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Top Strategies to Get More Social Media Traffic & Leverage Instagram Engagement

If you use Instagram and social media in combination with your business marketing campaign, you will find it easy to leverage the level of engagement of Instagram.

This will in turn inspirethe followers to sign-up to your email list. This can be done in different ways such as:

  • Through a competition
  • Through user generated content
  • By incorporating choice of calls to action or
  • By making the best use of the new power of Instagram Stories.

After all, social media and email marketing is individually very effective but when these are combined together,  such integrated approaches will drive more revenue and help you to build more followers in comparison to what either of these channels will produce alone.

Proper marketing and desired results are all about the strategy you follow.

Sometimes you will need to take ideas from professionals in this field that can elevate marketing results with their professional and result driven marketing services.

However, you may also get enough ideas by visiting different such sites such as and others.

Instagram and social media is however the demand of the hour whether you are a startup or any established business.

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With such strategic and integrated marketing programs, you will gain a lot as you will be able to:

  • Drive more traffic
  • Generate more prospective sales
  • Effectively align your followers
  • Raise the level of engagement
  • Ensure better marketing returns and results and
  • Generate more salesboth with the users as well as the teams within your organization as applicable.

Apart from the above benefits, there are several others that you can enjoy when you incorporate Instagram in your marketing using the different social media platforms.

  • You will be able to take on more complex business and marketing challenges simultaneously that will eventually help you in designing the best and most appropriate solutions for it.
  • This will help you to simplify the business processes and at the same time drive the customer outcomes.
  • You will be able to provide your business as well as your customers the desire value that will in turn help you to succeed in the given as well as any new verticals.

Most importantly, such an approach will help you to stay true to your core business values and at the same time create the brand integrity as desired.

It will be easy for you to get noticed by the influencers who are rightfully considered to be the most powerful ‘brokers’ in the digital marketing system.

There are several good reason to believe that they are so.

  • This is because even a single mention or endorsement from these influencers may result in a recordbreaking organic traffic drive to your site.
  • These influencers do not simply drive traffic, the drive trust as well with their mention or endorsement of a particular business brand or product.
  • This means, the mention of an influencer about your product is in a sense ‘pre-sold’ simply because the customers who will visit your site based on their mention will trust your brand as well as your product more than those that do not have any mention of an influencer.

It is for this reason more and more marketers vie for the attention of the influencers when it comes to marketing of their business.

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Strategies to Follow

Unfortunately, this is not an easy way and the results may not come overnight even if you manage to get hold of some of the best influencers who are highly in demand.

Most good influencers usually have a large number of people that share their work on different social media channels.

They also receive a large number of emails every day and their inbox and voicemail is full of messages from their innumerable admirers.

In order to make sure that your message is not deleted along with the others and you are successful in breaking in you will need to follow these strategies:

  • Be specific and strategic in your approach by selecting the right people first. Though these influencers may not be the most renowned ones, but must make sure that you select the ones that have a ludicrous amount of clout and a huge following along with websites that usually get tens of thousands of visitors every day. Also make sure that they receive hundreds if not a thousand pitch emails every day.
  • To make your marketing tactics more effective you must think these influencers not as persons but as keywords! Surprising as it may sound, this is a good way to approach with your tactics. As you may knowkeywords are the primary things in a content that will get massive traffic and plays a very significant role in beating the competition to fetch a higher rank for your site. If your keyword is not strong, you will get less trafficand less competition. An influencer will act just like a long tail keyword that will provide the same results such as get good traffic that will be more likely to convert.
  • Apart from the influence and coolness you must focus on getting the best opinion and experience to make your marketing work in your favor. Smaller influencers or micro-influencers surprisingly may have a high conversion rate that the mega influencers. They are ideally the less targeted influencers and are far less competitive to reach out too. They will receive far too less emails as compared to the number of emails received by a mega influencer. This means getting the attention of these micro influencers is far too easy than the mega influencers.

Lastly, make sure that you use the right mindset to talk to the influencers the best possible way.

For this you will have to think about them first in the right way so that you do not pitch them but befriend them.

The best way to work with influencers is to think them to be your long term business partners and your friends.

All experts and successful marketers typically looks beyond a one off influencer campaign when they use influencers for their business benefits.