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5 Ways to Defeat Range Anxiety

Range anxiety used to be the top consideration for those who were trying to make up their mind whether to invest in an electric vehicle or not.

Many are concerned because they imagine that they could run out of battery while in the middle of nowhere, or not being able to juice up at a charging point.

However, the truth is that this type of problem is not that likely.

Funnily enough, there’s practically the same chance for an electric vehicle to run out of battery as it is for a petroleum-based vehicle to run out of fuel.

The key is to keep in mind some crucial factors when it comes to charging intelligently.

Other than that, EVs are becoming more trustworthy than ever, and they can offer a very good range even on a single charge.

In addition, there’s plenty of things that can support you in charging your EV without any problem – from an increase in investment in the charging infrastructure to EV charger sharing apps.

Let us discuss some factors that should make range anxiety a thing of the past.

Charge at Home

There is no doubt that one of the best options is to charge your car at home.

If you plug in your EV to charge at night, you can have the peace of mind to wake up the next morning with a full battery.

So range anxiety is surely not going to be a problem at all for the trips that you intend to make during the day.

Besides, home charging is both efficient and far more cost effective.

Charger Sharing Apps


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Range anxiety can be alleviated considerably if you make good use of charger sharing apps.

These apps are gaining considerable popularity as they are bridging the gap between home charging and public charging.

Many EV drivers fear that they will not find a public charging station where they can park and charge.

Several others worry more because they do not have the convenience of a driveway and a home charging point where they can park during the night.

But, by making use of community charging apps it’s become very easy to locate a charge point close by.

Drivers can simply book a time when they can take their car to charge, and pay a cost per hour accordingly.

Many people who have a fully-fitted home charging point make the decision to become hosts by advertising this service on the app, so that other EV owners can make use of the charging point in return for a fee.

As a result, range anxiety should not be a problem at all, as you will be able to find several charge points close by!

Longer EV Ranges

The range of electric cars is greatly being improved, with more and more manufacturers placing a lot importance on this factor.

Back when EVs were still not that popular, the maximum range was considerably less than what it is currently.

For instance, consider the Nissan LEAF that was launched back in 2010.

It had a maximum range of only about 109 miles.

But now the median range is 195 miles, with many models even going over 300 miles, which is extremely impressive.

That’s especially reassuring when taking into account that most drivers travel an average of just 20 miles per day.

Apart from the improved ranges, it’s also worth noting that most EVs are now more technologically advanced.

For instance, by having a clear idea of the trip ahead, the vehicle can manage its energy usage.

This is made possible through sophisticated in-vehicle navigation systems.

With clear route planning accompanied by a view of charging points close by, as well as live maps and traffic updates, EV drivers will also be able to have peace of mind for the upcoming trip.

Increased Public Charger Availability

Two EVs Using Public Chargers
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Despite the fact that for most EV drivers the bulk of charging takes place at home, public chargers are still important.

While there are many public chargers one can use, it is a known fact that the charging infrastructure needs to be improved, especially to meet the surge in demand for EVs.

Charging while you park is ideal as you can top up your EV while you shop or dine.

This is because these days public chargers can be found nearly everywhere – from supermarket car parks to retail areas, hotels, cinemas and of course at petrol stations.

Don’t Resist Change

Every prospect involving change in usual habits can lead to some degree of fear.

Despite this, the switch to electric is advantageous both from an environmental as well as a financial point of view.

The way forward is not to be afraid of change, but rather seek to embrace it.

Try to get more informed about electric cars and what they offer, and learn how to go about charging in an efficient manner.

You will see that there is no need to be afraid of the switch to electric, and in time you’ll realise how foolish you were not to have made the switch years ago!


The environmental advantages associated with EV uptake are crystal clear.

Besides diminishing emissions, electric cars also offer numerous financial benefits, especially during the looming energy and cost of living crisis we all face.

Considering these points, surely range anxiety should not be making you be reluctant to make the switch.

As discussed above, range anxiety should not be a problem any longer as there are several ways to charge efficiently, besides greatly improved ranges for most EV models.