Grey Shaker Kitchen

4 Reasons Why Your Next Kitchen Should Be A Shaker

The beauty of a shaker kitchen is in its simplistic design.

They post a contemporary twist on a timeless classic.

The style is distinctly minimalist with clean-lined edges which have little to no decoration.

The cabinet doors consist of a recessed panel and a wood frame made from four pieces.

The style has simple lines and understated sophistication and elegance which has proved to stand the test of time.

Contemporary or Classic in Design

Suitable for contemporary or classic kitchens, the shaker cabinets remain popular in many different homes of all ages and styles.

Shaker kitchens originated in the late 1700s by a religious community who believed there was beauty in simplicity.

The cabinets were traditionally made from pine, cherry or maple wood, however, in more recent times they are produced with oak or birchwood.

The pure quality of the timber and functionality of the cabinetry is what captures the essence of a shaker kitchen.

shaker style kitchens are uncluttered and organised creating a functional and elegant space in the home.

The timeless design complements classic and country style homes as well as more modern and contemporary properties.

Storage is Key

With all kitchens one thing that is of paramount importance is the storage space created within a kitchen.

With many of us opting for minimalist clutter free lives, shaker Kitchens need to be able to cater to the modern adult.

This is where shaker kitchens satisfy the needs for anyone searching for either modern or traditional styled kitchens.

With shaker kitchen designs you find a plethora of handy functional storage spaces.

Drawers complete with inner drawers for cutlery, cupboards perfect for storage plates, glasses and much more.

Peg hooks and rails also accompany shaker designs allowing for your to store dried herbs and cookware

Various Colours

The colour schemes associated with the design are muted and are tasteful to maintain the simplistic yet elegant design.

A hand-painted finish will bring a homely feel to your kitchen.

A kitchen island is usually a very popular addition to any shaker style kitchen boosting the overall functionality of the space.

Shaker kitchens come in a large selection of colours from white, blues, greys and also wood stain finishes.

The vast range of colours will allow you to find the perfect colour for your home.

Choose from a stunning colour palette to achieve a bespoke kitchen which beautifully compliments the rest of your property.

shaker kitchens have always stood the test of time and will continue to do so.

This means you don’t have to worry about your kitchen becoming outdated as you will have a kitchen style which will be popular for many years to come.

Abundance of Worktops

When it comes to worktops, you can pair shaker kitchens with a wide range of different materials to suit the personal needs of those using the kitchen.

Worktops can range from different solid materials such as marble and quartz to man made alternatives such as composite to imitate the look and feel of natural materials.

In addition to the aforementioned worktops, many people opt to pair their shaker kitchen with wood such as oak or walnut to give their kitchen a country and traditional feel whilst not sacrificing on functionality.

Shaker kitchens are a timeless classic when it comes to kitchen design; shaker, where functionality meets style