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7 Wonderful Places for Backpacking in Australia

Do you want to go for backpacking Australia?

This amazing country offers a lot of attractions, and mountain peaks to be reached are among them.

Feel free to check our list of 7 wonderful places to hike and be ready for a journey!

Australia is an amazing and distant country that attracts tourists from all over the world.

This is not surprising since it is rich in architectural monuments, beautiful landscapes, unique animals and plants that can only live on this territory.

In addition, Australia is a real test for mountain explorers.

Therefore, let’s leave aside standard popular tourist routes and travel packages to Australia for a while, and look at the list of mountain peaks for backpacking that should fill up your personal list of conquered heights.

Australian Mountains

Mount Warning

Mount Warning Mountain rises in the central part of Byron Bay in Australia.

Relic wet evergreen forests of Australia have survived to this day since the Jurassic period around this ancient extinct and already almost destroyed volcano, also known as Wollumbin.

This is one of the most amazing places for backpacking in Australia that have survived from those distant times when Australia and Tasmania were one with Antarctica.

In these forests, along with typical tropical plants, there are such amazing trees as the Antarctic beech that have remained in Australia since the days of dinosaurs.

From the point of view of weather conditions for backpacking in Australia, the ascent to the summit should be planned from March to November.

Backpacking to the top requires more physical than technical training.

For successful backpacking in Australia, most likely, neither special gear equipment nor complicated insurance will be required, ascent can be made in any weather and in almost any season.

You do not need to organize intermediate camps, as well as complex backpacking logistics.

This is one of the best places for backpacking Australia.

Mount Gower

Mount Gower is one of the most amazing sights of Lord Howe Island for backpacking, one of the oldest volcanic islands in Australia and in the Pacific (about 20 million years old).

Also, this mountain is known as Big Hill and has a height of 875 meters, which makes it the highest on the island.

A rather difficult 8.5-hour backpacking route leads to the top.

No special backpacking in Australia skills are required, so this makes this mountain on the most comfortable places to go on backpacking and Australian vacation spots.

Burning Mountain

The burning mountain is located in New South Wales, near the small village of Wingen in Australia. The height of the mountain is only 653 meters. But it is known for the processes that take place inside it. Under the surface of the mountain is a smoldering layer of coal. A hundred years ago, the Burning Mountain was considered the only volcano in the entire continent of Australia.

The researchers found that the coal seam beneath the mountain ignited without human intervention. Scientists estimate that about 100 square meters of the surface of this mountain are currently burning. And every year this area increases by about one square meter. It is believed that the burning mountain in Australia has been smoldering for at least 5.5 thousand years. This backpacking route is dangerous so make sure to check Australian mountains map before going to climb.

Mount Barney

The highest point of the McPherson Range in Australia, Mount Barney, reaches a height of 1372 meters.

It is located in the southeastern part of Queensland.

She is the fifth tallest in Queensland.

This is a popular tourist spot for hiking in the rainforest.

The mountain comprises two main peaks (East Peak and slightly higher West Peak), as well as a number of smaller auxiliary peaks.

Its East Peak is the most famous for backpacking, and this can be one of the best hikes in Australia.

The mountain has a special honor in the culture of the local Australian Aborigines.

Rugged Mountain Range

Walsh Pyramid

This outlandish mountain is located in Queensland, within the boundaries of the Wurunuran national park in Australia.

Its shape resembles an almost perfect pyramid.

The height of the Walsh Pyramid is 922 meters.

To climb to the top of the “pyramid”, you will need about five hours.

Every year, in August, there is a lush agricultural fair, where you can buy products from the best Australian farms so this is one of the most attractive holiday destinations Australia.

St Mary Peak

Two paths lead to the summit.

The first one is short – a 7-kilometer track that runs along the outer side of the Wilpena Pound (14 km, approximately 3.5 hours one way) and a long track – the inner path that goes through the middle of the Wilpena Pound (21.2 km, about 4.5 hours one way).

These backpacking routes are considered quite complex and require serious experience.

Make sure to learn Australia hiking tips before starting your journey.

St. Mary’s Peak plays a special role in the culture of the local Aboriginal people, so it will not be shameful if you refuse to climb this peak.

According to legend, this peak is the head of the ancient serpent Akurra, whose body turned to stone and formed the northeast wall of Wilpena Pound in Australia.

The Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains National Park in Australia is one of the most scenics, and therefore unforgettable places for backpacking in the world.

There is an opportunity to descend into the wonderful Jenolan Caves.

These are the most famous limestone grottoes on the Australian continent.

Activities in the Blue Mountains also include mountain biking, Blue Mountains Australia hiking, short and long trekking tours, as well as jeep and horseback riding.

You can ride over the cliffs in the cable car cabin or on the world’s steepest railway, and see Australia’s highest waterfall.

Ready to go backpacking?

Feel free to tell about more challenging places and your personal tips on how to achieve the top!

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