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Complete Beginners Guide: 12 Steps to Starting a New Blog

Blogging is just not a way of information or idea sharing; it has also become a way of earning big bucks. So, everybody wants to try everybody’s luck in the blogging field.

However, it is not that much easy as it seems like; a lot of research, planning, and passion are required for it. Usually, successful blogs go through a gradual process; it means that no blogger can get breakthrough success overnight.

Therefore, you need to follow a few principles that would open a way to your successful blogging. Some of the principles are described below:

1. Know Your Audience

Blog posts are written for the audience.

If there is no audience to read, publishing posts on the blog is entirely useless.

So, know your audience and, what they want from you

It will give you a great idea about writing topics.

You can read views, comments and tweets on blogs.

It will help you understand what people like the most to read about.

2. Share Your Knowledge

Blogging doesn’t mean that writes everything and be professional.

Blogs are meant for sharing your knowledge and ideas with the people.

Select a specific topic that you like the most, and you have attractive ideas about it.

Instead of imitating others; be yourself and do not hold back your excellent stuff, share it to grow more.

3. Focus on Quality Content

Quality content sharing is a must for successful blogging.

Quality content includes informative posts that should be published for viewers, not for Search engines.

Moreover, content should be unique, valuable, and users engaging.

Quality content should not have tricks to uplift search engine rankings, it is just for information purpose with image, statistics, or any report a writer can edit in content that would give broad idea to readers.

4. Stay Secured

With the rapid rise of cybercrimes, Google announced that HTTPs is a must for every website or blog to rank better on the search engine.

On the other side; viewers also consider their information security on top priority and, give more importance to secured blogs.

So, install an SSL Certificate on your blog to secure your blog from cyber threats and, to enhance your audience’s trust on your blog.

Many authorities like AlphaSSL, RapidSSL, Comodo, which provide SSL certificates, among them Rapid SSL Certificate will be a better choice for your blogging website.

5. Promote Your Blog

Do not forget to promote your blogs on popular social media website such as; Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or Instagram.

It will boost your blog traffic and, your blog will rank well on the search engine as well.

6. Be Consistent

Irregular blogging disappoints the regular viewers who wait eagerly for the new posts.

As a result; they can stop reading your content.

Therefore, be consistent with staying connected with your audience.

The topic should be unique and not to copy from other reference websites.

Different topics can attract regular visitors of your blog.

If you do not post regular, readers may lose interest in your blog and move away.

7. Make an Email List from The First Day

Whether you planned or not, you should make an email list from the first day of blogging.

Just don’t rely on blog communities; an email list is your community and, it is your audiences who wait for new publish.

It will also help you to promote your new stuff with your audience and, also builds trust for your blog.

8. Write Catchy Headlines

Headline puts a significant impact on the viewer’s mind.

Usually, readers read the headline, and then they move to the further mentioned stuff.

If headlines are monotonous, nobody will read also referred to information.

So, the headlines of your post should be fascinating that force your viewers to read the post.

9. Do Be a Monotonous Writer

Some writers believe that content around 1000-word length is suitable for ranking on the search engine.

But it is a wrong idea.

Readers feel bored in reading full content; so, write a short content and keep it in the 1–2 minutes read-time length.

Always post informative and valuable content for readers so that they are interested in reading it.

10. Stay Active for Making Replies

This is the most important thing to consider while creating a blog. Allow a comment section on each post.

Moreover, most importantly reply on readers’ comments.

In this way, readers feel you are concerned with their feelings and respect them. It helps to build trust in your blog.

11. Focus on Call-To-Action

As the internet is overloaded with the information, hundreds of websites show the same content.

So, there is cut-throat competition over the internet.

Nobody has much time to remember your blog; they just read the content and leave the site.

Therefore, Use Call-To-Action buttons that ask the audience to sign up and for their emails so that you can notify them whenever a new post will be published.

12. Give Stuff Away

As the giveaway gifts are distributed by the vendors to get some potential customers, you should provide giveaway content for your readers too.

It will make them your loyal fans, and they always will try to stay connected to your blog.


Creating a blog does not mean that you put the content and attractive images to publish, a lot of work hard, patience and dedication will be necessary for a money-making blog.

Thus, you can follow the guidelines mentioned above that can make it possible to reach quite near to your goal.