged drains can lead to all kinds of problems, from bad smells to mould and floods.

So, if you notice that water seems to be going down too slowly, check your drains.

Australians, for example, know that preserving water is more important now than ever before, and for that, your drains need to be in good shape.

Not to mention that preventing plumbing issues in Australia is much cheaper than fixing them.

So, don’t hesitate to call and consult the professionals in blocked drains from Sydney who will gladly check your drains, fix any potential issues, and give you tips on how to prevent any problems as well.

4. Have Your Chimney & Heating System Inspected

If you have a fireplace, you should inspect your chimney before you actually need to use it.

If you don’t know whether it should be cleaned, you can always consult professionals.

On the other hand, if you happen to have a central heating system, you should also make sure everything is ready for the cold days of fall and winter.

This is not only to keep your family safe but also to ensure that everything is working efficiently, so you don’t waste more money than necessary on your energy bills.

And don’t forget to change the air filters every month, or as often as the manufacturer instructed.

Raking Autumn Leaves

5. Rake The Leaves & Trim The Branches

This is something you can do near the end of the season – rake your leaves and trim the trees.

Raking your leaves is important, but not just because your lawn would look better; it’s also because it allows your lawn to breathe.

This is especially important if you want to have a nice garden in the spring.

Moreover, raking the leaves also reduces the chances of your yard becoming infested with pests.

As for the trees, considering how windy and stormy this season can get, use the opportunity when the leaves have fallen to trim any dead branches, especially those hanging over your house and pathways.

Taking care of these few tasks can make your life much easier when the winter comes.

So, follow the listed tips, take care of any issues that you notice right away, and you will have much less to worry about.

Baby in Cot

How to Prepare a Baby Nursery for a Newborn Baby’s Arrival

Once you find out you’re expecting a baby, there are so many things that need to be done, and one of them is preparing the nursery room!

This particular activity takes a lot of time and steps, so it’s a good thing you have nine months to do everything right.

In order not to miss anything important, read about all the things you should do when preparing a room for your new little family member.

Dedicate a Room to Your Baby & Prepare It

Whatever room you choose to turn into the nursery, the very first thing you’ll have to do is the thorough cleaning.

First empty the room completely, even if you plan to keep some furniture and items in it, because this is the most effective way to clean everything perfectly, without missing a spot.

When cleaning all the surfaces, include walls and the floor as well.

You should do this because babies are known to be susceptible to allergens like dust, mold, and pet hair.

If the room is too bright, consider adding a dimmer switch.

Follow these instructions, if you aren’t sure how to do it.

It’s a simple project you can do yourself, without having to rely on the help of a professional.

Another simple activity you can cover is oiling the door hinges, if you don’t want to hear the sound of creaking all the time.

Just use a common household lubricant like WD-40 and apply a little oil to each hinge on the nursery door.

You can get these lubricants from any home improvement store, or check out if you can find them in supermarkets.

Lastly, don’t forget about safety features!

You can start by installing a smoke and carbon monoxide detector, and then see what else you can do.

It’s very important, so this is a step you shouldn’t miss in any case. After doing all this, you can paint the room.

Cute Baby Slippers & Clothing

Purchase Essential Furniture & Items

This is a more exciting and fun step!

From the essentials like the crib, sheets, drawers and dressers to tiny details like a pacifier, there are many things you will need, so it’s a good idea to make a list and put it on the paper.

The most important items are definitely the ones regarding the baby’s sleep – the crib and everything that is a part of it: the mattress, blankets and sheets.

Check out the amazing Bubba Blue products to find something you’ll like for your little bundle of joy.

They offer things like charming and luxurious cot and bassinet sheets, swaddling wraps, blankets and towels and everything is designed in Australia and crafted from breathable, natural fabrics like organic cotton and bamboo.

If you want to keep your child cozy and comfortable, you’ll be satisfied with their incredible range of gorgeous designs.

Decorate & Organise the Room Well

We can finally mention the most thrilling part of the whole process!

Once you are done with buying things you need and picking the theme, it’s time to decorate the room and organise everything.

The most important items should be the most visible and always at the reach.

Moreover, you should start with the basic colors, because babies are drawn to high-contrast, black-and-white objects, and not brightly coloured items.

If you are going to become a mommy and daddy, it’s time to plan how you will prepare the nursery room and begin with all that has to be done.

From making it clean and safe and setting the perfect lightning to picking beautiful furniture and items and decorating and organizing everything to look well and be practical for you, it’s going to be an exciting little adventure.

Remember, your baby deserves the best, so go wild if you can afford it.

Beautiful Home with Side Extension

Home Upgrades That Are Totally Worth It

It’s time for a home renovation, yet you don’t know where to start?

Quite often you need to renovate more things at once, especially if nothing has ever been renovated in your home.

However, some things are more essentials than others, and those mostly regard your safety and hygiene.

If you’re planning on renting the place at some point, it would also be thoughtful of you to calculate in advance and predict what your future occupants might need, as well.

Here are some crafty innovations you can add to your home that are certainly going to pay off.

A Functional Kitchen is a Happy One

Kitchens that have never been renovated tend to have layers of dirt hidden in every corner, and don’t lie that this is not the case at your home.

Kitchen elements are heavy and tough to move, which is why we rarely bother giving the kitchen a deep cleaning session.

However, such neglect can cause you more problems than you might think.

Rats and cockroaches are only some of the most common ones, but all kinds of allergens can start growing in your unclean kitchen, as well as potentially harmful bacteria.

What you need to do first is thoroughly clean every bit of the kitchen until it shines spotlessly, and afterwards check all the electrical devices.

If all of them are working efficiently, think about investing in some new kitchen gadgets and decorations.

Taller cabinets, a kitchen island and LED strip cabinet lights are only some of the ways to make your kitchen interior truly pop.

American Home at Sunset

Let the Light Enter & Shine

You can never have enough light in a home, and there are few reasons why that is so.

Lighter homes make all the occupants feel better since sun rays enhance the production of serotonin and vitamin D, as well as help you maintain a healthy biorhythm.

Furthermore, all the best features of your home’s furniture and décor elements can be better seen in a room with more light, making the home as a whole more appealing.

The key rooms which you should light up are the kitchen and the bathroom.

Since these are the rooms that most often don’t have windows, try installing them.

If this is not an option, then go with daylight replacement lights in order to mimic the light that would naturally come from the sun.

Get Your Home an Extra Floor

Adding an extra floor to your home is the absolute best way to get more space and some better window views.

Having more square meters in your home increases its resale value, so if you’re looking for a worthy investment, then dazzling second storey additions are just what you need.

You can even add two storeys at once, which is a cheaper way to go since the average cost per square meters added is reduced when it comes to installing multiple floors.

It’s important that these additions are done safely, which is why you need to hire an experienced team to do the job.

Things that must be considered are structural requirements (since the foundation has to carry more weight), as well as mechanical issues, such as plumbing, chimneys and electrical panels.

Invest in Energy Savers

Overall, the best investments you can make are the ones regarding energy-saving upgrades.

Your home spends a lot, and you will see how much you can save on a monthly basis as soon as you start installing these upgrades.

The difference is very noticeable, especially when it comes to saving money from heat and cooling devices thanks to energy-efficient windows, as well as eco-friendly electrical appliances.

The more energy-efficient you make your home, the more easily it will sell, as well.

Another great thing about making your home into a fully energy functional one is that you are doing what’s best for the environment, which is a goal all of us should strive for.

If we don’t look out for the environment, none of our houses are going to be good places to live in.

So, make sure that your eco-friendly investments go along with all the other ones and you will significantly upgrade the worth of your home.

Phone Live on Instagram

Top 6 Ideas for Brands to Increase Audience Engagement on Instagram

In recent times the visibility of brands has increased on Instagram for the growth of their businesses.

Instagram has about 1 million active users every month out of which, 67% of adults age between 18 to 29.

Out of these 67% active users, 60% login Instagram multiple times a day.

Due to this huge number of active users every day Instagram offers a platform to brands for the promotion and growth of their business.

In this article top 6 ideas are mentioned which would help brands to make their presence reach to a maximum of the audience; get more Instagram likes and potential buyers.

1. Blend into the Instagram Format

Yes, to blend in the format of visual content on Instagram is the best way to promote yourself positively.

You have to show your brand to the audience and not just tell them about it.

The photos or videos should look very native to the platform.

One more reason to still maintain visual content as the primary feature of Instagram is to prevent it to get converted into a social billboard for promotion.

2. Create Episodic Content

Episodic content is a significant way to engage more audience.

It can convert your one-time visitors to account re-visitors or permanent followers.

The episode does not need to be a 30 minutes video, but any content which would make the audience curious to know what would be the next content.

It could be a photo, an Instagram story or a short video of just 6 seconds.

Girl Taking Photo Using Instagram

3. Use Nostalgic Content

Nostalgic emotion leads to aspirations and engages most of the audience.

Throwback pictures are in trend on Instagram.

Brands can share the pictures of their old products or milestones achieved by them in past.

They can also show the throwbacks of their employees and a now and then comparison of their company and their brand.

4. Diversify Your Content

Brands should use diversified content on their Instagram profile.

Visual content feature of Instagram is not limited till photos now.

Videos, IGTV, Instagram stories and many other ways are available to present their content in a more involved way to the audience and potential customers.

Diversified content makes your profile look fresh as well.

5. Say No to Over Filter Content

Instagram has filters option to edit their visual content.

A filter could be used to edit light in content, to balance or enhance colours.

These are available to make the picture look good but overuse of filters could make the photo look grainy and artificially constructed.

Such photos on your profile would not reflect a good image of your brand in the audience’s mind.

Camera Lens Filter

6. Create a Storyline

Visual stories get consumed by human mind quickly compared to a written story.

Instagram too has a story feature which appears as a timeline for 24 hours and disappears automatically afterwards.

Brands should always post content in a storytelling way so it can involve the audience completely into it.

They could use their content to tell the story of their product, effects of their products, efforts of employees to enhance customer experience, inside stories and even new products launches too.

Stories educate, reveal and delight audience which itself is an engaged process for them.

If any brand wants to make them popular and successfully marketed on Instagram they need to engage as much audience as possible.

Above mentioned are some tips for brands about how to use Instagram for high engagement of the audience.

Brands can design their Instagram marketing strategy as per these tips to get newfollowers on Instagram and to engage them continuously.

Cleaning Inside a Toilet Rim

5 Easy to Follow Toilet Cleaning Tips

Most homes are reasonably clean, but there is always the possibility of germs hanging around.

This is especially true about the toilets in our homes.

This tiny room needs to be cleaned as often as possible to keep the germs at bay. Here are a few tips and ideas on toilet cleaning.

Regular Flushing

In general, even though water conservation is important, you should try and flush the toilet as often as possible.

This will keep the toilet clean for longer even if you do not have any toilet bowl cleaner in the bowl or cistern.

It will also prevent a smelly toilet.

Make sure that you place a toilet bowl cleaner on the inside of the toilet bowl or in the cistern to assist with daily cleaning.

This will help with keeping the bowl clean for a lot longer between deep cleaning.

As you flush, it will clean and release a clean-smelling and fresh fragrance as well.

When you do flush, you should close the lid so that the germs do not spread around.

The lid should be kept closed for the same reason.

It is therefore important to ensure that you clean the lid thoroughly on the top and on the inside as well.

Frequency of Cleaning

Deep toilet cleaning should happen at least twice a week.

If you have a busy life, once a week would be fine, as long as you have the toilet bowl cleaner inserted.

However, using a brush and chemicals should get rid of any stubborn dirt inside and outside the bowl.

Cleaning Products

Use Appropriate Chemicals

It is best to use chemicals that are specifically designed for toilet cleaning.

You will discover that other chemicals may be too harsh and can scratch the ceramic bowl.

It could also react adversely to the germs, dirt, and smell in your toilet and you do want a toilet that smells fresh and clean.

As a first step, you should squirt the toilet bowl cleaning product under the rim (that is if your toilet does have a rim), and let it sit for a while.

This will loosen all the grime underneath.

That will make it easier to scrub out with a toilet brush.

Should this be a separate toilet, it is important to clean the window on the inside as well as on the outside.

Make this a part of your deep toilet cleaning routine.

This will ensure that there is no build-up of dirt and germs.

If the toilet is part of a bathroom, you should clean the bath and the basin first so that the germs are not transferred from the toilet to these items.

In this instance, the window or windows will need cleaning as well as the mirrors.

You should always do the toilet cleaning before you clean the floors.

The reason is that, while cleaning the toilet, the dirt and germs will inevitably land on the floor.

You, therefore, need to clean it at the end of the cleaning regime.

It is vital that you use clean brushes and cloths for this purpose.

You are already battling germs and you do not want to add to the ones already present by using dirty cleaning equipment.

Always Clean the Walls

Another aspect of deep cleaning, especially in a smaller space, is to clean the walls as well.

It is an easy task if the walls are tiled.

You should clean the walls before you do the floors as well.

You should use a tile cleaner for the floor preferably with the same fragrance as the other cleaning products.

This will enhance the fragrance and create a sweet-smelling space.

Any decor in the toilet should be thoroughly cleaned as well, especially during the deep clean process.

It is necessary to clean anything that you perceive that can collect germs.

Cleaning Bathroom Floor Tiles

Don’t Forget the Floors

The last step is to clean the floor.

The floors should be part of the daily cleaning routine.

For the deep cleaning regime, a good scrub is necessary as well because the grout would have picked up dirt and germs along the way.

Final Tips

Germs are a common occurrence in toilets, hence, when toilet cleaning, you need to wear clean rubber gloves at all times.

If possible, you should cover your feet as well. A quick spray of air freshener would complete the task.

Company Business Meeting

How Meeting Management Practices Help Increase Productivity

Poorly planned meetings lead to the loss of precious time and resources.

Pointless meetings will cost companies in the US $399 billion by the end of 2019.

Over 25 million business meetings occur in the country every single day and 15 percent of an organisation’s collective time is spent on them.

According to executives, 67 percent of these meetings are unproductive and the lack of planning/structure are quoted as common contributing factors.

Effective meeting management is one of the primary ways to help increase productivity.

There are well-established practices that can reduce the waste of time, encourage the exchange of ideas and give company meetings a more strategic direction.

When such practices are put in place, they can easily boost both engagement and productivity.

Practices to Eliminate Distractions

A business meeting can easily get side-tracked.

While important issues aren’t being discussed, time is being wasted effectively.

When meeting management is employed, an agenda is created prior to the session.

The aim of the agenda is to help everyone stay on track and stick to topics of relevance.

Good agendas feature step-by-step details for meeting execution.

Specific time is allotted to the discussion of all items, brainstorming, follow-up question sessions.

The inclusion of multiple details and making sure everyone gets the agenda in advance will both be essential for an organised, concise and productive meeting.

Even if some details appear obvious, their inclusion in the agenda isn’t obsolete.

By featuring lots of details, managers can make sure everyone is on the same page.

It’s also important to follow through with the agenda during the meeting itself.

A general rule of thumb is that the elimination of a specific item is permissible, while adding new items to the agenda is not.

Collection of Stopwatches

Move Away from a Meeting-Centric Culture

The depth of the meeting problem is massive in some organisations.

In such instances, it will be essential to step back and get a good idea about the scope of the issue.

Once you’re aware of the wasteful practices, you can begin pinpointing effective solutions.

If you cannot handle the process on your own, employing professionals to assist with meeting facilitation could be a sound approach.

Shifting away from a meeting-centric culture saves time and adds value to the gatherings that actually take place.

It’s important to make managers and employees question the value of the meetings they’re going to attend.

Every individual participating in meeting management can help for the transition.

When meeting management practices are put in place, several important questions are asked before a gathering is scheduled to take place:

  • What is the strategic value of the meeting?
  • What will the return on investment be if you attend?
  • What will every individual get for the time and the energy they put in the meeting?
  • What type of work will they have to postpone in order to attend?
  • Will the presence of a specific person contribute to the value of the meeting?
  • Will something new be examined or will the meeting just be a rehash of previous sessions?

Meeting management focuses on all of these essentials to actually evaluate the value of a scheduled company event.

Within the company, it should also be clear that individuals have the right to decline meeting attendance if they don’t believe that their presence is going to contribute anything meaningful to the gathering.

Having this right can empower individual employees and lead to much higher engagement, regardless of the fact that people will not be attending all scheduled meetings.

Harvard Business School

Shifting Overall Perceptions

It’s possible to shift the overall corporate perception of meetings through the selection of the right management practices.

In most organisations, meetings are viewed as a necessary evil.

A Harvard Business Review survey shows that 65 percent of senior managers say that meetings are keeping them away from doing their job.

71 percent believe meetings are unproductive and 62 percent believe that meetings miss opportunities to bring the team closer together.

Other statistics show that over 46 percent of employed Americans would engage in any kind of unpleasant activity rather than attend a business meeting.

This mindset in itself is contributing to the lack of effectiveness and productivity during corporate gatherings.

Giving people the power to decline irrelevant meetings can quickly contribute to a shift in perception.

In addition, managers should also emphasise that meetings are communication opportunities rather than boring chores.

They should be viewed as the way to solve problems rather than a distraction that prevents employees from doing their job.

Meeting management practices can accomplish all of these tasks over time, especially if a shift in corporate culture is the strategic intent of such efforts.

Enabling a Flexible Approach

Through the right practices, it’s possible to tailor meetings to the specific needs of the organization.

Who says that meetings have to take place in a rigid environment, every Monday, for at least one hour?

Some companies are making the shift to much more flexible formats.

A walking meeting is one example.

Walking meetings give people a bit of time to stretch their limbs, get outside and recharge their batteries.

These are an ideal choice for a morning cup of coffee that leaves participants feeling refreshed and energized.

Some companies have gotten rid of status update meetings because these are considered obsolete and the information can be communicated in other ways.

Some have introduced small meetings that are thematic and that limit the number of participants for added productivity of the discussion.

Meeting management encourages diversions from standard formats and timeframes.

It focuses on niche meetings that involve fewer people, necessitate less time and give a better outcome than a general meeting lacking clear purpose.

These are just some of the ways in which meeting management practices boost productivity.

They keep the conversation moving, they eliminate weaknesses and introduce new elements on the go.

The ultimate outcome is increased engagement, a positive view of meetings and a more willing to communicate team that’s ready to exchange ideas and identify new solutions.

Suitcase & Clothes on Bed

The Best Packing Checklist for Business Trips

Business trips can be a way to network and work on your skills, but for those who aren’t keen on travelling, packing for business trips (or any other trips, really) can be a source of frustration.

There are always some items that are more important than others, so it’s understandable why people often forget things that are significant for them while being away from home.

Therefore, here’s a packing checklist that will help you have a safe and carefree business trip:

Basic Clothes (But Make It More Business-Like)

Blazers, jackets, trousers and blouses are something every business oriented woman should own.

Therefore, packing business clothes will help you feel self-assured and comfortable even if you’re not in your office anymore.

Similarly, you can bring a pair of shoes you usually wear to work, in case you need to go to meetings that will require you to look elegant and well-put.

Additionally, it wouldn’t be bad to wear something more casual in case you get some free time to explore the new city.

So, feel free to pack a pair of jeans, a tee, and a pair of sneakers or shoes that are comfortable enough.

Suits on Coat Hangers

Some Elegant Clothes

Business trips often have elegant dinners as part of the schedule, which is no surprise, considering that a lot of business decisions are still discussed and made during dinner.

In case you get invited to a fancy restaurant, you need to be sure that you have something elegant to wear.

That can be a classic little black dress or a suit that’s apter for elegant nights out that meeting boardrooms.

Feel free to wear anything you like, just make sure that it is appropriate for the occasion.

Anything You Need For Your Work

Since you’re taking a business trip, you need to be certain that you have anything related to your work, that you could present to anyone who needs to hear it.

Therefore, packing all the necessary documents, a laptop and possibly some external hard drives will make sure you’re well-prepared.

Additionally, since going on a trip can be risky for your belongings, especially if you’re flying, it’s crucial to make sure your things are safe, so feel free to consider womens laptop bags that will keep your laptop protected.

Make yourself a list and of course, contact the people you’re meeting with, in case you need a projector or anything else that cannot be transported that easily.

Womans Purse Scarf & Camera

Travel-Sized Cosmetics

If you’re staying in a hotel, chances are you’ll be provided with basic cosmetics (shower gel and shampoo, mostly), but if you have special requirements when it comes to cosmetic products, feel free to bring your own.

Make sure they’re travel-sized, since they’re easier to transport and more eco-friendly.

Many brands have travel sizes of their products, and if they don’t, you can always get reusable bottles and fill them with anything you like, from your favourite body lotion to the shower gel that you can’t live without.

If you’re flying, don’t forget to pack the cosmetics in quart-size plastic bags.

Make sure to put them in an outside pocket of your suitcase, as security requires you to show them all your liquids, so they can be sure that everything is properly packed.

Your Purse

Every woman needs her purse to feel good, so going on a business trip shouldn’t be an exception.

Even if your whole trip will be spent in meetings and business discussion, you need to make sure that all your belongings are safe with you at all times.

A quality purse is perfect for that.

Use your purse to pack your passport, your ID, keys, phone charger, some medication and anything else you can’t live without to your purse and don’t leave it out of your sight.

Packing for a business trip can be a bit confusing, especially if you’re new to the experience.

But with some careful planning, it’s possible to bring everything you need, and even if you forget some personal items, there’s probably a store somewhere near the hotel.

So you’ll be able to buy toiletries or extra pair of stockings, in case you need them.

It’s better to travel lightly and feel relaxed than to constantly worry about the contents of your suitcase.