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The Perks & Pitfalls of Living a Life of Luxury

Although many people think that money would solve all their problems and make them completely happy, this is actually far from true.

In fact, there are many well-off people who are plain miserable. So, how to find a balance?

Is there an amount of money that can bring us happiness? And when does enough become too much?

Living a life of luxury may sound like a blast, but at some point, it becomes something else, something that kills our joy and pulls us downwards.

Here are some good and bad sides of a luxurious lifestyle.

Perk: You’ve Got More Opportunities

Being extremely rich is great when you consider all the opportunities you’re presented with. One of them is to travel.

When you have all the money you need and perhaps even a private jet, there’s no place in this world you can’t visit and see.

For the curious people who like learning new things, trying new foods and being introduced to new cultures, this is a blessing.

And it doesn’t stop with travel enriching your life. There’s also the chance to meet people.

First of all, you can meet ordinary, everyday people at every location you travel to, but let’s not forget that with money usually comes status, meaning that when you make a name for yourself, you won’t have much trouble meeting other wealthy people.

This includes intellectuals, artists and scientists, which are usually an interesting lot.

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Pitfall: You Can Become Self-Destructive

When you’re able to afford anything, many things lose their appeal and you start finding it difficult to get excited about them.

This could be one of the reasons we hear so much about celebrities and other rich people battling addiction and turning to various substances, some of which aren’t even legal.

However, there are some other possible reasons for this phenomenon.

Many rich and famous people start using drugs or develop an alcohol addiction because they underestimate the dangers of these substances and their bad effects of their wellbeing.

This may be due to the fact that the rich believe nothing can hurt them and that their wealth can pull them out of any trouble.

They may also think that these substances are the only way for them to feel any thrill and excitement, and their desire to feel good can actually cause them their health and lead them down the path of self-destruction they’ll have difficulty getting off of.

Perk: You Can make a Difference

Money normally carries with it a certain amount of power.

So, if that power is used for a good thing, then it becomes one of the best things about being rich.

A taxi driver can talk about important things as much as he or she wants, but not many people will give their words and weight.

However, if a celebrity who everybody loves and respects starts talking about something, a majority of us will listen, and what they say will most likely turn into a movement led by their fans in no time.

So, if a rich person uses their influence and resources to tackle an important issue and change things for the better, not only will the whole society benefit, but it will also give them a sense of pride and joy for being the ones who do good.

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Pitfall: You Get Bored

One of the bad sides of being filthy rich is that you get to be self-absorbed, focus more on your own interests and desires, and you can make nearly all your wishes come true.

However, this can get very boring.

Having a huge swimming pool, a really fast car and a private jet may sound incredible, but once you get used to them, they don’t seem that special or interesting anymore.

Second, there are fewer things for you to strive to.

When you’re struggling to make it in business, you do it because you’d like to buy a nice house, see Bora Bora or buy those expensive shoes you saw somebody wearing.

Once you make it and can have all these things, you have to set higher goals.

But when you’re rich and capable of making more money using what you already have, most goals you set become easily reachable, stripping you off your ambitions and things to aspire to.

This can leave you frustrated or even apathetic. And what good is all your wealth if you don’t feel good about it?

Although having a lot of money can help you greatly in life, it can also cost you some of the good things that you take for granted.

After all, when you have money and power on your side, how can you ever tell if people around you are really your friends, or they’re just attracted to your wealth?

So, the key is probably to try and keep a more down-to-earth mindset even when you can allow yourself to have your head in the clouds.