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3 Beaches You Must Visit In Jávea

Jávea is blessed with many beautiful beaches and coves.

Below we have selected 3 must visit beaches be it if you are new to the area or here on holiday.

Playa La Grava

Playa La Grava literally translates as gravel beach in Spanish but don’t let that put you off from visiting this beautiful blue flag beach.

Situated close to the Jávea marina within the fishing area of Duanes de la Mer it sits in a ideal spot to be able to access the local amenities.

Be warned it can get bust as this beach is very popular with the locals as well as tourists alike.

This beach is easy to access and is ideal for families.

With its crystal blue clear water it’s great for swimming and idyllic for those who just prefer a walk along the beach or amongst the palm trees that line the promenade.

Summer sees the area come to life with local market stalls and a children’s water playground.

Seen to be one of the best beaches on the Costa Blanca it is well worth a visit and for a swim too!

Playa del Benissero / Primer Muntanyar

If there is one beach in Jávea that is just perfect for water sports then Playa del Benissero / Primer Muntanyar is the beach for you!

Being an open beach, it’s picks up an almost perfect wind that makes wind surfing and kite surfing conditions all but perfect.

Being only a short distance from the harbour you will be able to hire all sorts of water sports equipment from paddle boards to kayaks to jet skis and surfing boards.

With bars and restaurants close by this makes Playa del Benissero / Primer Muntanyar a perfect spot for those who love water sports and those who just like to sit back and relax.

You can also hire beach chairs and umbrellas to chill on the beach or just take a stroll along the wooden walkways along the beach.

A little bit of history for you about the beach ‘Benissero’ is names after a gentleman who lived in the surrounding area of Benissa.

You can see what was once his home which is now a bar or as they say in Spanish ‘chiringuito’ called La Siesta.

One of the many traditions of the area is for families to sit at a picnic tables around a fire and eat dinner every Sunday evening.

It is still a tradition today.

The El Primer Muntanyar section of the beach is one of the longest beaches in Jávea.

An excellent spot for a bit of a scuba diving, a snorkel or just a swim in part due to the beautiful clear blue water.

The beach even has steps dotted along the coastline for easier access to the water which is a lovely touch.

Surrounded by areas of natural beauty and relaxing bars to take a moment out of the sun makes this part of the beaches an ideal spot to while away those summer days!

Playa del Arenal

The most famous beach in the whole of Jávea with it’s beautiful sand and crystal clear blue flag waters.

The name translated from Spanish means ‘sandy ground’.

It is the biggest beach in Jávea.

Sitting perfectly along the bay and very easy to find with amazing disability access, perfect for families and for children.

You will see everything from people playing volleyball, beach football or just laying around and enjoying the sun.

Being situated close to the promenade you can easily take a break from the sun and wonder along the market and stalls or simply have a drink in the many cafes and bars or a bite to eat in the many quality restaurants.

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