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5 Ways to Get the Best Out of Physiotherapy

A physiotherapy session can be a very daunting prospect for many people as they can be afraid of the techniques used or even be scared of being in even more pain than they may already be in.

But by approaching your physiotherapy session with an open mind can help you truly get the most out of your session.

Here are 5 facts on how approaching physiotherapy with an open mind can truly be beneficial

Remember: Also wear the appropriate clothing as it is exercise!

Always Ask Questions

What a physiotherapist may tell you about your physiotherapy technique and how to use it may not always be 100% the correct way.

So always ask a question and don’t just follow what your physiotherapist has told you to do.

Question how it is beneficial, what the exercise achieves and if there are any other exercises you can do along side your treatment.

This helps you have a sense of control and also lets you know what your body is about to go through.

And don’t forget to listen to you body!

If it’s too uncomfortable let your physiotherapist know!

Know What To Expect & Achieve

Before undergoing your physiotherapy treatment always go knowing what you want or need to achieve from the session.

Let your physiotherapist know what you want to achieve as well.

If you talk with your physiotherapist and let them know what you want to achieve this will help your physiotherapist tailor your sessions specifically for your needs and requirements.

Communication is Key

If during your physio session you feel uncomfortable or in any pain let your physiotherapist know as well as telling your doctor straight away or as soon as you can.

By letting your physio know that you are feeling pain during the session will allow them to modify or change your exercise routine.

So, communicating with your therapist about the type of activities you are finding it difficult to do can help him in tailoring your needs to the fullest

It’s Not An Instant Fix!

You are not going to be cured of your ailments after one session, physiotherapy is not about one session then you’re done, and all is well.

Persevere with it as you will feel the benefits in the long- term and it can only be beneficial.

Take note of how long the recovery process will take and how it will work in conjunction with your physio to get the most out of it.

Set achievable long-term goals and do not simply go for an instant fix.

Eat Well & Keep Hydrated

We don’t have to tell you to do this, but you won’t believe how many people forget!

Drinking plenty of water is essential as is diet and of course exercise to let your body heal from any injury.

Remember to drink water before, during and of course after your session but avoid caffeine and soft drinks!

Your body also requires a healthier diet.

Your body just does not recover from exercise it also requires a healthy and balanced diet.

If you are suffering from a long-term injury it is imperative that you are eating the right foods to enable it to recover.

Make sure you are eating a diet of 60% carbohydrates, 30% proteins and 10% fats as this will help your body to heal quicker!

Lastly always remember to stay positive as not all injuries are quick to heal.

Keep a healthy mindset and have positive thoughts and let your physiotherapist do their work and make the treatment you are receiving work for you.

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