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7 Days In Sydney: Travel Inspiration for The Modern Traveler

Sydney, you just can’t help but love it!

The city is on every traveler’s bucket list since they first get a taste of the hobby.

The weather is perfect, the city, bustling with life and packed with attractions.

What is not to love about this destination?!

To enjoy and explore the city, even its more obscure faces, you need about a week.

At first sight, this is plenty of time to see all the amazing places the city and its vicinities holds, but we guarantee you’ll want to add a week extra.

Now, to the itinerary.

What will you be doing while in Sydney?

Well, luckily for you, there are many things to enjoy, places to visit and experiences to live.

But if you’re clueless of what the city has to offer, we have a small guide below.

Pro Tip: Rent a chauffeured hire car to forget about public transportation, cabs, and tons of time lost in transit thanks to their local knowledge.

Sydney Opera House at Night

Day 1: Cross Off Your List All Notorious Sights

The Opera House is the most emblematic landmark in Sydney.

There is no other place in the city more distinguishable and notorious, and this is where your mind carries you when you hear of Sydney.

But to get there, start by visiting The Rocks.

This is the old part of the city, where you will find old, colonial buildings, crammed on the left and right of the confined lanes.

This is where all the old pubs and bars are concentrated and the old neighborhood where colonists first established themselves, but also attractions like the Opera House or the Sydney Observatory.

The Rocks is the best part of the city.

Here, tourists can find delicious food, attractive beverages, and also the stunning breath-taking scenery of the harbor.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is another incredible landmark you must cross off your bucket list when in the city.

Reach the Sydney Observatory Hill Park, by following the bridge.

This will offer you quite a view of the city.

Plus, bars, pubs, and restaurants are strategically placed nearby.

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After that, you can enjoy a hassle-free trip.

The driver will know all the hot spots in the city, plus some lesser-known destinations tourists might enjoy.

Besides, you will save a ton of time by doing so.

Royal Botanic Gardens

Day 2: The Royal Botanic Gardens and Mrs. Macquarie Chair

You can’t visit Sydney without passing by the Royal Botanic Gardens.

The establishment is the oldest of its kind on the continent and is a treasure of luxurious vegetation.

Have a sit and relax on the green, rich lawns of the Gardens.

You will see locals doing the same, follow the local customs!

Daily, you can enjoy one of the tours of the Gardens, depending on what time you reach your destination.

Next, find Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair.

You may be clueless about the landmark, but don’t worry.

The Chair is a stone-carved seat.

Have a sit and enjoy the view over the entire harbor.

Manly Beach Ferry

Day 3: Take a Ferry to Manly Beach

Say goodbye for a few hours to your limo chauffeur and spare a little over $10 on a ferry round-trip to Manly Beach.

The breathtaking view of the harbor will offer you a new perspective of the city.

These trips usually last 30 minutes each way.

While in the area, have a taste of the local nightlife and pubs.

You will find plenty of trendy, hipster bars nearby, if you look closer.

And because we all love bars and restaurants you have to pass by Donny’s Bar.

The gem is hidden in on a small and crowded alleyway in Manly Beach, but the crowd in front is a tell-tale sign you’re in the right place.

Although crowded inside, just as it is outside, the pub is perfect for a delicious cocktail and a well-deserved live music session.

Yes, this is a hipster bar, but you’re on a modern excursion in Sydney, after all!

For those with a taste for chiller vibes and locations, Hemingway’s is a perfect fit!

Enjoy a complex selection of wine, while you’re at it!

Sydneys Museums

Day 4: Get Your Culture Portion in Sydney’s Museums

Like any nation with a long history in this world, Australia is packed with museums, most of these concentrated in Sydney.

Get thrifty and visit the Art Gallery of New South Walesfor free.

Besides the notorious museums in Sydney, stop by the more obscure attractions of the city.

The White Rabbit Gallery is an extraordinarily detailed display of contemporary Chinese Art.

Visit the traditional Chinese teahouse, while on the premises.

The Hyde Park Barracks is also worthy of your attention.

The building is set in the disabled convict barracks and shows details of Sydney’s colonial past, and Australia’s as well.

Wreck of the SS Ayrfield

Day 5: The Wreck of the SS Ayrfield Cargo Freighter

Recommended by Atlas Obscura, the wreck of the SS Ayrfield Cargo Freighter is also a lesser-known gem of Sydney.

The Wreck is now proof of the city’s flourishing industry.

But what is amazing about this wreck is the mangrove trees sprouting from within the freighter.

In the middle of Homebush Bay, the rusting ship is now a small island of life and vegetation.

To get there you can take another Ferry up the Parramatta River from Sydney Harbor.

Sydney Bus Museum

Day 6: The Sydney Bus Museum

The Sydney Bus Museum is another less popular attraction in the city, but an impressive one, nonetheless.

The establishment was first opened in 1986 and it now hosts a non-profit transportation and education center.

Here, you can see buses dating as far back as 1920, all restored in detail, and displayed to visitor’s delight.

Day 7: Back to the Airport, for Now

After you enjoyed everything Sydney has to offer for six incredible days, it’s time to ask your limo driver to drop you off on one of the Sydney Airport’s terminals.