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10 Key Aspects of Successful Internet Marketing

The internet makes our lives easier. Everything we need is found online.

And this platform has even simplified our shopping experience.

However, merchants have not been left behind either.

They can sell their products/services online. But, that’s not all. Businesses can again market their products on this platform.

Internet marketing, like the name suggests, is marketing using the internet.

As easy as that sounds, this process involves so much effort and time.

Internet marketing requires that one plans as well as implements campaigns that are aimed at improving traffic on a website and ultimately turning visitors into real customers.

Well, although you can do it yourself, many companies prefer hiring professionals as this saves time and money in the long run.

Here’s what this type of marketing entails.

Building Traffic

This process is also called visitor acquisition.

Individuals can use both online and offline methods to increase the number of people visiting their sites.

Most popular online techniques for doing this include:

Search Engine Optimisation

Aims at improving your rankings in the search engines.

By so doing, it increases your traffic.

SEO efforts can be onsite or offsite and include keyword optimization, link building, image optimization, etc.

Social Media Marketing

This is marketing through social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

This strategy allows you to build a loyal consumer base since you interact with your customers.

Paid Search Advertising

Where businesses place PPC ads on search engines.

This offers an opportunity to advertise within the sponsored listings of Google Ads and other search engines.

However, businesses often bid on ad placements with such a strategy.

Email Marketing

It is just as it sounds: marketing via email.

Here, companies send commercial messages to a group of people using email.

This is a direct and effective way of connecting with your leads.

Note that you can use any other advertising platform to boosts website traffic.

However, to make visitors acquisition campaigns more successful, don’t just focus on the number of visitors but also consider how quality the traffic is.

Quality traffic often brings better rates of conversion.

It’ll be a waste of time and resources having many visitors who don’t convert into real customers.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

All businesses have or should have clear goals.

But no matter which type of company you have, the main objective in all businesses is getting more customers.

After boosting traffic, one should then think of how they can convert those visitors into buyers.

Often, digital marketing agencies will start by classifying your website into some category.

This will help them determine an excellent strategy which will improve the conversion rate.

Websites are classified into:

Customer Support

Helps visitors with any question concerning a product/service.

Online commerce

Sites that sell goods online.

Lead Generation

Sites that offer product/service information with the aim of gathering contact information from potential buyers.


Sites that excite visitors with creative content that’s aimed at making them respond to the advert.

When a visitor takes a key action such as, click an advert or makes a purchase, then conversion takes place.

Unfortunately, not many businesses design their websites with conversion in mind.

But conversion is a powerful way of increasing your consumer base.

What Do Internet Marketers Do?

As we have seen internet marketing is quite a tedious and overwhelming job.

Some companies, therefore, assign this work to internet marketing agencies.

Internet marketers then identify channels that can generate quality traffic and design the website to be highly persuasive such that visitors can convert.

They also measure and evaluate how successful a campaign was.

This helps them deliver improving results consistently.

Well, if you want to hire the services of internet marketers, you should consider various things before settling on any.

These include prices, types of services they offer, and projects they’ve worked on before.