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7 Deadly SEO Sins That Will Send Your Website Rankings Down

Irrespective of the type of business you are running, if you have an online website and you want people to see it, Google is your best option.

But, how should one rank their websites on Google?

Thanks to the experts in the field of SEO marketing!

The reliable science of SEO can help you rank your website on Google within no time.

It doesn’t matter if you are running a nationwide business or you are working on a global scale, as far as you are implementing the right search engine strategy, your business will start appearing in search results.

When you will hire a specialist to rank your business, you will understand that there are two types of SEO specialists in the market.

  1. The black hat strategists
  2. The white hat strategists

While both of these SEO specialists are good at implementing some great strategies for your website at the back-end, they often find themselves surrounded with the seven deadly grave sins of the SEO.

Are you wondering what these 7 Deadly grave sins are? Here are seven deadly SEO sins that one should avoid at all cost.

Pirate Skull Crossbones

1. Excessive Blackhat SEO Practices

What are black hat techniques in the world of SEO? If you are not really aware of what black hat techniques are such techniques where the SEO specialist manipulates the search engine to move a certain link at the top.

To do so, the SEO practitioner violates many terms and conditions of Google.

To learn what happens when you violate Google policies, click here.

This can be considered as cheating. Hence, it is considered a black hat technique and if Google catches you implementing one, it will flag your website link. Fix the issue or you will get punished. Hence, it is advised that you build up your ranking through organic and legitimate ways only.

Webpage Speed

2. Overlooking Website Speed & Performance

The user experience of your website is just as important as the content and the quality of your design.

If your website has a slow page load time it can seriously increase your bounce rate which in return can hurt your online business gravely.

And Google considers speed as an important aspect to rank.

Never forget, the Internet is all about delivering a good experience to users and hence, it studies the website from all major perspectives.

Hence, it is always advised that you choose a quality host.

Also, make sure that you do not add too much of dynamic elements to the site so it doesn’t get heavier.

4 Toy Stormtroopers

3. Creating Multiple Website Versions

Here’s what a lot of businesses do wrong!

They create several versions of the same website.

To achieve that, they purchase several similar domains of the same name which is not a good practice.

The purpose of purchasing these domains is not anything ethical because they are trying to lower down the competition.

Instead, what they don’t realize is that they are confusing Google big time.

Anything that confuses the search engine eventually ends up getting pushed down the search.

Therefore, it is advised that you use redirects instead of publishing multiple domains on the Internet.

Structured Data Tree

4. Ignoring Schema Markup

If your website is operational across more than one search engine than you need to ensure that there is schema markup present on your website.

Schema markup ensures that all of the major search engines on the Internet have background information on the data you have presented on your website.

It can simply become confusing for Google.

You can achieve a better organic ranking because the search engine bots actually understand what your website desires and how much it desires it.

Using iPhone with Laptop

5. Overlooking Mobile Optimisation

One of the gravest mistakes that you can commit in the world of SEO marketing in this digital age is that you can forget making your website mobile optimized.

Do you know that Google prioritizes the mobile version of the website over the desktop version?

That’s why it is important that your website should be optimized for mobile.

Today, the whole world is ruled over by smartphones and access to the Internet has become quite common.

Hence, it is important that your website performs well on smaller devices.

The best SEO Company will always make sure that a website stays amazingly optimized on smaller devices.

Keywords Puzzle Pieces

6. Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is a well-known black hat technique but it’s so commonly used by experts all around, that it deserves a separate place on my list.

Keyword stuffing might’ve been accepted as one of the best SEO practices for a decade or so.

However, now it has remarkably changed over the course time.

Now, the ranking factor of the site greatly depends upon quality content.

If Google finds that you have irrelevantly used keywords in the context of your website, then you will be penalized and pushed down.

Hence, it is essential that your content is informative, original, engaging and unique mapped with relevant keywords.

404 Error Lego

7. Targeting the Wrong Keywords

Lastly, speaking of keywords, many times people target wrong keywords on their website to rank their content quickly up the charts.

You will find some websites covering completely odd topics which do not belong to the original niche of the website.

They use the wrong keywords in their content.

People usually perform long tail keyword research.

Often times, wrong keywords are often found in between these long tail keywords which ultimately result in bringing the website ranking down.

If you find yourself committing one of the seven deadly SEO sins, then don’t feel worried.

There are several ways how you can fix these issues.

One way is to hire the right consultant to do the job.

In this way, you will stay not only safe but can also avoid serious risk of penalty.

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9 Creative Ways to Renovate Your Home

You don’t need to be a professional interior decorator to give your home a unique personalized touch.

Here are a few of the best creative and affordable ways to take your home from mundane to fun all on your own.

Stairs Leading to Front Door

1. Freshen Up the Front Door

The entrance to your home is the first thing people will see when they visit, so it should reflect the design of the rest of your house.

Depending on your budget, you might want to give your front door a fresh coat of paint, or completely replace it.

A customized front door does not actually cost as much as you might think, and it can completely restyle the exterior of your home in one glance.

Small Round Dining Table

2. Ditch the Dining Room Table

Do you have a big, outdated oak table in your dining room that no one ever sits at? If you do, you are not alone.

Huge dining tables are one of those antiquated pieces of home décor that are still lingering from older generations.

Most of us never use our dining tables, so why hold on to them?

Lighten up that room by replacing the big table with a smaller, cozier round table.

The whole family will still be able to sit there, and it won’t feel quite as polished and stuffy.

If you have a chandelier hanging over that dining table, you don’t have to take it down.

Keep it, and add a little flair to your friendlier dining room.

Built in Shelving

3. Stack Up the Shelves

There is no such thing as too much storage space, in any home.

Get creative with your shelving – you can build your own custom shelves, DIY-style, or bring in a professional carpenter.

Bespoke shelving adds a charming touch to any room in the house, and it is a great way to renovate an awkward space or alcove.

Add a pop of color to your shelf design to lighten up the space.

Once you have built and painted them, use your shelves to show off some important family photos and heirlooms, or find some fun knick knacks that will give the room personality.


4. Let in the Light

Nothing brightens up a space like a little natural lighting.

Installing a skylight is a wonderful way to let more light into a room, making the space appear bigger, brighter and friendlier.

This could be the perfect solution for a renovated attic or a gloomy upstairs bathroom.

Off-the-peg skylights are generally pretty affordable to have installed.

If they can be propped open to let some fresh air circulate, it will do even more to expand the room.

White Curtains

5. Change Up the Curtains

Curtains and blinds are perfect for adding a fresh and tasteful splash of color to a room.

They will draw the eye without completely overwhelming.

Don’t be afraid to pick out a new set of curtains with a dramatic pattern or vibrant colors – it will give the room some personality.

While you might not want to go dramatic with your curtains and blinds in every room of the house, we recommend it for a sitting/living room and bathroom, or maybe the kitchen.

Window Plants

6. Grow Some Green

Houseplants never go out of style.

A little green will soften up the room and add some life to dim spaces.

And don’t worry – they don’t have to require a lot of maintenance.

Try jade in a sunny spot, or a winter fern or lily in a darker corner.

They will grow just fine with regular watering.

If you have a really busy schedule or travel a lot, succulents are an extremely low-maintenance option.

They are also trending right now – you can find some beautiful arrangements for an extra low cost.

Old Fashioned Painted Door Knobs

7. Class up the cabinets

Another fun way to throw a little sparkle and shimmer into your décor is with cabinet handles and knobs.

Head to a thrift store or flea market and pick up some vintage sets; look for bright color and spunky designs.

A matching set will tie the room together more, but a mix of handle designs in your kitchen or living room can give it a unique flare.

They are easy to swap out and install, so it can be an ongoing process.

Built in Bookshelf

8. Build a Better Bookcase

A new bookcase, or a re-designed version of your old bookcase, will change up a living room or bedroom design.

Paint the back wall of the case a soft color, and add some carefully selected trinkets that match each other.

It is important not to overload your bookcase.

Too many books, photos and knickknacks will end up looking tacky; make sure that the shelves are sparse enough for the back wall to show through.

If you have a lot of books, consider investing in a bigger case, or a second case – two well-decorated shelves will look better than one cluttered one.

Bar Neon Sign

9. Bring in a Brand New Sign

If you have a home bar or man-cave, there’s no reason to shy away from a little quirky, personalized design.

A neon sign shows off your personality and makes a space much more fun.

Signs can be great for the kitchen, outdoor bar or patio – wherever you find yourself entertaining guests.

Check out this selection of creative neon beer signs for some inspiration.

They will give your home bar an awesome, customized twist.


Cookie-cutter is the last thing any of us want for our homes.

With a little elbow grease, creativity and DIY motivation, you can take your home interior from drab to fab.

All of these creative renovations can be accomplished on your own or with the help of a professional, depending on your budget, and can be adapted to suit your design style and personal taste.

Remember, it’s your space – add a few twists and splashes of color, and really make it feel like your own.

Author Bio

Lara Douglas is a young woman who loves interior designing and home decor. She is passionate about new trends and fashion forward home décor ideas. She regularly posts at Neon Signs Depot.

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5 Things to Add in Your Diet for Better Health

One of the major factors of a healthy life is good nutrition.

A well balanced diet forms the basis of a healthy diet and is necessary if you want to improve your health.

A balanced dietincludes foods that contain vitamins and minerals and those which are less in saturated fats and sugars.

Having said so, following are the four groups of edibles that we can bet on, will help you achieve a balanced diet thereby promoting health and wellbeing.

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Grains, cereals and legumes
  • Himalayan salt
  • Meat and poultry
  • Dairy family that includes milk and its derivatives

Fruits and Vegetables

1. Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables form an amazing source of minerals, vitamins and dietary fiber as well as give your body a wide range of nutrients.

You should ask yourself how many portion of your daily diet is filled with fruits and vegetables.

If the answer is around 4-5 cups each day, then you are on the right track.

But if this is not the case, you should make sure to add them to your plate.

From mangoes to apples and berries, there are so many colorful healthy choices you have, to add to your food plan.

Some fruits such as mangoes and lychees are seasonal and are the center of attraction seasonally while others such as apples and bananas are available all year round.

Likewise, the same goes for vegetables as some such as potatoes are available for the entire year and others such as carrots are seasonal.


2. Grains, Cereals & Legumes

Whole grains such as brown rice and oats are healthier for you than refined ones as they are richer in dietary fiber, minerals, and vitamins.

Whole grains provide protection from heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

They also prevent excessive weight gain and protect from some types of cancer.

Grains and cereals that have added sugars or fat like cakes, biscuits, pies, etc. should only be the ‘occasional foods’ in your dietary pattern and not form the habitual or usual consumption for you.

Legumes and beans are a good source of protein for a balanced diet.

Thus, they should be a definite part of your diet plan as well.

A standard serving for a day should include 1-2 cups of legumes and beans like lentils, chickpeas, etc.

Himalayan Salt

3. Himalayan Salt

Salt has always been an important ingredient in cooking.

Every food is incomplete without the kick of salt.

Apart from adding saltiness to the food, it is also required to fulfill the mineral requirement of the body.

While choosing salt, we mostly don’t think much and just buy the easily available salt in the market that is usually the regular table salt.

Considering the importance of salt one must think and search the best kind of salt for consumption.

One better choice of salt is Himalayan pink salt that is considered to be the pure, unrefined and additive-free salt.

It is hand-picked from the world’s second largest salt mine, khewra salt mine.

This natural salt is known for its rich mineral content.

By choosing this healthy salt you can increase the nutrition value of your food.

Lean Cooked Meat

4. Meat & Poultry

Meat, chicken, fish, and eggs are also very rich sources of protein.

Adding these foods to your diet plan, not only provide for your daily requirement of protein but also supply you with a wide range of other nutrients like iron, zinc, iodine, essential fatty acids etc.

Fish is a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids which are very beneficial for a healthy heart, strong hair and glowing skin.

Experts in nutrition recommend the use of both fresh and canned fish such as Salmon.

They opine that the canned fish is less pricey than the fresh one but it is as good in nutrition.

Natural Yoghurt Strawberries and Grains

5. Dairy

Milk, cheese, and yogurt are loaded with calcium, vitamins, minerals as well as protein.

They reduce the risk of blood pressure, providing protection against heart disease and stroke.

Dairy products are also very beneficial for bone health and growth and are especially important for growing children.

Children below two years of age should not be given low-fat milk.

In case if you don’t like to drink milk, you can opt for its derivatives like yogurt and cheese for calcium.

One serving of dairy includes a cup of milk or a three-quarter cup of yogurt.

The daily requirement in men is 2-3 servings with the need of up to 4 servings for women.

A balanced diet with regular exercise will work wonders for you to achieve better health and lifestyle.

Although following a diet plan and avoiding scrumptious and mouthwatering edibles is not an easy task, you should try to be consistent in pursuing a healthy dietary pattern.

You can take advice from a dietician for drafting a diet plan for yourself.

Also remember to consult your doctor before starting on a diet plan if you have health conditions like hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol level, etc.

Author Bio

Hi! My name is Jeffrey Lewis, a blogger at Ittefaq Salt. I love to share my knowledge and experiences with others and help to bring a positive change in their lifestyle. I enjoy enlightening others about unknown and little-known facts about health, nutrition, fitness, and natural beauty.

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6 Steps to Making a Personal Injury Claim

Personal injury is the injury that is caused due to someone else inattention/carelessness, worsen with time and have an adverse impact on the sufferer’s life.

If you’re badly trapped in heaps of bills that are because of some other party carelessness and you’re considering claiming compensation.

As you’re not at fault; you must not need to tolerate physical and economic consequences.

Accidents can be distressing, not bodily but also psychologically.

In severe cases, the damages can cause issues after the accident for several years; including few individuals that never get fully recovered.

Personal injury claims permit individuals to recompense the economic cost they had suffered to deal with the aftershock of damages and return to health and also see applicants remunerated for discomfort and distress.

Unfortunately, if you are a sufferer of personal injury and someone else is responsible, or at fault, then you are eligible to file a claim.

The sufferer from any age or background, whatever the accident or injury type it was could think about making a claim.

For most of the people, the compensation they obtained guarantee them that they are capable of seeking medical attention and the time span they require to recuperate, instead of permitting damages adversely affect durable economic circumstances and well-being.

Holding Bandaged Leg


1. The Injury or Accident

When you’re the sufferer of an accident that was because of someone else negligence, in that case, your initial reaction will be dreadful.

It’s significant to memorize that it’s differing of what you must be doing.

Lasting peace will guarantee that you gather everything that is required and obey the phases to obtain the compensation you deserve.

Each personal injury involves much more precise particulars as to what accurately these phases are.

It means you need to make it sure to explore them.

Gather all the pieces of evidence required while making a claim.

2. Click Photographs of the event for evidence

It is imperative to have all possible pieces of evidence available.

The one must ensure to retain all pertinent proofs and documented records, click as many pictures as possible and also contact the cops in few circumstances, gather eyewitness information’s, obtain summaries of all primary and helpful details, make yourself sure to keep duplicates of essential documents and getting the photocopy of mishap report as well.

3. Look for Medical Consideration after Accident

Anyone that is intricate in car collisions must seek out medical consideration as early as possible.

It is mandatory whether you’re having pain or not.

This medical care can save you from the discomfort you’re facing right after the accident.

It’s incredibly authoritative after car collision to seek medical care in between 14 days of accident occurrence.

Moreover, don’t forget to click pictures of the damages you experience before it fades away and leaving you with little proof to generate a compelling claim.

4. Consult with an Injury Solicitor

For obtaining the maximum amount of compensation, the most important for the sufferer is to devote their time in hunting the best personal injury solicitor to consult about their case.

There is an enormous range of personal injury, and the most important is to pick who is more proficient for your specific type of accident injury.

If accurately nominated, personal injury solicitors can guarantee you obtain the exact level of compensation to assist you in moving on from your trial.

When once the injury solicitor has taken your case, then the discussion begins regarding how much time it requires for claims and case procedure.

The queries you have in your mind to ask from personal injury solicitor you hired contains how long does it take to generate a case and if they’ll be keen to prosecute on your behalf if it’s required.

5. Gathering Medical Records & Evaluating the Personal Injury Claim

The solicitor you hired will take an extensive interview for the benefit of your injury case where they require inquiring you about medical situations, explanation of accident and also the contextual as well as initial details that what accurately occurred?

Such queries are significant; particularly the medical history above all.

They’ll also gather all medical receipts and documents.

Don’t hide if you decided to change your doctor or other significant medical details and alterations that require to be shared.

6. File a Personal Injury Claim or Ask for Settlement

The claim you made will be stable.

Whether the settlement is correct for you only be determined by a practiced and expert solicitor with legitimate concerns.

The claim will initially be filed with negligent group individuals afterwards the claim mediator will obtain reins to search and negotiate a possible settlement or delivered letter to a 3rd party, in fact, not protected.

Why to use Personal Injury Solicitors for Compensation Claims?

Many of the people don’t even consider hiring a solicitor for personal injury claims until the instant they require one.

This can be a distressing time, with applicant coping with damage, sorrow or debilitation, and keep on struggling to come to terms with case and its concerns.

They are anxious about the enormous quantity of bills they are dealing with while facing severe destruction in earning, or recuperating in a medical complex, or doing efforts to deal with the loss of beloved one, or maybe thinking that collision has produced disastrous complications they will never recuperate from it.

If you think you’re capable of claiming compensation by yourself and there is no need of personal injury solicitor, then it’s worthy of keeping one thing in mind that insurance company will oppose compensation claim that will have their own attorney’s team standing with them.

Also need to be careful as they do efforts to make an agreement that is too much smaller than the amount of compensation you’re going to receive, in this case, we keenly suggest not accepting or signing any deed given by them till you talk to proficient personal injury solicitor.

You will be convinced to use facilities of claim Management Company for personal injury claims.

Make one thing clear that claim management firms don’t have attorneys, and they will not epitomize you in a law court.

They will move you to a settlement that will be out of court and will refuse to handle your claim if the defendant stresses on going to a law court.

Moreover, the facilities you get will be probably below standard, with poor client’s care, and the claims management company will possibly charge much for their facilities as personal injury solicitors.

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7 Wonderful Places for Backpacking in Australia

Do you want to go for backpacking Australia?

This amazing country offers a lot of attractions, and mountain peaks to be reached are among them.

Feel free to check our list of 7 wonderful places to hike and be ready for a journey!

Australia is an amazing and distant country that attracts tourists from all over the world.

This is not surprising since it is rich in architectural monuments, beautiful landscapes, unique animals and plants that can only live on this territory.

In addition, Australia is a real test for mountain explorers.

Therefore, let’s leave aside standard popular tourist routes and travel packages to Australia for a while, and look at the list of mountain peaks for backpacking that should fill up your personal list of conquered heights.

Australian Mountains

Mount Warning

Mount Warning Mountain rises in the central part of Byron Bay in Australia.

Relic wet evergreen forests of Australia have survived to this day since the Jurassic period around this ancient extinct and already almost destroyed volcano, also known as Wollumbin.

This is one of the most amazing places for backpacking in Australia that have survived from those distant times when Australia and Tasmania were one with Antarctica.

In these forests, along with typical tropical plants, there are such amazing trees as the Antarctic beech that have remained in Australia since the days of dinosaurs.

From the point of view of weather conditions for backpacking in Australia, the ascent to the summit should be planned from March to November.

Backpacking to the top requires more physical than technical training.

For successful backpacking in Australia, most likely, neither special gear equipment nor complicated insurance will be required, ascent can be made in any weather and in almost any season.

You do not need to organize intermediate camps, as well as complex backpacking logistics.

This is one of the best places for backpacking Australia.

Mount Gower

Mount Gower is one of the most amazing sights of Lord Howe Island for backpacking, one of the oldest volcanic islands in Australia and in the Pacific (about 20 million years old).

Also, this mountain is known as Big Hill and has a height of 875 meters, which makes it the highest on the island.

A rather difficult 8.5-hour backpacking route leads to the top.

No special backpacking in Australia skills are required, so this makes this mountain on the most comfortable places to go on backpacking and Australian vacation spots.

Burning Mountain

The burning mountain is located in New South Wales, near the small village of Wingen in Australia. The height of the mountain is only 653 meters. But it is known for the processes that take place inside it. Under the surface of the mountain is a smoldering layer of coal. A hundred years ago, the Burning Mountain was considered the only volcano in the entire continent of Australia.

The researchers found that the coal seam beneath the mountain ignited without human intervention. Scientists estimate that about 100 square meters of the surface of this mountain are currently burning. And every year this area increases by about one square meter. It is believed that the burning mountain in Australia has been smoldering for at least 5.5 thousand years. This backpacking route is dangerous so make sure to check Australian mountains map before going to climb.

Mount Barney

The highest point of the McPherson Range in Australia, Mount Barney, reaches a height of 1372 meters.

It is located in the southeastern part of Queensland.

She is the fifth tallest in Queensland.

This is a popular tourist spot for hiking in the rainforest.

The mountain comprises two main peaks (East Peak and slightly higher West Peak), as well as a number of smaller auxiliary peaks.

Its East Peak is the most famous for backpacking, and this can be one of the best hikes in Australia.

The mountain has a special honor in the culture of the local Australian Aborigines.

Rugged Mountain Range

Walsh Pyramid

This outlandish mountain is located in Queensland, within the boundaries of the Wurunuran national park in Australia.

Its shape resembles an almost perfect pyramid.

The height of the Walsh Pyramid is 922 meters.

To climb to the top of the “pyramid”, you will need about five hours.

Every year, in August, there is a lush agricultural fair, where you can buy products from the best Australian farms so this is one of the most attractive holiday destinations Australia.

St Mary Peak

Two paths lead to the summit.

The first one is short – a 7-kilometer track that runs along the outer side of the Wilpena Pound (14 km, approximately 3.5 hours one way) and a long track – the inner path that goes through the middle of the Wilpena Pound (21.2 km, about 4.5 hours one way).

These backpacking routes are considered quite complex and require serious experience.

Make sure to learn Australia hiking tips before starting your journey.

St. Mary’s Peak plays a special role in the culture of the local Aboriginal people, so it will not be shameful if you refuse to climb this peak.

According to legend, this peak is the head of the ancient serpent Akurra, whose body turned to stone and formed the northeast wall of Wilpena Pound in Australia.

The Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains National Park in Australia is one of the most scenics, and therefore unforgettable places for backpacking in the world.

There is an opportunity to descend into the wonderful Jenolan Caves.

These are the most famous limestone grottoes on the Australian continent.

Activities in the Blue Mountains also include mountain biking, Blue Mountains Australia hiking, short and long trekking tours, as well as jeep and horseback riding.

You can ride over the cliffs in the cable car cabin or on the world’s steepest railway, and see Australia’s highest waterfall.

Ready to go backpacking?

Feel free to tell about more challenging places and your personal tips on how to achieve the top!

About the author

Catherine Wiley is a professional climber. Most of all she likes to discover uncharted mountain routes and conquer new mountain peaks. Catherine is glad to share her experience with all extreme lovers.

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10 Ways Technology Is Changing The Way We Travel

Travel has progressed faster than we could have ever imagined.

It seems like the whole world is travelling, with an estimated 8.5 billion people expected to take 2 billion international trips by 2030.

The industry is constantly transforming and adapting to make use of new technology so travel is seamless.

New technology is changing the way that we travel, allowing us to travel faster and more often.

In this post we identify 6 ways that technology has is changing the way we travel.

1. Travelling is less time-consuming and environmentally friendly

Technology has helped travel become faster and more friendly for our environment.

You no longer need to print out your boarding passes or hotel reservations.

This is now available at your fingertips thanks to mobile check-ins and online hotel reservations.

As a result, this cuts down on time at the airport waiting to collect your tickets and can make for a faster check-in at your hotel.

With most major airlines and hotel reservation companies offering a downloadable app you never have to worry about finding access to a printer ever again.

2. We can save plenty of space in our suitcase

How did we manage before technology made our lives a little easier?

You no longer need to pack an iPod to listen to music, all you need now is your mobile and you can easily stream Spotify or iTunes.

The same goes for our favourite holiday past time of reading a book by the beach.

No longer do you have to pack books in your case, worrying about their weight and the space they take up.

We now can take an e-reader.

This can save us valuable space and the cost of extra kilos when travelling abroad.

3. We no longer need to learn the lingo

Do you remember a time when you would pick up a phrase book and try and to soud out the phrases on holiday?

All to the bemusement of locals.

Now all you need is a smartphone and Google’s Translate app.

This app not only will work offline, but will translate numerous languages in English, including being able to use your camera to translate signs or menus in realtime.

If you’d still like to familiarise yourself with the basics you can also downloand Duolingo, a handy language learning app that is free to download with in-app purchases.

4. Technology has changed how we book our holidays

Instead of having to ring up an airline or hotel directly, many now offer the option of messaging, through social media, WhatsApp or through chatbots.

You sometimes mightn’t even realise the person you are having a conversation with is actually a piece of AI technology, but it is a big revolution in the hospitality agency.

5. Payment Apps have made traveling safer

Travelling is so much easier with electronic payments.

Apple Pay and Google Wallet mean you no longer have to carry cash, or take out money from ATMs, which can often be hard to find.

It is lower risk, whilst travelling abroad, where losing cash can mean you are stuck.

It is of course, not the only method of payment you should rely on.

Remember to bring along a credit card or cash just for back up or in case your phone battery dies.

6. Technology has made travel affordable

Technology has made travelling more affordable than ever.

You no longer have to rely on the word of a travel agent and can compare and contrast a variety of costs.

There are websites dedicated to this, such as Skyscanner or Kayak.

You also have a variety of options for taxi options thanks to Uber and Blah, Blah car, so no longer have to pay extortionate fares to the airport.

7. It has changed the way we discover activities

Travel guides were once our go to for destination activities, but now we have fantastic online resources such as TripAdvisor.

We can read instant reviews on the top ten attractions, discuss options in travel forums and also compare prices.

8. We can capture moments easily

Thanks to technology we can capture every moment of our trip.

Our smartphones not only hold all our travel information, but also our photos, giving us the ultimate travel memento, always in our palm.

Of course, film is not dead, and you can take equally beautiful shots on Polaroids.

9. It’s easy to stay connected

You will meet and make friends with so many amazing people throughout your travels.

We used to exchange addresses or emails and hope that we had read the spelling correctly.

Now it’s much easier to stay in touch through the likes of social media or WhatsApp.

10. You can keep in touch with family

When on a holiday abroad you often had to struggle to find an international telephone card and spend money on minutes trying to check in with the folks.

Now it couldn’t be simpler. With technology such as Skype, WhatsApp or Facetime you have absolutely no excuse for not checking in.

Author Bio

Written by Stuart Cooke, Digital Marketing Manager at My Baggage who are at the forefront of the travel industry offering a handy door to door luggage delivery service around the world.

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6 Sleep Myths Which Are Damaging Your Health

Sleep is one of our most important bodily functions and is something that we do to improve our well-being, mood and longevity.

Whilst so many people are searching for the latest health fad, taking supplements or looking for a magic cure for their ailments or health issues, one of the most obvious ways to feel better is to get a a good night’s sleep.

But, some people – around 35% – struggle to get more than 7 hours sleep each night and insomnia is a growing issue thanks to the increase of technology, work stresses and day-to-day worries.

When it comes to improving our sleeping patterns, many of us search for tips and tricks to help better our sleep quality and there are plenty of myths around that some of us use as the truth.

These myths tend not to be backed up by science or any rational form of reasoning, so can actually be harmful to our health if carried out for a long period of time.

With that in mind, here are six of the worst sleep myths which you might believe that are almost certainly damaging your long-term health.

1. It Doesn’t Matter What Time You Sleep

Many adults hold on to the myth that it doesn’t matter what time you sleep, so long as you manage the daily recommended amount (i.e. between 6 to 8 hours).

However, our animalistic instincts take over when it comes to sleep cycles and the benefits to us on a species level.

We are diurnal – the opposite of nocturnal – so, a sleep pattern which follows this is subsequently much better for our bodies and mental wellbeing.

Of course, career choices can often impact this without much choice on our part.

Night shift workers can’t cite being a diurnal creature as good enough reason to never go to work and often suffer the most when it comes to getting good quality sleep and this can lead to increased risk of accidents or health issues.

Man Sleeping on Bench

2. You Can ‘Catch Up’ on Sleep

This is one myth-busting fact which actually pains us to pen.

But, the fact is that sleeping in at the weekend really isn’t good for your sleep health and doesn’t help you catch up on the lost hours during the work week.

Some studies set out to test the power of the lie in.

Conducting a study where there were consecutive nights of sleep deprivation, then one night of ‘recovery’ showed that the additional sleep on the recovery day did not, in fact, help.

The subject actually showed signs that their mental functioning had still not recovered to the previous state prior to deprivation.

So, however much we all may value our lie-ins; they don’t actually help you to recover from elongated periods of deprivation.

But the fact is that altering your sleep schedule to a nocturnal pattern can be extremely unhealthy in the long-term.

This means that changing or at least trying to make sure your shift switches, to allow normal sleep, can be vital for your health.

3. Closing Your Eyes is as Good as Sleep

Another big sleep myth is the fact that if you close your eyes and lay still, it’s just as good as actually falling asleep.

Well, the answer to that one is a quick and simple no.

You may feel rested on some level, but this is actually one of the most harmful myths surrounding sleep.

Resting, but not actually sleeping, can lead to a serious deprivation – which can impact you both physically and mentally over time in major ways.

All of your body knows when you’re awake and when you’re asleep, so it functions very differently.

If you don’t sleep, then your body does not function in this ‘rest mode’ and it can be extremely harmful if done for too long.

If you really do need to rest, then rather than closing your eyes and lie down, there are other things you can do to wind down, such as going for a walk or having a shower.

4. Falling Asleep Instantly is a Good Sign

Some people are very proud of their ability to fall asleep anywhere, at any time and in practically any position.

They call it a ‘natural gift’.

But, in fact, this isn’t necessarily a good thing in terms of your sleep health.

It actually is more than likely a sure sign that you are not getting enough sleep overall.

Falling asleep instantly or all over the place is clearly a sign of sleep deprivation or another serious medical issue.

And for that reason, seeking the help of a medical professional is advised.

5. Loud Snoring is Annoying, But Not a Health Concern

Snoring can be the bane of your partner’s existence.

But, it’s just an annoying habit and nothing serious, right?

Wrong. Chronic snoring can actually be a sign of sleep apnea; a disorder which may lead to the person to stop breathing while they sleep.

Snoring is an indication that the airway is being blocked during the night.

Though not all snoring is a sign of sleep apnea, it is important to get this checked out rather than miss the very obvious signs.

Fatigue is often a symptom of this, both for yourself and your partner.

Snoring doesn’t just affect only their sleep but your own as well, so this can be a sure sign that sleep apnea may be something which you suffer from.

Which you can have an increased risk of if you are a smoker, have higher blood pressure, overweight or a combination of all of these factors.

Passed Out From Alcohol

6. Drinking Alcohol Helps You Sleep

Having a soothing, relaxing nightcap before you go to sleep, whether in the form of whisky, wine or beer, is one of the most common things that people think of to help them get to sleep if they are struggling to nod off.

Whilst alcohol may help you to fall asleep, it dramatically reduces the quality of the sleep you are getting that night.

In particular, alcohol disrupts your rapid eye movement, or REM, stage of sleep, which is the most important stage for your memory and learning.

So, whilst you will have gotten some sleep and nodded off easily, some of the most important benefits of sleep will be lost.

Alcohol also acts as a diuretic, so it is likely you will have a more disturbed sleep as you will need to go to the toilet in the middle of the night.

If you are struggling with maintaining or setting a regulated sleeping pattern, then it is best to get professional medical advice.

There are some other ways which have been said to improve your sleep quality, such as high strength fish oil, decaffeinated drinks and melatonin supplements, but it is always best to check before taking any measures.

White Dog with Decorator

Essential Remodeling Upgrades for Boosting Your Property’s Value Before Selling

For the majority of people, their homes are their biggest investments.

All of us dream of being able to, one day, afford a piece of land we can call our own.

However, it can happen that one day you realize that you’ve outgrown your current home – either you got a new member of the family or you are simply no longer satisfied with your current living situation, and you decide to move out and sell it.

If and when that happens, you need to realize that you shouldn’t simply list your home for sale.

Rather, you should first see to it that give your place a “facelift” and make various upgrades that will surely boost its value once you decide to list it on the market.

Here are some of the most important projects you should focus your efforts on, to ensure that you get the best bang for your buck.

Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

A good starting point when it comes to home remodeling upgrades that will boost your property’s value is definitely boosting its energy efficiency.

While the majority of homeowners think that simply staging their homes well and boosting its aesthetics will be enough, the upgrades that increase the energy efficiency of the property away bring better ROI.

Therefore, make sure you upgrade your HVAC, water and heating systems, ensure that your home is well-insulated and upgrade your doors and windows.

Decorating Materials

Touch Up Your Interior

While it is definitely true that it’s not all about the looks, you still should pay attention to your property’s interior.

First, make sure you remove any dirt and skid marks from your walls by either cleaning them thoroughly or treating them with a fresh coat of paint.

Additionally, declutter your home and get rid of all the unnecessary mess.

Since you’re planning on moving anyways, you can even start by packing up all of the things you don’t consider to be essential.

This will provide your space with a much cleaner look potential buyers will find more appealing.

Swimming Pool

Don’t Forget About the Exterior Either

On the same note, don’t forget to spruce up your exterior either.

Since people usually make the first impression of your home based on its curb appeal, you need to make sure that the impression is a positive one.

Furthermore, if you have a backyard consider either installing a pool or upgrading your existing one.

Invest in lighting your pool with waterproof LED lights and add glass swimming pool tiles for a fresher look.

The pool is one of the key backyard features that will instantly boost the value of your home and having it come with the property is certainly a win.

Pay Special Attention to the Kitchen

The home is like a body. Its walls are its skin, its pipes – the veins. And, as everybody has a heart – so does the home.

The kitchen is the heart of every home as this is the place where the entire family gets together to spend some quality time while enjoying a delicious meal.

Therefore, you need to pay special attention to this room and spruce it up to make it look cozy and inviting.

Some budget-friendly tips include repainting your cabinets, replacing the old handles with newer alternatives and even redoing the backsplash.

Remodelled Bathroom

And Show Some Love to the Bathroom As Well

Another room that’s definitely worth investing in is the bathroom, especially if your current one is somewhat outdated.

Studies show that even the smallest bathroom remodel may bring as much as a 102% ROI, which is definitely something to keep in mind when upgrading your home for a quicker sale.

As you can see, these are just some of the things you can do to boost your home’s market value.

The fact is that the more you invest in your home, the easier it will be to sell it and get the desired price.

About the Author

Lilly Miller is a Sydney-based graphic designer and a passionate writer. Loves everything about home decor, art history and baking. Shares home with two loving dogs and a gecko named Rodney. You can find her on Twitter.

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Smog Hanging Over City Skyline

Can Technological Advancements Protect Us From The Effects Of Air Pollution?

We all know that green means clean when it comes to so many industries.

But when an article was published earlier this year on the rise in air pollution levels in London and how the levels had now surpassed Beijing, more people realised that something needed to be done.

In the city of London, air pollution is being considered as a health crisis and it has been reported that toxic air leads to around 40,000 premature deaths in the UK alone.

There is now a much more urgent need to clean up air pollution around the world, with levels seeing year on year increases in numerous cities and reaching alarming new heights.

Often, some of the poorest countries in the world are often the worst affected, with Somalia, Afghanistan and Bangladesh recently reporting high numbers of cases where a person’s death has been linked directly to air pollution.

But, thanks to new technology developments, there have been advancements made in order to tackle this global issue, paying attention in particular to city centres.

As population numbers increase, so too does air pollution levels.

Whilst the role of these new advancements has been widely accepted, there are a few certain technologies which are expected to play a huge part in future when it comes to the monitoring and maintenance of air pollution.

Asian Girl Wearing Breathing Mask

Can A Facial Mask Really Protect You From Air Pollution?

A staple when it comes to living in smog-filled Beijing, air pollution masks are worn by most people during their day spent in the city.

Smog levels in Beijing are reported as being off the charts, exceeding the maximum 500 mark.

According to the World Air Quality Index project, levels which exceed 300 are hazardous to health and may well lead to serious illness.

Respirators are one of the biggest up and coming solutions to tackle air pollution, focusing mainly on the cities worst affected, such as Beijing, but also with a focus to broaden out into the global market.

The best masks on the market can filter out almost 100% of particle matter, including PM2.5, which is the most dangerous pollution particle.

It is thinner than human hair and passes through the lungs and straight into the bloodstream.

Whilst many companies claim that their masks are capable of filtering out harmful pollutants, the evidence which backs these claims often comes solely from lab-based conditions, rather than with real-life testing.

Some foundations say that there is not enough evidence in order to recommend using these masks, whilst Asthma UK says that there is no proof that wearing one can make any difference to asthma symptoms.

Creating Clean Industries

Some of the world’s biggest contributors to air pollution and global warming come from the industrial sectors.

Factories, refineries and processing plants all pollute the air on a regular basis with fossil fuel emissions which are known to contain lethal mixtures of gasses, such as methane, nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide.

These gasses then contribute to poor air quality, both around the area where the factory is located and much further afield.

Climate change, ozone depletion and acid rain have all been affected by the huge amount of industrial businesses, so tech companies are now working on a solution to combat the negative effects caused by this damaging industry.

Renewable energy is one of the most popular ways used to combat these factories, with wind turbines and solar energy being some of the most effective technologies used in order to replace their need for fossil fuel.

However, it is important to recognise that these systems will not work overnight, so making these industries, who are so dependent on fossil fuels, more dedicated to change is a great way to start.

Pollution from Industrial Chimneys

Air Pollution Is a Huge Threat Indoors and Outdoors

There have been many studies into the impact of pollution across decades, but this research has been focused largely on outdoor air where governments are responsible for putting pollution policies into place.

There is very little awareness when it comes to the impact and existence of indoor air pollution and our homes, rather than being a safe place away from pollution, can actually be 5 times more polluted than the air outdoors.

Every year, 3.8 million deaths are caused by household exposure to air pollution, such as fuels and dirty stoves.

A huge tech advancement for air pollution solutions in the home comes from air purifiers.

These machines capture very tiny particles, such as pollen and carbon household fumes.

However, whether these technologies actually improve health in day-to-day circumstances has proven inconclusive.

Whilst these machines can trap up to 99.95% of minuscule particles, they are sold in order to support health and wellbeing rather than strictly for medical use.

In office buildings and industrial work environments, the air quality is often poor which then impacts the health and wellbeing of employees.

In indoor working environments, you will find pollutants which are intermingled with dust, fungal spores, carpet fibres and building materials, all which create a rather unhealthy collection of contaminants which spread across the workplace.

Depending on where these workplaces are based, opening the windows is likely to do more harm than good due to high levels of outdoor air pollution which will only contribute to the issue, so what can workplaces do to combat this issue?

Buildings may want to add industrial ventilation, but air quality improvements can be made through the use of advanced HEPA and carbon-activated purifiers the protect against harmful pollutants.

Interior Living Walls

Urban Air Purification

Air pollution within urban environments is another huge concern for many people.

With so many cities across the globe recording new highs of pollution that is having a huge impact on the health of the public, there is now a huge rush in the number of technology companies rushing to creating something to clean and filter the air in cities.

Recently, a Dutch design company developed a new Smog Free Tower, which works by purifying the air by absorbing pollution and expelling the purified air.

Amazingly, the pollution which is absorbed is then turned into pieces of jewellery which are sold in order to fund the towers.

The first of these towers have been built in the city of Rotterdam, with the designers claiming that each tower can individually clean over 3.5 million cubic metres of purified and clean air.

Neon Signs in Las Vegas

6 Things to Look for in a Professional Sign Company

If you have a business, an organization, or any establishment with office space, building, or storefront, you will need signage on the interior and exterior alike.

Knowing the potential of advertising your business and the things it represents will help in making branding, attracting consumers, and delivering the intended message successful.

Signs are generally defined in showing pieces of information to an audience.

If you decide to use signs for your business, you need to find a quality signage service company so that people will find out more about what you have to offer.

However, not all companies offer the best services.

You have to be meticulous about choosing a sign company so that the final result will be readily appreciated.

If you are wondering about the factors that you should consider in sign companies based in Calgary, keep on reading.

Typography Font Book

1. Consistency

Many people wonder where to get their signs made and choosing a sign company is something that should be done carefully.

If you are situated in Calgary for example, it will be a good idea that you compare different sign companies, look at the sample illustrations, and determine which sign company is capable of meeting your needs.

Being particular in considering what kind of services that sign companies will have to offer is essential.

Most sign companies will provide a variation of services to their clients such as installation, design, manufacturing, retrofitting of building, securing permits, and long term maintenance.

2. Experience and Credibility

Just like any other form of advertisement, experience and credibility play a significant role in any businesses.

Companies that have been in the industry for an extended time know and understand the current trends and words that are suitable for your sign.

As you interact with different companies, it is better that you ask about the number of years their sign company has been operating.

In that way, you can build a long-term partnership with them and have a good sign portfolio along with many projects.

It is vital that you know how well-established the sign company is and whether they will be in existence over the life cycle of your new signage.

Looking for the best sign company is complicated and high-risk, so it is essential to be particular and meticulous.

Old Fashioned Letterpress Stamps

3. Up-To-Date Technology

Businesses and public venues are always seeking better ways to communicate their message, and in most cases, digital signage is an integral part of the solution.

Amazing modern displays are capable of vividness and clarity ensuring that the signages are garnering attention wherever they are placed.

If you have multiple projects to work on and you would like the signage to be installed, it is a good idea that you indulge in digital solutions.

Digital signage has proven its worth as sales messaging becomes more dynamic, appealing, and targeted.

Moreover, engaging in digital signage in the modern franchise environment will easily showcase your business and your content causing them to stand out and interact more with customers.

That being said,  here are some benefits of using digital signage:

  • Reduces perceived wait time.
  • Increases sales.
  • Digital signage can be interactive.
  • By using the content online and on digital signage, you can double up your marketing efforts.
  • Reduces administration cost.
  • Lets you leverage video.

4. Online Presence

In a tech-centered world, there is no better place to find information than the internet.

Sign companies have not been left behind when it comes to marketing their services online.

When looking for information and reviews, the first place that you should look when searching for a sign company is through the internet.

You can search for the company’s website, read affiliations and reviews, and check their ranking in the search engine.

By reading the feedbacks and discussions, the sign company has received from the past and existing customers, it is up to you whether or not you will communicate with them and ask for their services and work they have to offer.

MacBook Laptop with Mouse

5. Better Equipment

A quality sign requires quality material and equipment to make it perfect.

Therefore, as you are reading comments and reviews about the various sign companies online, you should not avoid to see the images posted on their website and perceive the status and condition of the projects each sign company has completed.

6. Budget and Pricing

In looking for a sign company, one of the vital factors that you should keep in mind is the budget and pricing.

If you want to have an uncomplicated time in forecasting the budgets for the projects, you will want to work with one sign company.

By working with one sign company, you will be having an easy time about long-term planning.

In the business industry, always ensure that you are obtaining a quality product.

Your sign should last a considerable amount of time.

It is also vital that you check the pricing from different places.

Don’t be afraid to ask for a detailed price list of what your project will cost and why.

7. Takeaway

If you are planning on investing in signage for your business, it is crucial that you invest in a professional and highly experienced company.

Picking up the wrong company would end up getting a standard output.

The useful guides mentioned above are one way to foresee the success of your business, organization, or establishment and to make the first impression last.

Author Bio

Louise Davis is a content writer and a single mom with a 5-year-old daughter. She often loves writing stories, drawing up clothing designs, and watching fashion shows. When not engrossed in writing, Louise writes for a sign company in Calgary to build useful insights and tips about digital solutions and how to choose the right signages for all size of business.