Planning Consultant With Clients

What is a Planning Consultant & What Do They Do?

Constructing new projects, doing repairs, or doing conversions is a thrilling endeavour that is both gratifying and difficult in equal measure.

When establishing a new project or modifying an existing one, there are some construction policies that you must follow to the letter, for example, acquiring planning permission.

Planning consultants are essential in any construction project.

Therefore, hiring one will simply make your work easier.

They work closely with other contractors such as architects to ensure the successful completion of the project.

According to real estate professionals, there are numerous reliable planning consultants who will not only eliminate the hassle involved in planning but will ensure that you get structures that meet standards and avoid future challenges.

Below is everything you need to know about planning consultants from who they are to their roles.

What is a Planning Consultant?

Planning consultants are qualified property development and management experts whose main focus is obtaining planning clearance.

Although a planning consultant’s responsibilities vary, they typically advise, plan, and consult in the areas of planning applications, planning appeals, planning enforcement, planning objections, housing economics, and public policy.

Experienced experts in these areas understand all of the planning challenges that would hinder the progress of the project.

They work closely with local authorities to get your project all of the correct permits on time and ensure continuity of the project.

One thing is for sure: you need a planning consultant all through the construction project because planning is needed in all stages.

The good thing is that they offer consultancy services, which makes them more affordable.

Help with Planning Permission

Planning permission is required in most construction projects and acquiring them can be challenging for most people.

The process often requires an investment of time and knowledge in the impacts of the project to the environment, economy, and society.

Even though you might be the owner or manager of the project, you are not in a position to understand many technical aspects of planning permission.

Turning to a planning consultant at this point is wise since they have proper knowledge of the local authority planning policies, and can get the process started immediately when the project is on the first stage.

Their useful advice will help your project run smoothly, without having to be questioned by the local authorities.

Even before making applications, they assess all the areas of interest and ensure that they meet the minimum standards checked by the authorities.

In case of any revisions, before the planning permission is issued, they will take a lead role to fulfill them.

They Provide Guidance

It is always best to hire a planning consultant at the beginning of the project.

They will guide you on the best decisions and paths to follow.

Once they are fully aware of your goals, they can come up with a plan on how the resources will be allocated throughout the process to achieve project parameters.

One cannot afford to ignore planning guidance since it goes a long way simplifying the execution of the project.

Most importantly, the project will stay out of trouble.

They Act as Trainers

As a new project owner, there are some aspects of construction that you might fail to understand, for example how to get planning permission and applications.

It is the role of the project consultant to train you on how the entire process is done, how to communicate with the local authorities, and so on.

This opens your mind and makes you wiser, especially when you start another project in the future.

The planning consultant might also train the managers and other contractors on important considerations when executing their part of the project.

With their expertise onboard, your project has an edge at all times.

Analyse Strengths & Weaknesses of a Project

Project consultants examine current work for strengths and weaknesses based on their understanding and the client’s ultimate goals.

Each client’s level of growth is different.

Sometimes their job entails making minor changes to an existing plan, and other times it entails establishing a whole new one.

At the end of the day, their goal is to improve on the strengths and areas that need changes to reduce the weaknesses.

Attend Meetings & Brief the Client

A planning consultant has an obligation to attend meetings with other contractors to ensure harmony of work.

Their input is crucial in all stages of construction.

They primarily work with the architect, who is the master planner.

In fact, most architectural companies offer planning consultancy services since they are fit to be one.

Besides, a planning consultant should have meetings with the client and brief on the progress of the project, anticipated challenges and offer solutions as well.


Running a construction project by yourself can sometimes be overwhelming.

That’s why you should consider hiring project consultants who in turn will help you with planning permissions and the successful completion of your project.