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The Perks & Pitfalls of Living a Life of Luxury

Although many people think that money would solve all their problems and make them completely happy, this is actually far from true.

In fact, there are many well-off people who are plain miserable. So, how to find a balance?

Is there an amount of money that can bring us happiness? And when does enough become too much?

Living a life of luxury may sound like a blast, but at some point, it becomes something else, something that kills our joy and pulls us downwards.

Here are some good and bad sides of a luxurious lifestyle.

Perk: You’ve Got More Opportunities

Being extremely rich is great when you consider all the opportunities you’re presented with. One of them is to travel.

When you have all the money you need and perhaps even a private jet, there’s no place in this world you can’t visit and see.

For the curious people who like learning new things, trying new foods and being introduced to new cultures, this is a blessing.

And it doesn’t stop with travel. There’s also the chance to meet people.

First of all, you can meet ordinary, everyday people at every location you travel to, but let’s not forget that with money usually comes status, meaning that when you make a name for yourself, you won’t have much trouble meeting other wealthy people.

This includes intellectuals, artists and scientists, which are usually an interesting lot.

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Pitfall: You Can Become Self-Destructive

When you’re able to afford anything, many things lose their appeal and you start finding it difficult to get excited about them.

This could be one of the reasons we hear so much about celebrities and other rich people battling addiction and turning to various substances, some of which aren’t even legal.

However, there are some other possible reasons for this phenomenon.

Many rich and famous people start using drugs or develop an alcohol addiction because they underestimate the dangers of these substances and their bad effects of their wellbeing.

This may be due to the fact that the rich believe nothing can hurt them and that their wealth can pull them out of any trouble.

They may also think that these substances are the only way for them to feel any thrill and excitement, and their desire to feel good can actually cause them their health and lead them down the path of self-destruction they’ll have difficulty getting off of.

Perk: You Can make a Difference

Money normally carries with it a certain amount of power.

So, if that power is used for a good thing, then it becomes one of the best things about being rich.

A taxi driver can talk about important things as much as he or she wants, but not many people will give their words and weight.

However, if a celebrity who everybody loves and respects starts talking about something, a majority of us will listen, and what they say will most likely turn into a movement led by their fans in no time.

So, if a rich person uses their influence and resources to tackle an important issue and change things for the better, not only will the whole society benefit, but it will also give them a sense of pride and joy for being the ones who do good.

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Pitfall: You Get Bored

One of the bad sides of being filthy rich is that you get to be self-absorbed, focus more on your own interests and desires, and you can make nearly all your wishes come true.

However, this can get very boring.

Having a huge swimming pool, a really fast car and a private jet may sound incredible, but once you get used to them, they don’t seem that special or interesting anymore.

Second, there are fewer things for you to strive to.

When you’re struggling to make it in business, you do it because you’d like to buy a nice house, see Bora Bora or buy those expensive shoes you saw somebody wearing.

Once you make it and can have all these things, you have to set higher goals.

But when you’re rich and capable of making more money using what you already have, most goals you set become easily reachable, stripping you off your ambitions and things to aspire to.

This can leave you frustrated or even apathetic. And what good is all your wealth if you don’t feel good about it?

Although having a lot of money can help you greatly in life, it can also cost you some of the good things that you take for granted.

After all, when you have money and power on your side, how can you ever tell if people around you are really your friends, or they’re just attracted to your wealth?

So, the key is probably to try and keep a more down-to-earth mindset even when you can allow yourself to have your head in the clouds.

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How to Approach and Help an Addict

Let’s not sugar-coat it – approaching and helping your loved one who struggles with and addiction is never a piece of cake.

In fact, it can be a very long, challenging, and painful process, but you know what? It definitely isn’t impossible.

Here are some useful tips and guidelines on how to make it happen with success, so check them out and learn something new today!

Search for Warning Signs in the First Place

Even though a lot of people think that identifying a substance use disorder is an easy task because the symptoms are way too obvious, the truth is that reality is completely different than that.

In fact, substance addiction is often an internal battle, which means that recognising the symptoms and helping your loved one can be very tricky and difficult.

This is particularly true because the majority of addicts usually tend to deny that they have a problem, trying to keep their habits a secret for as long as possible.

Even though the symptoms can differ depending on a person and the type of addiction they’re dealing with, there are some common ones such as untidy appearance, lying, bloody eyes, and social alienation.

If your loved one is featuring any of these, it may be the right time to approach them and help them out.

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Be as Loving & Compassionate as Possible

As already mentioned, identifying the substance use disorder in your loved one can be tricky, but you know what?

Approaching and trying to help them can be even more challenging, so be extra careful and don’t make a huge mistake.

The key to success is adopting the right attitude which will allow you to get closer to your friend or a family member, without them feeling threatened.

Earning their trust is essential, so do your best to show love and compassion in order to understand what they’re going through.

Apart from allowing you to bond more with and strengthen your relationship, such an approach will play a crucial role in the recovery process as well.

It’s also important to say that being supportive doesn’t mean that you’re allowed to be judging or controlling, so respect their privacy if you don’t want to push them away.

Overcome the Barriers Together

Struggling with addiction is never easy, and this is particularly true for addicts who don’t want to admit it to themselves.

They live in an enchanted circle of denial, refusing to change their lifestyle and thinking that their addiction is actually beneficial for them.

Such a circle needs to be broken in order for your loved one to get back on track and take control of their life, which is why you should be as supportive as possible and help them accomplish that.

No matter how upset or angry you may feel about their condition, you must know that using guilt and shame is the last thing you want to do.

Instead, understand their struggle and let them figure out that a treatment program in a specialized facility may be the best option for them.

There are numerous facilities of this kind all across America, but we have to say that drug rehab in New Jersey is certainly among the best ones out there.

Just take it into consideration and you won’tmake a mistake.

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Make Sure to Understand the Risks Too!

Needless to say, any kind of addiction can have different negative effects, both on the body and on the mind of the addict.

This means that changing their personality, behaviour, and character is quite common, which often causes the addicts to distance themselves from their family and friends.

Such behaviour can sometimes result in loneliness, depression, and even suicidal thoughts, which tend to push them deeper into addiction, instead of overcoming it.

When you know all of this, it’s crucial that you do whatever you can to understand those risks and choose the right approach, so that your loved one who struggles can trust you and let you help them.

One thing is certain – the sooner you identify the symptoms, the easier it will be to reverse the damage, so bear that in mind and you’ll do a great job.

As you can tell, there are a lot of important things you should remember when it comes to approaching and helping an addict.

This definitely won’t be an easy task, but it isn’t an impossible mission either.

All you need to do is to stick to our tips and guidelines and you won’t go wrong – that’s a promise!

Travellers Accessories

10 Personal Items You Should Never Travel Without

Packing the perfect carry-on is a bit of an art. You have to consider every facet of your journey, from the gate’s hot and crowded waiting area to the freezing cabin at cruising altitude. At the same time, you have to prepare for any and all scenarios—getting sick or hungry, dealing with a chatty flight neighbor, not being able to fall asleep. Luckily, the following 10 items will help ensure that, no matter what gets thrown your way, you’ll be able to handle it like a pro on your next trip.

1. A Few Apps

Of course, your smartphone is the No. 1 most important thing you should take with you on your trip—and, let’s be honest; no one would ever go on vacation without their phone—so it goes without saying. Be sure to load it up with all the very best travel and entertainment apps before you go, such as:

Any game or app that lets you download portions to play offline (while you’re in airplane mode), such as the New York Times Crossword.

Your favorite music or entertainment app (such as Spotify or Netflix). Remember to download your favorite albums, shows, andmovies to your phone before you depart so you can enjoy them in airplane mode.

Your podcast app. Again, you’ll need to download episodes to play while you’re in-flight, so do that beforehand. Download full podcasts seasons since they don’t take up a ton of space, in case you want to binge.

Any travel app that helps you keep track of your plans. You’ll want to spend the flight time tying up any loose ends travel-wise.

2. Your Nicest Watch

Whatever you do, do not pack your diamond-encrusted Rolex in your checked baggage. A watch is a particularly nice thing to have on you while you’re waiting in lines, going through security, stuck in a tiny seat for hours on end, or in any other scenario where checking the time on your phone isn’t super convenient. Always keep your cherished or high-end jewelry either on your person or in your carry-on bag while you travel.

3. Your Passport

Even if you’re not headed out on an international flight, you should still plan to bring your passport with you. The U.S. Department of State recommends bringing a passport when you fly domestically because some state IDs don’t meet the minimum security standards set forth by the Real ID Act, which was passed in Congressin 2005. Better to be safe than sorry, we say!

4. Your Medications

Your carry-on should basically be like a miniature pharmacy by the time you’re done packing! Besides any prescription medications, make sure it’s stocked with just-in-case remedies, including painkillers as well as medications or treatments for allergies, nausea, and cold symptoms. If you’re headed out on the water or up to the mountains, make sure you pack medicine to address altitude sickness or seasickness.

5. A Pair of Headphones

Remember that chatty flight neighbor we mentioned before? One of the best ways to get her to let you travel in peace is to sink into a podcast, a movie, or a playlist, and headphones are the universal sign for “please stop talking to me.” Make sure you bring comfortable,noise-cancelingones so you can enjoy your media without distraction.

6. A Blanket Scarf

Ladies, don’t leave home without an oversized scarf! These are among the most versatile yet underrated travel accessories for those of us who run cold. Not only do they keep you warm during fluctuating temps at the airport and aboard your flight,they also serve as sun shields at the beach and makeshift pillows when you want to catch up on some sleep. Bonus points for the fact that you can wear them, so they don’t take up precious suitcase space.

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7. A Packable Bag

If you plan on doing any shopping, either at your destination or in the airport (who are we kidding, airport shopping is pretty great these days), make sure you have an extra bag or backpack to carry everything home. The best option is to pack a packable tote that barely takes up any space in your suitcase but really comes in handy when you’re packing up to head home.

8. A Pack of Hand Wipes

You don’t have to be a clean freak to know that hand wipes and/or hand sanitizer will be your best friend while you travel. From sticky hands on your flight to the dismal public bathroom at the famous landmarks you plan to visit, you’re going to be glad you have these in your stash. We all start to feel a little gross after a long day of travel or sightseeing, so these can be real life-savers.

9. Your Favourite Snacks

Have you seen the snack offerings on major airlines lately? Not only are they pretty pathetic,they’re also ridiculously expensive! The last thing you want is to be stuck without some proper sustenance, so make sure to pack a few good travel-friendly snacks, such as nuts, granola bars, and single-serving packs of popcorn or pretzels. Don’t forget a bottle of water (purchased once you’re through security, of course, unless you have the next item)!

10. Your Known Traveler Number

If you travel more than once or twice per year, you could likely benefit from signing up for the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) PreCheck program. For just $85 for a five-year membership, you can breeze through security in five minutes or less without removing your shoes, laptops, liquids, belts, and light jackets. If you’ve completed your application and background check, you’ll receive a known traveler number—make sure you have it with you!

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Preparing for Anything

Good travelers are people who are prepared for anything, both in terms of what they pack and how they handle the unplanned and unexpected. Ensuring that you have everything you need for a smooth, hiccup-free trip will, in turn, help ensure that you enjoy your journey no matter what!

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Real Estate Marketing Trends Realtors Must Look Out For in 2019

The real-estate industry is undergoing a drastic change in terms of approaching and targeting potential customer. Digitalization has become a part of almost all kinds of industries and real estate industry is no exception. Real Estate Marketing has started following new and modern marketing techniques since the past few years. However, these techniques become predominant since 2018, and mostly all the realtors started using digital pathways to reach their customers.

Real estate industry has become very competitive, and to succeed and win customers over competitors, it is essential to use the latest and trending marketing strategies. To name a few, local blogs, 3-D content, optimized use of social media platforms are some of the latest marketing strategies which are used by almost all the realtors.

To build a successful marketing strategy in the year 2019, a real estate agent needs to have a clear understanding of the ongoing and upcoming marketing trends. Creation of an innovative marketing campaign would be as crucial as its distribution across all the digital channels and platforms.

Upcoming marketing trends for the real estate industry in the year 2019.

Automation Marketing

Automation marketing is a new and emerging marketing trend which is gaining popularity day by day among realtors. This kind of marketing strategies not only help realtors in bringing down the operational costs but also saves time. This allows the real estate agents to run their business 24/7 and be available for their client irrespective of time and day.

Automation marketing includes services:

  • Responding a lead
  • Sending e-mail marketing campaigns based on customer requirements and preferences
  • Chatbots
  • Property presentation
  • Resolving customer queries

While designing a marketing technique, it is necessary to make it mobile friendly. This would increase the reach of the campaign. Testing the automation process by using A/B testing is very crucial. Last and most important, the automation process would save your time and money but always remember your customers are humans. Thus showing them that you care about them is very important. Talk to them whenever needed.

Organic Social Media Marketing

In 2019, organic social media marketing won’t be as successful as it used to be. Gone are the days when posting a few hashtags or an open house on a social media account, used to attract lots of traffic.

Today, social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook want realtors to spend money to post add on them. Hence, to make optimum use of these platforms, realtors need to keep a separate budget to boost their campaign.

One common mistake made by many realtors while using these social media platforms is that they focus only on the content related to their business. Well, this can be done through the company’s website. The point is, realtors should use these channels in order to build a relationship with their existing and potential clients.

Show them that you care!

Facebook 3D Photos

Another marketing trend to look for in the year 2019 is posting 3D Photos on Facebook. Well, till today this feature is available only on iPhone X. These 3D photos can easily be viewed on laptops, mobiles, tablets, and computers.  3D images are very attractive. It gives viewers a fair idea about the area covered by various rooms.

Facebook 3D photos give viewers a feeling of the virtual walkthrough.  This marketing trend could be a refreshing and welcome change in real estate marketing. It would give viewers a chance to have a feel of the house and check the looks and room space before making an actual visit to the site.


Video advertising is not a new concept. However, making videos and using them in all possible ways on various digital mediums are going to be very popular in 2019.

Nowadays, live videos are becoming very popular. Live videos give realtors a platform where they can connect directly with their potential clients. Realtors use these videos to answer property related queries and promotion of their property.

Various upcoming video related marketing trends in 2019:

  • Home tour video of the entire property.
  • Posting home tour videos on Instagram Stories.
  • Posting videos of home tours on Facebook.

It is advisable to make a video under 1:30 minutes and covering essential details related to property and its locality.

Trust-Based Promotions

Building trust with customers is going to be very important for realtors to attain success in 2019.

Tips for building trust with your clients:

  • Be honest in your campaign.
  • Always give accurate information.
  • Post professional photographs of all the properties and use them to promote your business.
  • Keep clients updated about the ongoing work or renovations in the property.

In case of an open house, Instagram Stories can be used to inform the clients about the same. Use this social platform to give all the necessary information related to Open House to the clients. This would make the customer feel that you care about them and would create a bond of trust.

Promote your brand and position yourself as a professional. Post content and information that shows that you are an expert of this field and you have all the necessary information related to the property. You may also share various issues related to buying or selling a property. Sharing information on various topics of real estate would increase your credibility, which would further help in establishing trust.

Become an Influencer

To be a successful realtor, estate agents should try to position themselves as an influencer. They need to be an expert on whom people look up to find answers to all property related queries.

Tips that would help you in becoming an influencer:

  • Online reviews: Make your clients post reviews about you and your work.
  • Local blogs, press, and websites: Write articles on real estate related topics for local press or local blogs.
  • Design and run marketing campaigns based on real estate. Show your clients how good you are in this field.

The year 2019 is going to be very challenging for realtors. Create innovative, catchy, and informational digital campaigns to attract clients. Use social platforms to build a trust-based relationship with your clients.

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6 Tips to Completely Remove Stubborn Stains from Furniture

Ever sat down on your well-worn couch to check the news and accidentally spilled your coffee over its nice white leather? Or writing with a pen was easy but it’s now spilling? Maybe sometimes your slice of pizza fell on your favorite couch.

What are you going to do?

Stains, just like any emergencies, occur all of a sudden when you least expect it.

No need to worry about it, we’ve done the work of finding out how to get rid of those stubborn stains. With just everyday products that are found in your home, you can be your own professional when it comes to removing pesky stains.

Food Stains

The best way to get rid of that cheese stain? It’s simpler than you think, and it does the trick every time. Not to mention that this trick can take care of most stains.

It’s a simple combination of water and some soap. You would want to get a sponge or a clean cloth together with your water and soap. Don’t use the rougher part of the sponge.

Warm water helps, but if the stains are from dairy products like cheese, it’s best to use cool water to avoid the protein from curdling.

At times, when the reliable mixture trick doesn’t seem to work, try using a liquid detergent that has enzymes in it. Soak the stain for 30 minutes before blotting it with the cloth or sponge.

Larger stains are often a chore. Don’t start in the stain; it’s best to work from the outside first.

Stained Upholstered Chairs

Greasy Stains

Baking soda is your friend when it comes to removing greasy stains. You can either put straight up baking soda on it, or you can create a solution of baking soda and water and create a mixture and apply it on the stained area.

You want to get the oil out of the stain because that’s what’s making it stick to the material. With the baking soda solution, you should then let it sit for 10 minutes or longer. Once you’ve waited it out, vacuum or sweep the excess baking soda.

For extra credit, you can try using vodka and blot away any remaining stains on it. Another alternative to vodka would be some drops of dish detergent, elbow-grease to scrub away using a toothbrush, then blotting with a clean cloth or towel.

Alcohol & Coffee Stains

Your favorite beverage spills, and the best way to get rid of it is simple.

Get that ice cube from the bucket and rub the stain with it. Mix a small amount of liquid detergent with warm water. Finally, use this to blot the stain with a paper towel.

A tip to save you when you need it: Use a cup of vinegar and another with water. Put them in a spray bottle for convenience. Spray it on the problem area before blotting with a wet towel.

Next, dilute ammonia with water, around a tablespoon for a cup of water, and blot it on the stain. Once you do that, you blot with a new but wet cloth and then dry off with a dry towel.

Glass of Red Wine Spilt on Carpet

Fruit Stains

These stains are pretty colorful and stand out, especially when not in contrast to the color of your upholstery.

First things first, see if you can use water to clean out your furniture. Next step is you need to make a solution by mixing cold water, 1 tbsp of vinegar, and just a little bit of dish detergent. You can also use shampoo. Using the solution you just made, rub it on the stain. After that, wash away with water, dry it with a new cloth.

If that doesn’t work, cleaning services New York, MaidSailors recommends using Rubbing Alcohol. Just spray a little bit of alcohol and rub away with any cloth.

It is also advisable to clean starting from the outside of the stain and then working your way to the inside. This helps with preventing the stain from spreading out.

With some upholstery, you have options to use chlorine or stronger cleaning solutions if the material can take on harsher chemicals. Let dry, and you should be good to go.

Ink Stains

Ink stains are a common occurrence, and a well-known remedy to it is hairspray. Start off by placing a paper towel underneath the stained material to absorb the wet ink. Dab it with a cotton ball dipped in hairspray (you may also use an alcohol wipe). Let it soak for several seconds before blotting it with another clean cloth. Repeat this process until it’s gone.

Pet Pee

If you’ve ever owned a cat or a dog, you have encountered this and may have found your own way of getting rid of that stain. One suggestion would be to use a cleaning solution that’s composed half of the water, and the other half would be vinegar.

Spray it with the solution then blot a cloth onto it until you remove the moisture. The smell is the toughest part of the pee to tackle, but with a little baking soda, you can do it quite easily. After you’ve sprinkled baking soda on it, wipe away the excess or vacuum it and you’re done!

Removing stains is always a chore, but it’s a good thing to know how to get rid of it without breaking the bank. After the cleaning and the baking soda, your furniture would be looking good as new, and it’s the same old couch you know and love.

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How to Buy a Company Car Like a Pro

Buying a new business car is a big deal, as the car you choose is likely to stay with your company for at least a few years. So, you want to pick a car that can suit your business-related needs, regardless of whether you’d be using it every day or only once a month. So, to help you make the right choice, here are a few questions you should have an answer to before making the final decision.

How big of a car do you need?

Even though aesthetics matter, when it comes to choosing a business car, you should think about function first. For example, if you’d be using your car for deliveries of any kind of items, you should probably opt for one with more storage space. On the other hand, if it would be used mostly for carpooling and personal traveling, a smaller car would work just fine. So, consider how your business car will be used on a daily basis, and choose the size in regard to the main function.

Front Grille of Classic Alfa Romeo

Do you need any extras?

When choosing the best car for your business, think about which optional extras you might need, if any. For instance, if you’d be traveling a lot with the car, a good GPS could come in handy. On the other hand, if you’d be using it only in your city – where you can easily find your way around – then the GPS would only be an energy-draining and room-taking tool. Also, if your car would be used for carpooling or simply driving around clients, passenger airbags should be a must. Moreover, there are some aesthetic extras that can be useful as well. For example, a nice metallic paint job or alloy wheels could make your brand look more sophisticated and, thus, trustworthy to potential clients.

What’s your budget?

Buying a car is not where your financial obligations end. You still have to maintain it, refill the gas tank, clean it, change the tires occasionally, etc. With all that in mind, the car you want may not be the car you can afford, and getting yourself into debt is the last thing any business needs, especially if this is your first business car and you’re still growing. Therefore, be realistic about your needs and financial abilities, and you’re less likely to notice a significant dent in your business wallet.

Front Grilles of Mercedes Benz Cars

What kind of car insurance do you need?

It goes without saying that your car should be insured, you just need to choose the best insurance. There are usually three types of business car insurances: business-related use by only you, business-related use that includes all drivers, and commercial traveling policies. So, make sure to do your research on each of them, and choose the one that fits your needs the most. Moreover, you also want to choose an insurance company that actually cares about its clients and doesn’t treat them like just another name in a book. This way, you’re much less likely to have any insurance problems in the future.

What kind of car does your competition have?

If you work in a business field where the car is actually a part of your business, you might want to look at the cars of your competitors. True, you don’t want to overspend on a luxurious limo that would cost more to maintain than it does to buy. However, you also don’t want to look inferior when compared to other companies offering similar services. So, do your homework before choosing your new business car.

Orange BMW Car

What do you want it to look like?

Speaking of aesthetics, it can be said that functionality matters more – but aesthetics do, still, matter. After all, your car will represent your company, and it will be seen while you’re driving it around the city. This is why it can be said that it serves as a mobile advertisement, so you should treat it as such. In other words, you want your car to be noticed, whether due to its pleasing colors, shape, or some other detail. Even if you choose a car that is a tiny bit “unusual”, you’re bound to stand out from the crowd.

Just like choosing your personal car is a big decision that depends on everything from your budget to your needs, picking the right business car does depend on a few factors. So, take your time, answer all the listed questions, and you’ll be one step closer to buying a car that you will enjoy using for years to come.

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How Punchout Catalogs Give Your Business a Competitive Edge

Regardless of what industry you’re in, today’s modern marketplace is a competitive one. Competition is fierce, meaning you need to do everything you can to set your business apart. Even slight changes to your business can lead to massive gains when it comes to customers, sales, and brand recognition.

If you’re looking for a way to make a major impact on both your customers and your market, a streamlined punchout catalog may be the way to go.

A punchout catalog allows a buyer, usually a business customer, to purchase from your business using their own internal e-procurement systems. Rather than shopping directly from your site, you’ll have the opportunity to create a custom catalog of products that are available in your client’s internal shopping system.

Win Larger Customers

First and foremost, a punchout catalog is going to attract large corporate customers. Businesses that require regular purchases from vendors prefer vendors that use punchout catalog technology. The simple integration and customized catalog of options makes it much easier than managing a list of external accounts for your purchasing site.

If your business doesn’t use a punchout catalog system, you may be missing out on large corporate customers. Punchout catalogs make is easier for businesses to acquire materials and inventory, creating a consistent stream of income for your business through a punchout system.

Integrate Your Catalog With Client Systems

One of the primary benefits of a punchout catalog is the ability to integrate the punchout system into your clients’ internal purchasing software. Most punchout catalog systems can be integrated into most major e-commerce platforms, meaning a high-quality catalog provides a versatile approach to integration.

This seamless integration makes purchasing inventory and supplies extremely simple, allowing businesses to manage spend and track all purchases internally without needing additional systems and purchase entries. With so many business e-procurement systems available today, it’s important to choose a punchout catalog that is designed to adapt to a wide range of e-procurement platforms.

Streamline the Buying Experience

Punchout catalogs are all about streamlining the purchasing process. When businesses can keep the purchasing process within the internal software that’s already available, it creates an easier shopping experience for everyone involved. By allowing businesses to shop directly from you through a punchout catalog system, you’re going to create long-lasting customer loyalty.

When a customer begins the purchasing process, they will access their own internal e-procurement site. The site connects to your own site and offers a customized catalog (which we will review later in the article). After selecting the products needed, the checkout process allows the buyer to either purchase directly from the e-procurement site or send the purchase through a hierarchical approval before the purchase is finalized.

This streamlined purchasing process not only makes it easier for your customers to make purchases, but it also makes it easier for your business to get paid. Punchout catalogs allow businesses to closely control and monitor spending without long delays in the approval process. When products and prices are pre-approved and uploaded into the catalog, the approval process goes much quicker.

Increase Sales Volume

When you implement a punchout catalog into your business and begin securing large corporate clients, you’re going to notice a drastic increase in sales volume. Rather than relying on your brick and mortar store, sales representatives, or external online store, a dedicated punchout catalog with tailored products and prices for your business clients creates that long-lasting loyalty that we mentioned earlier.

A client that uses your punchout catalog in their e-procurement system is choosing you as one of their trusted suppliers. That means that whenever the business needs to make a purchase, whether that’s inventory, materials, or supplies, they’re going to purchase from you because you’re already integrated with their internal purchasing site. Just by offering a punchout catalog as an option, you can start growing your business.

Customised Catalogs

What makes a punchout catalog even better when trying to stand out among the competition is the fact that you can create a customized product list for each of your clients. Rather than having a generic product and pricing list that everyone has to abide by, you can adjust your product offerings as well as the pricing for your products. The ability to customize your catalog list gives you leverage when trying to secure new clients.

If a potential customer isn’t happy with the prices on your website, you can quickly reassure them that you can adjust your pricing based on their needs, the volume of the orders they are going to place, and how often they plan on buying from you. As your products and pricing change, you can update each punchout catalog real-time.


Finally, punchout catalogs offer unmatched scalability when supplying inventory, materials, and supplies to local and international businesses. The entire punchout catalog system is designed to adapt as your business grows and brings on new customers. Even if you’re working with small businesses in the area, as soon as you secure your first large business customer, the punchout catalog system will be ready to adapt and integrate large-scale volume, product uploads, and sales.

Without a system designed to scale your business sales, you’ll have a much harder time managing large business clients, creating loyalty based on your products and pricing, and at the end of the day, scaling your business to the next level.

Getting Started with Punchout Catalogs

As you can see, there’s quite a lot that a punchout catalog can do for your business, and partnered with your high-quality products, competitive prices, and stellar customer service, a punchout catalog can truly help transform your business.

Whether you’re looking to bring in new high-value clients or create lasting relationships with your existing business customers, a punchout catalog is an ideal solution.

Before you start using a punchout catalog make sure your team understand what that means for them and for the business. The best feedback you can get will always be from your team.

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Samantha Wallace is a veteran tech writer and editor who has worked in several eCommerce companies. She has been covering technology online for over five years. She is the Content Advocate for

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Complete Beginners Guide: 12 Steps to Starting a New Blog

Blogging is just not a way of information or idea sharing; it has also become a way of earning big bucks. So, everybody wants to try everybody’s luck in the blogging field.

However, it is not that much easy as it seems like; a lot of research, planning, and passion are required for it. Usually, successful blogs go through a gradual process; it means that no blogger can get breakthrough success overnight.

Therefore, you need to follow a few principles that would open a way to your successful blogging. Some of the principles are described below:

1. Know Your Audience

Blog posts are written for the audience.

If there is no audience to read, publishing posts on the blog is entirely useless.

So, know your audience and, what they want from you

It will give you a great idea about writing topics.

You can read views, comments and tweets on blogs.

It will help you understand what people like the most to read about.

2. Share Your Knowledge

Blogging doesn’t mean that writes everything and be professional.

Blogs are meant for sharing your knowledge and ideas with the people.

Select a specific topic that you like the most, and you have attractive ideas about it.

Instead of imitating others; be yourself and do not hold back your excellent stuff, share it to grow more.

3. Focus on Quality Content

Quality content sharing is a must for successful blogging.

Quality content includes informative posts that should be published for viewers, not for Search engines.

Moreover, content should be unique, valuable, and users engaging.

Quality content should not have tricks to uplift search engine rankings, it is just for information purpose with image, statistics, or any report a writer can edit in content that would give broad idea to readers.

4. Stay Secured

With the rapid rise of cybercrimes, Google announced that HTTPs is a must for every website or blog to rank better on the search engine.

On the other side; viewers also consider their information security on top priority and, give more importance to secured blogs.

So, install an SSL Certificate on your blog to secure your blog from cyber threats and, to enhance your audience’s trust on your blog.

Many authorities like AlphaSSL, RapidSSL, Comodo, which provide SSL certificates, among them Rapid SSL Certificate will be a better choice for your blogging website.

5. Promote Your Blog

Do not forget to promote your blogs on popular social media website such as; Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or Instagram.

It will boost your blog traffic and, your blog will rank well on the search engine as well.

6. Be Consistent

Irregular blogging disappoints the regular viewers who wait eagerly for the new posts.

As a result; they can stop reading your content.

Therefore, be consistent with staying connected with your audience.

The topic should be unique and not to copy from other reference websites.

Different topics can attract regular visitors of your blog.

If you do not post regular, readers may lose interest in your blog and move away.

7. Make an Email List from The First Day

Whether you planned or not, you should make an email list from the first day of blogging.

Just don’t rely on blog communities; an email list is your community and, it is your audiences who wait for new publish.

It will also help you to promote your new stuff with your audience and, also builds trust for your blog.

8. Write Catchy Headlines

Headline puts a significant impact on the viewer’s mind.

Usually, readers read the headline, and then they move to the further mentioned stuff.

If headlines are monotonous, nobody will read also referred to information.

So, the headlines of your post should be fascinating that force your viewers to read the post.

9. Do Be a Monotonous Writer

Some writers believe that content around 1000-word length is suitable for ranking on the search engine.

But it is a wrong idea.

Readers feel bored in reading full content; so, write a short content and keep it in the 1–2 minutes read-time length.

Always post informative and valuable content for readers so that they are interested in reading it.

10. Stay Active for Making Replies

This is the most important thing to consider while creating a blog. Allow a comment section on each post.

Moreover, most importantly reply on readers’ comments.

In this way, readers feel you are concerned with their feelings and respect them. It helps to build trust in your blog.

11. Focus on Call-To-Action

As the internet is overloaded with the information, hundreds of websites show the same content.

So, there is cut-throat competition over the internet.

Nobody has much time to remember your blog; they just read the content and leave the site.

Therefore, Use Call-To-Action buttons that ask the audience to sign up and for their emails so that you can notify them whenever a new post will be published.

12. Give Stuff Away

As the giveaway gifts are distributed by the vendors to get some potential customers, you should provide giveaway content for your readers too.

It will make them your loyal fans, and they always will try to stay connected to your blog.


Creating a blog does not mean that you put the content and attractive images to publish, a lot of work hard, patience and dedication will be necessary for a money-making blog.

Thus, you can follow the guidelines mentioned above that can make it possible to reach quite near to your goal.

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How Freelancers Benefit from Using a Virtual Office

Freelancing is big business in the world today. Forbes reports that an increasing number of freelancers are making six-figure earnings every year. Many young professionals fail to see the need for being chained to a desk during regular working hours and have opted instead for a more leisurely pace of doing things. However, with this newfound freedom comes several attached problems. Luckily, freelancers can count on the virtual office to offer them several advantages over their competition.

Competitive Freelancing is about First Impressions

Freelancing is something that consultants of almost any field can do. All it takes is demonstrable skills in performing a service for an individual to profit from freelancing. The most significant benefit of freelancing is also its biggest downfall. It can be more about making the right first impression and letting appearances speak for themselves.

For many freelancers that have an established practice, this isn’t too much of a problem. However, for new freelancers, it can be a fight to get respectability to a point where clients don’t try to take advantage of them. A virtual office is a good start in building a brand and a reputation.

A Physical Address tied to a Brand

As many professionals who work as consultants can attest, having a physical address linked with a portfolio can go a long way towards landing lucrative clients. Businesses, in particular, prefer to deal with a brand identity rather than an individual.

Having a branded virtual office space that can handle incoming calls and serves as a place for mail to come to adds a bit to the reputation of the professional. Your mail can be safely kept until you pick it up or forwarded to you depending on your preference and location.

In addition the business address of your virtual office can be used on your business cards, websites and any other form of marketing material to further support your professional business.

The Psychological Benefits of Office Work

Lifehacker notes that while all people have a problem managing time, freelancers are in the unenviable position of losing earnings if they can’t manage time properly. Despite the drive for many professionals to leave the office behind, the fact remains that people are more productive in an office environment.

Virtual offices in most cases offer distraction-free spaces that can help get work done by keeping one’s focus on a single task. An article published in the journal Personnel Psychology mentions that workers in a virtual office environment experienced better flexibility, productivity, and work/life balance. Those benefits alone are enough to make a freelancer consider having a virtual office space available.

The Neutral Meeting Ground

While some professionals are comfortable meeting clients in their home office, others prefer a more centralized area. The virtual office provides such a space for a freelancer who needs to have face-to-face meetings with clients but doesn’t have a home office or doesn’t feel comfortable bringing clients home because of their separation of work and home life.

Furthermore, the virtual office serves as a backdrop for video meetings. In some teams, telecommuting workers need to attend at least one session per week via voice and video conferencing. The virtual office provides a work environment that is conducive to a video meeting and limits the number of interruptions and background noise that would be out of the control of someone operating out of a home office.

Cost Management for a Freelancer’s Budget

Some freelancers consider hiring out an entire office space for their business, but in most cases, this isn’t necessary. A virtual office serves as the physical address and mailing address of a professional’s company with having the added benefit of costing far less than renting an entire office space.

Additionally, virtual offices sometimes include costs like a phone number along with an answering and call forwarding service, something that would require a freelancer to invest in their own secretary if using traditional office space.Having your business phone calls answered live in your company name by highly trained receptionists associated with your virtual office will allow you to never miss a call again.

The Difference Between Co-Working Spaces & Virtual Offices

According to Life Wire, co-working describes when two or more people are working within the same area, but for different employers or even in entirely different fields. Co-working spaces have developed to cater to this type of clientele, and they vary in ambiance from offices that feel like an upscale coffee house to those that feel like a corporate lounge. They tend to focus more on working in a relaxed environment and offer some of the same services as a virtual office.

However, they don’t usually provide private office spots and are just as bad as a coffee shop for telecommuting. While there is the potential for networking, there is a far more prevalent opportunity to get distracted from what one is doing, ending up inadvertently wasting time. It may be useful for some people, but serious professionals tend to avoid office spaces like these.

Who Benefits from a Virtual Office the Most?

New business owners and solo entrepreneurs will tend to be the best fit for a virtual office. People that fall within this category include freelancers just setting out on the path to claiming back their time as their own. In many cases, professionals who need to meet their clients in a face-to-face setting that is convenient can benefit from having a virtual office in an urban center.

Primarily, freelancers who haven’t quite gotten the hang of home offices or who need a change of environment of scenery to be productive stand to benefit the most from a virtual office arrangement.

The New Face of Freelancing?

One of the things that stands out to new independent professionals is how unique each worker is. Some thrive in messy, loud environments while others require complete silence to focus on what they’re doing. While the virtual office provides a handy utility for freelancers, on the whole, some may not see the need for spending money on it.

Freelancing will continue to grow as a profession as more and more people realize the earning potential and the better quality of work/life balance that it offers. As more people move to telecommuting and working from remote locations, the virtual office provides a critical link with clients that need to have a physical space linked with the professional’s services.

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Vanessa Madison is a Success Manager at YourCityOffice and in her spare time writes about traveling, real estate and everything about small to medium sized businesses.

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5G: Should You Really Be Excited About It?

Many people have 5G internet connections in their home, and phones are built to prefer 5G networks over 4G options. Why? 5G is a huge deal, and the technology industry is proud of its latest accomplishment.

But it comes into question whether this excitement is just a one-time hype that will slowly die out or if it’s worth all the buzz. Decide for yourself.

A Giant Leap Forward

Immediately you might have noticed that 5G networks are incredibly fast. These networks are outperforming 4G options by approximately ten times over. A 5G network can achieve record download speeds of 4gb per second.

Not only do they far outpace 4G networks by approximately ten times over, but in some areas, it outperforms recent internet options by 100 times over in speed.

Currently, 4G and home networks typically have download speeds ranging between 4 and 12 mbps. Testing your speed regularly can help you identify where your fitting into this range.

Download a full movie in less than a minute, watch videos online with zero buffering and play games without loading. It’s all possible because of 5G, and the leap is so significant it seems impossible.

In the past, internet users went from dial-up to high speed, to DSL, to fiber optics, to 4G and each increment was only a bit faster than the prior technology. 5G’s performance difference compared to 4G, is somewhere in the realm of comparing fiber optics to dial-up.

While the tech community was building hype about the 5G speed difference before it was released, it seemed like something too good to be true. Now we know that’s not the case.

Quality of Service and Speed

There are two major industries impacted by 5G. The content and communications industries. While Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile all offer 5G service now they’re simply the bridge or the access point.

Once you get past the communications companies, you get to the content. Webpages load faster, videos stream faster and more seamlessly, because of 5G. The use of 5G networks can help resolve issues with both bandwidth and handling high a high volume of requests from numerous devices. Now, 5G does have limitations. It has data speed restrictions, and it has to perform within the confines of hardware and adjacent technology such as bandwidth.

How can users tell the difference even when using old hardware or systems? 5G essentially makes the data being transferred more efficient and compact. The infrastructure of the data is different, and thus, it transfers differently.

Content companies such as YouTube, Netflix, and even small blogs can run more content on their sites knowing that 5G users won’t have a problem with speed.

5G is paving the way to improved service, higher quality video formats, and fewer interruptions in service or content.

Cellular Tower

Advertising Improved and Seamless

Until recently, advertisers would only put small amounts of their marketing budget into advertising online. Because Facebook, YouTube, and Google make it fairly inexpensive to advertise most companies have a “take what you get” approach to mobile ad-based marketing.

5G is changing that as advertisers are now able to run seamless ads that tie directly with their operators. Mobile formatted ads make ads less aggravating on users, more responsive to mobile design, and faster interaction response in the mobile environment.

As marketers are starting to care about their mobile ads and building environments specifically for mobile ads, you’ll see better campaigns. Get ready to say goodbye to pop-up ads and opt-in requests every time you jump onto a site. With 5G marketers can implement new experiences for mobile shoppers.

Marketers can take advantage of higher network speeds to enhance video play and personalize the ad experience. Advertisers will be able to see higher conversion rates when they adopt any campaign for an exclusively mobile experience.

Efficiency & Utilisation

The ultimate goal of 5G services is to decrease business expenses and drive revenue through the presence of a greater resource. Is this possible? For users, you might see the tradeoff of seamless advertising for speed as a fair deal. For business owners, 5G is a step into the future.

Technology with 5G access is more efficient in data handling and in energy consumption. 5G is also more reliable meaning fewer interruptions or data barriers, and it promotes low latency communications. Working with 5G technology is vital for any business that operates online in any way.

Even if you’re only working with a cloud for storage or allowing employees to telecommute 5G can change the strain on your other resources. Similar to past advancements in network speeds, 5G is faster and more efficient because of using multiple frequencies to impact bandwidth.

When it comes to utilization of 5G, it comes down to infrastructure. Overhauling the communications system, 5G offers advanced communication technologies specifically with machine to machine communications.

For companies that are exploring the opportunities of driverless vehicles, mobile app hosting, edge computing, or even data center based business models, 5G provides a vital function.

The ability to provide advanced functionality of machine-to-machine communications will continue to promote the Internet of Things. Wireless communication from one machine to another would not have been possible on the prior communications system. It’s made possible now through clear compartmentalizing, which is how 5G is so efficient — allowing these communications to take place without impeding on the other uses such as streaming, remote access or even web browsing.

5G is the first network that caters towards communications goals and businesses rather than consumers. While end-users clearly benefit from the speed, the advancements from this technology make it something that is very different from anything we’ve seen in the past.

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Emily Jacobs is Happiness Ambassador for She loves to write latest technology trends and love to share her knowledge through her articles.