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4 Myths About SMS Marketing Debunked

Today, one of the best ways to reach out to your audience and communicate with your customers is through SMS marketing.

It is easy on your budget compared to other marketing channels, driving significant engagement and leading to increased earnings and profits.

Did you know that text messages could convert the expenses of a $20 support call?

Texting is widely used today and 97 percent of US citizens use texting apps once in a day.

Customers are more likely to open text-based messages compared to other forms of mobile communication.

According to an article published on https://www.inc.com, there are many ways to ensure your SMS marketing success.

For example, when customers participate in a contest, integrate your social media or website URLs in the automated reply option.

It is one of the easiest and quickest ways to connect with your targeted audience to your numerous web pages or social media pages, thus enticing your existing and potential customers to click on the URLs.

It will make your SMS contests more engaging as well as interactive.

You can even send photos, video clips so that your customers get to see the visuals of your business.

Despite all such data or information, there are numerous myths surrounding SMS marketing.

Here are four of these misconceptions debunked in this article:

1. It is Not Effective

There is a perception that text-based messages do not have the impact other marketing channels create like email and social media marketing. Then, the opposite is true.

Did you know that customers respond to SMS faster than social media or emails?

People open and read text-based messages at least five times compared to emails. The ratio is 98:20 percent.

People read 90 percent of the text messages within three minutes after they receive them.

Again, 79 percent of smartphone users check new text messages within 15 minutes of waking up.

High message delivery is not just one benefit, SMS marketing accounts for higher conversion rates as well compared to other marketing methods.

Mobile messages have a response rate of more than seven times compared to email. The ratio is 45:6 percent.

Did you know that 48 percent of web visitors prefer to receive loyalty-based SMS?

Again, it requires an average person 90 seconds to reply to a text-based message.

Therefore, we can infer that SMS marketing is effective and converts leads into customers.

2. No One But Millennials Uses Text Messaging

The greatest myths about SMS marketing is that only the millennial generation use text messages.

Even businesses think that their SMS promotions will work only when they target the same to the youngsters or Generation Y.

The fact is people of all ages use text-based messages including millennials, seniors, and baby boomers.

Smartphone users consist of 98 percent of people belonging to 30-49 years using text messages.

Again, 92 percent of the people are over 50 years use text messaging.

There are other data to prove that millennials are not the only ones using messages.

Did you know that 92 percent of the American population uses smartphones and uses text messages?

Therefore, use your SMS marketing tactics for people of all ages to determine your customers’ likes and dislikes.

Create SMS campaigns your customers will find useful. Besides, if you want to learn more about SMS marketing tips and benefits, you can research online.

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3. Customers are Annoyed with Messages

Text messages are personal and therefore, it is a common perception that customers do not like receiving them from a business or promotion.

Then, did you know SMS marketing is less invasive compared to other types of marketing tactics?

That is because there is an opt-in feature before customers start receiving any promotional offers from companies.

Then, these messages are less than 160 characters, concise, easy to read, and clear.

People can scan these messages and read them quickly if they are of any interest to them.

If yes, customers can take action like opting for deals or discounts.

Did you know that 75 percent of users do not mind if they receive text messages from a business, after opt-in?

Then, over 50 percent of customers like to contact support via text messages compared to other marketing channels.

The appointment reminders through text messaging minimize missed appointments by 26 percent.

Again, nine out of 10 people who opt for SMS loyalty programs feel that they benefit from the same.

Therefore, the question of annoyance does not arise provided the opt-in option is available.

4. SMS Marketing is Expensive

Many businesses stay away from SMS marketing thinking that it is expensive. Wrong!

There is also a myth that text messages are time-consuming and you need special knowledge to implement the same. It is another myth.

The truth is SMS marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your products or services to connect with your audience.

Moreover, you do not require any special knowledge or skills to implement the same.

Yes, you do not require any marketing specialist to do your job.

Did you know sending bulk messages to your subscribers would cost you only pennies per user?

These pennies will translate into leads and sales via offers, coupons, deals, contests, and the like. It is one of the best ways to stay connected with your targeted audience.

Did you know that 50 percent of American customers do direct shopping once they receive SMS branded text, discount coupons, and QR codes?

Again, SMS marketing tactics are estimated to contribute about 40 percent growth rate of revenues. When it comes to coupons received via SMS, the redemption rate is 10 times more than printed coupons.

Many businesses use other marketing campaigns and spend thousands of dollars on huge campaigns that do not yield significant ROI.

One could use much less amount of money in SMS marketing, generate leads, and transform them into customers.

SMS marketing offers predictable results when it comes to the count of subscribers.


Now that these myths are debunked, implement SMS marketing strategies to reach out to your targeted audience.

Generate leads, gain customers, and boost sales.