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3 Common Changes in a Woman’s Body During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a wonderful journey for every woman.

They carry their baby inside their womb with love and care for nine months and give birth to a healthy baby boy or girl.

A woman’s body changes as the pregnancy progress and the change happen because the body adjusts to help the baby to develop.

Some common signs are well known by everyone.

Pregnancy is indicated by missed periods, nausea, mood swings, food cravings, vomiting amongst others.

Some physical changes in cases of pregnancy are an enlarged uterus and swollen breasts

With pregnancy also comes puffy feet, back pain, heartburn and acid reflux.

But a mother happily tolerates all of these to give birth to her bouncing baby boy or girl.

Other physical changes become evident as the pregnancy progresses.

The popped belly button starts from the second trimester.

The breast milk also starts to develop as the baby needs to ingest milk for nourishment after birth.

In this article, you will get to know about some changes that can happen to you if you want to become pregnant.

Popped Belly Button

Popped Belly Button

Many women ask their doctors, “When will my belly button come out during pregnancy?”

The answer is from the second trimester.

The belly button is connected to the umbilical cord which supplies your baby’s nutrition and carries away wastes to and from the placenta.

As the uterus expands, the belly button also pops out.

It is a harmless symptom and the belly button becomes normal with time.

Hair & Nails

This is a complicated subject.

Some women may have thicker hair as oestrogen levels rise during pregnancy.

Often many pregnant women experience excessive hair growth in their other parts of the body as well.

After giving birth, oestrogen levels gradually return to normal and often a lot of women experience hair loss.

Excessive hair loss is in fact quite normal and hair growth does return to normal as time passes.

As for nails, they can become coarser during pregnancy.

The nails also become brittle, soft and break more easily.

Gynaecologists say that this happens because of the blood supply to the fingers and toes increases due to a high level of estrogen.

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Skin change is also another common symptom.

Women get stretch marks in their abdomen because the baby grows larger and uterus also expands.

If the mother gains weight, she may get stretch marks on her breasts, thighs and other body parts.

This happens because the collagen or connective tissue of the skin breaks as it expands due to pressure.

Stretch marks may not disappear completely in many women.

Some women use coconut oil, cocoa butter or aloe vera – even silicone sheets or creams to reduce the visibility of stretch marks but in most cases, stretch marks caused by pregnancy will remain to some degree.

It will be better if you take it as the badge of your pregnancy.

Often women get the rosy complexion or pregnancy glow due to excessive blood circulation.

But many get pigments known as melasma or chloasma.

These are brown patches which may appear on the face and over the cheeks or eyes.

It happens if the melanin level in cells become imbalanced.

There are other things like sagged or heavy breasts, mucus discharge from the vagina, varicose veins or itchiness around the body.

All of this happens because hormonal levels change greatly during pregnancy.


The main thing to remember is that pregnancy is an incredible experience that will bring a new life into the world, and with it great joy.

Most if not all symptoms experienced by women during pregnancy eventually disappear after childbirth and thus, any changes in your body are temporary and short term.