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5 Ways Helping Others Will Improve Your Life

We’ve all heard of the phrase “Sharing is caring”.

We all know that it’s important to help others and share what you have with those around you.

The thing is, most people prefer taking rather than giving.

They’re on the constant search for more, whether that’s a higher-paying job, a bigger house, or a more expensive car.

While it’s true that we live in a material world, we can choose to focus our energy on non-materialistic things.

This can mean giving back to the community through volunteering or helping out a co-worker or a friend in need.

There are so many ways helping others can and will improve your life. Here are five of them.

Gives You A Sense Of Purpose

There is one question we’re all trying to find an answer to: What’s the meaning of life?

It’s a question that often gets overshadowed by other important things in life.

Our job, schedule, partner, friends, and family all take up a major portion of our days.

As a result, we’re left with little time to think about the reason why we’re here.

Helping others can be the potential answer to this universal question.

Researchers found that individuals who volunteer have a higher sense of purpose and direction in life.

This is because helping others is linked to higher levels of satisfaction – it’s empowering, fulfilling, and incredibly rewarding.

And it doesn’t only improve your life – it also makes the world a better place.

Makes You Feel Connected To Your Community

Another way helping others will improve your life is by making you feel more connected to your community.

The truth is, living in the digital era has made face-to-face interactions less frequent.

Humans, as social beings, crave communication and socialisation, and this is where doing community service can be of major help.

If you start reading up on community service articles, you’ll find that most of them highlight volunteering benefits that are centred around socialisation.

Face-to-face activities are the integral part of volunteering programs, and they’re effective in decreasing feelings of isolation and loneliness.

As such, volunteering fosters a sense of belonging, not to mention how it helps build your skills and your resume.

Creates New Relationships

Getting immersed into the local community and lending a helping hand is also great for developing new relationships.

You’re being introduced to new people, new opinions, and new ways of thinking which helps expand your social circle.

Some of these people may become your colleagues and some may even become your best friends.

Some will become mentors, and others will become your potential employers.

By networking and being socially active, you may run into some amazing business opportunities.

Other than your professional life, helping others can also benefit you in your private life.

It can teach you how to develop a helping mindset.

This could improve your current relationships, whether we’re talking about your partner, your friends, or your family.

Makes You Grateful

When you’re working with someone who’s struggling with their own challenges, it can really help put things into perspective.

We all feel like our struggles and problems are overwhelming and insurmountable when in fact, they pale in comparison with challenges of those less fortunate than ourselves.

This is something that you realise only after you spend time with others who are not doing well in life.

Helping others teaches you how to be grateful for what you have. It teaches you not to take things like your home, family, and health for granted.

As a result, you start to feel more optimistic about your own circumstances.

Instead of being sad about the things you don’t have, you start to feel thankful for the things you do have and try to make the most of them.

Boosts Your Self-Esteem

Last but not least, helping others simply feels good.

It brings out the best in you, enhances your well-being, and creates a sense of renewal.

This, in turn, gives a major boost to your self-confidence.

Studies have shown that individuals who are more confident in themselves have better chances of succeeding in life.

It’s the little wins that count, and over time, they start to build up, leading to better and bigger results.

In other words, the more regular you are at volunteering and helping others, the more successful and confident you’ll be.


Helping others can certainly make this world a much better place, but it can also make you a better person.

Lending a hand to those in need costs nothing, and it can be incredibly enriching and rewarding.

If you start giving back today, you can ensure happiness for a lifetime.