Cleaning Inside a Toilet Rim

5 Easy to Follow Toilet Cleaning Tips

Most homes are reasonably clean, but there is always the possibility of germs hanging around.

This is especially true about the toilets in our homes.

This tiny room needs to be cleaned as often as possible to keep the germs at bay. Here are a few tips and ideas on toilet cleaning.

Regular Flushing

In general, even though water conservation is important, you should try and flush the toilet as often as possible.

This will keep the toilet clean for longer even if you do not have any toilet bowl cleaner in the bowl or cistern.

It will also prevent a smelly toilet.

Make sure that you place a toilet bowl cleaner on the inside of the toilet bowl or in the cistern to assist with daily cleaning.

This will help with keeping the bowl clean for a lot longer between deep cleaning.

As you flush, it will clean and release a clean-smelling and fresh fragrance as well.

When you do flush, you should close the lid so that the germs do not spread around.

The lid should be kept closed for the same reason.

It is therefore important to ensure that you clean the lid thoroughly on the top and on the inside as well.

Frequency of Cleaning

Deep toilet cleaning should happen at least twice a week.

In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, there’s never been a greater need to ensure all surfaces are completely decontaminated.

So as well as your toilet, make sure to completely clean all hard surfaces, especially those that you come into contact with.

If you are unsure of what chemicals to use, then you may be best advised to hire a specialist coronavirus deep cleaning company to come in and sanitise your property.

If you have a busy life, once a week would be fine, as long as you have the toilet bowl cleaner inserted.

However, using a brush and chemicals should get rid of any stubborn dirt inside and outside the bowl.

Cleaning Products

Use Appropriate Chemicals

It is best to use chemicals that are specifically designed for deep cleaning and sanitising all surfaces.

You will discover that other chemicals may be too harsh and can scratch the ceramic bowl.

It could also react adversely to the germs, dirt, and smell in your toilet and you do want a toilet that smells fresh and clean.

As a first step, you should squirt the toilet bowl cleaning product under the rim (that is if your toilet does have a rim), and let it sit for a while.

This will loosen all the grime underneath.

That will make it easier to scrub out with a toilet brush.

Should this be a separate toilet, it is important to clean the window on the inside as well as on the outside.

Make this a part of your deep toilet cleaning routine.

This will ensure that there is no build-up of dirt and germs.

If the toilet is part of a bathroom, you should clean the bath and the basin first so that the germs are not transferred from the toilet to these items.

In this instance, the window or windows will need cleaning as well as the mirrors.

You should always do the toilet cleaning before you clean the floors.

The reason is that, while cleaning the toilet, the dirt and germs will inevitably land on the floor.

You, therefore, need to clean it at the end of the cleaning regime.

It is vital that you use clean brushes and cloths for this purpose.

You are already battling germs and you do not want to add to the ones already present by using dirty cleaning equipment.

Always Clean the Walls

Another aspect of deep cleaning, especially in a smaller space, is to clean the walls as well.

It is an easy task if the walls are tiled.

You should clean the walls before you do the floors as well.

You should use a tile cleaner for the floor preferably with the same fragrance as the other cleaning products.

This will enhance the fragrance and create a sweet-smelling space.

Any decor in the toilet should be thoroughly cleaned as well, especially during the deep clean process.

It is necessary to clean anything that you perceive that can collect germs.

Cleaning Bathroom Floor Tiles

Don’t Forget the Floors

The last step is to clean the floor.

The floors should be part of the daily cleaning routine.

For the deep cleaning regime, a good scrub is necessary as well because the grout would have picked up dirt and germs along the way.

Final Tips

Germs are a common occurrence in toilets, hence, when toilet cleaning, you need to wear clean rubber gloves at all times.

If possible, you should cover your feet as well. A quick spray of air freshener would complete the task.