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5 Advantages of Using Xamarin for App Development

When it comes to building apps then most businesses are not ready to compromise on the quality of their apps, since it is one of the strongest tools for targeting customers.

This is why most businesses use the most advanced and best frameworks so they can get engaging, unique, exceptional and world-class apps.

The current market is flooded with different frameworks as app development has become a necessity for most businesses.

But most businesses don’t go for solo app development since cross-platform app development has become the order of the day.

And when it comes to cross-platform app development then Xamarin is the first name that pops up in the mind of the developers and businesses.

Xamarin is the most popular and used cross-functional app development framework all over the world.

If you ask a developer about the best cross-platform framework in the market, then more than 60% of developers will recommend you use Xamarin.

So, let’s explore why Xamarin is so much more preferred amongst developers and what are the advantages of using this cross-functional platform.  

Shared App Logic

One of the most basic reasons to use Xamarin for app development is the way app logic is shared across multiple platforms.

Different types of application logic underlying the UI layer like web service call, input validation, backend enterprise integration, and many more are just coded once in C.

The developers working on the Xamarin app can share as much as 75% of the code across the different operating systems.

This reduces the chances of bugs in the application and wipes out the need for recoding.

API Integration

You should know that Xamarin binds the UI controls and APIs that are used to develop Mac, Android and iOS apps in their specific platform-based language.

For the development of Windows-based app, Xamarin along with Microsoft Visual Studio brings you Windows 8 application and Windows phone as well.

The code can be shared between Windows, Android, and iOS by using Portable Class Libraries and required application architecture.

The unique binding technology of Xamarin allows you to provide support for a new feature and this act as a unique advantage for your company.

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Native Applications

Native design is surely the most preferred solution for any type of app.

And this is where Xamarin acts as a unique app framework for your business.

You should know that Xamarin Studio enables code completion in C.

So, if you will be using Xamarin then you will be able to harness the advantage of native UI.

In addition to this, if a person or a business will be using Xamarin for app development then he will be able to get access to specific device features, and above all, native performance.

Code sharing becomes a pie if you are using Xamarin for app development and this is one of the main reasons why developers love it above all the available frameworks.

Component Store

All the people working behind Xamarin are very much serious about both sharing and collaboration.

This is the main reason why the Component Store of Xamarin has been introduced for users.

All the users of Xamarin can choose from a wide array of both paid and free components that includes cross-platform libraries, third party web services, UI controls and much more.

You should know that the Component Store comes baked right into the Xamarin framework.


If you are a developer then you must be aware about C language and if you are not then let me tell you that C is a simple, object-oriented, and general-purpose programming language.

If you are thinking that it is just a modernised version of C++ then you are completely wrong as it is much more than that.

The type safety of C# aids wipes out the type errors that can become the root cause of flawed program behaviour.

So, the use of C# language is another major advantage of Xamarin and it’s another reason for its popularity.

Surely, Xamarin is the most updated and advanced cross-platform framework for app development and if you are looking forward to cross-platform app development then you should definitely use it.

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