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7 Ingredients Your Multivitamins Must Have According to Nutritionists

You can stay healthy if you consume a varied and balanced diet that has all the necessary nutrients in it.

However, a busy lifestyle can prevent you from giving everything that your body needs.

For this reason, you have to look for the nutritional support of multivitamins.

The traditional form of multivitamins includes tablets, pills, capsules, powder, and more.

The doses and methods of consumption are usually recommended by nutritionists or health practitioners to keep you safe from general health issues.

Taking multivitamins can help you with better stress management, higher metabolic rate, and sound sleep.

Some believe that multivitamins can even be useful if you are not able to take rest or exercise properly.

However, the ingredients in your multivitamin have to be in the right quantity and form to be beneficial.

Only then can your body absorb them completely.

Nutritionists suggest seven ingredients can ensure this.

Let’s find out what these include.

Vitamin D

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A Vitamin D ingredient helps dissolve calcium in your body, which takes care of your bone health.

Its regular intake can save you from bone pains and backaches, receding hairline and bone, and different ailments.

Some recommend that staying in direct sunlight for 15 to 20 minutes every day can fulfil this need.

However, hectic schedules and lifestyles can be a hindrance.

You can also be in a location where winters are longer, and the sunlight is difficult to receive.

In that case, you need to add a multivitamin that consists of Vitamin D.

Vitamin C


Your nose, lungs, and gut linings act as a shield against germs and infections, and collagen ensures the health of those linings.

For the synthesis of collagen on the linings, you need to have a proper amount of Vitamin C in your body.

Plus, Vitamin C produces white blood cells, antibodies, and enzymes for a reliable defence system.

With this ingredient’s help, you can effectively deal with inflammation and antioxidants resulting from free radicals produced during immune reactions.

Although particular food and fruits can supply you with this, you cannot entirely depend on them to match your physical requirements.

You can buy Vitamin C rich ingredients like Ascorbic Acid or Sodium Ascorbate from a recognised vitamin ingredients supplier.

Vitamin E

Variety of Nuts & Seeds

It is a vital ingredient for the healthy cell walls and T-cell or white blood cell function that looks after your immunity.

Your immune system may not work in its full strength if you don’t take a proper diet or you smoke a lot.

Nuts, seeds, and vegetable oils can supply you with this, but you may not receive it in an appropriate quantity.

You can consider adding ingredients like Mixed Natural Tocopherol Oil 95% Non-GMO or Synthetic (DL-Alpha-Tocopheryl Acetate 50% / 500iu/g) Powder.

These can become a part of your multivitamin after consulting with your nutritionist.

Vitamin B-12

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Vitamin B12, a combination of proteins, carbs, and fats, is crucial for healthy blood cells, nerves, and DNA synthesis.

It is a sophisticated type of vitamin that equips your body with continuous energy.

Usually, people who follow vegan and vegetarian diets suffer from its deficiency as they don’t eat eggs, fish, meat, etc.

Hence, it makes sense to have it as a component in your multivitamin diet.

Vitamin B2

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Riboflavin or Vitamin B2 keeps your red blood cells healthy.

It also works as an antioxidant to help your immune system stay safe from infections.

Green vegetables, lean meats, and eggs are natural sources to get a daily dose of this type of vitamin in your body.

Vitamin B9 (Folic acid)

This ingredient is also known as folate, which is useful for your healthy nails, foetus growth, and immunity.

It can also prevent inflammation, depression, and congenital disabilities.

Hence, your nutritionist can recommend you to include this in your daily diet for your overall improved health and immunity.

Vitamin B8

Referred to as Inositol, this vitamin comes from beans, grains, nuts, and fruits.

The body produces it from the carbohydrates also that you consume.

Studies show that this ingredient can help fight depression, risk of diabetes during pregnancy, respiratory distress, metabolic syndrome, and others.

There are supplements also that one can add in their diet to meet its deficiency in the body.

Going forward, it deserves mention that you should try to fulfil your daily requirements of these essential vitamins through natural food sources and nutrients.

Multivitamins can become a part of your lifestyle diet only if you don’t get their adequate supply otherwise.

Before you opt for supplements, it would be best to consult your healthcare expert.

The recommended dosages of these ingredients can allow you to enjoy a healthy body and mind.

Most of the challenges will stay at bay when you have robust immunity and metabolism.