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Easy Ways to Soundproof a Home Cinema

Finding a suitable solution to soundproofing a home cinema is essential to keep excess sound from disturbing your neighbours and other parts of your home.

The most effective and reliable solution to soundproofing is invariably expensive.

However, with new soundproofing technologies all the sound produced by the A/V system will be contained inside the dedicated movie room without it making its way outside through the windows, doors, floors, ceilings and walls.

To ensure you can enjoy the maximum effect of the movie sound quality without disturbing the neighbours will require suitable acoustic dampening materials from a reputable soundproofing supplier.

However, soundproofing technology requires lots of space in the cinema room where it will be installed, depending on the proofing method used.

Most people prefer to build a soundproof room contained within an existing room, although other sound restricting methods do work when there’s a need to stick to a tight budget.

Here is the list of facts to consider before creating a soundproof room:

  • The new home cinema door needs to be heavy duty to resist sound from vibrating though the panels going outside. In this situation, a double-door system is better than a single-door.
  • The home cinema room has to be airtight, which will require an artificial ventilation system.
  • Windows and doorframes need to be removed entirely or filled with triple or double glazing materials.

Ways to Soundproof a Home Theatre

  • Using acoustic materials as a soundproofing option to remove the sound from going through the walls properly.
  • Using soundproof panels on the walls or floor of the room will keep the movie sound inside the room.
  • It is choosing the right sound equipment that produces a quality sound that can be restricted to soundproofing materials.

Best Soundproofing Methods for a Home Cinema

Maxiboard Soundproofing

Acoustic Maxiboard

The Maxiboard soundproofing method will keep the movie sound locked inside the home cinema without disturbing the neighbours.

All that is required for this process is hiring an expert to line the Maxiboard around the appropriate walls.

This process does not occupy as much space as other soundproofing methods.

To restrict sound from leaving the room, the Maxiboard is aligned on the wall creating a box look that covers all areas.

The Maxiboard can also be customised to a preferred design to keep the home décor in keeping.

Even removed wall fixtures like hanging wall pictures before the installation can be fixed back in place after the process.

Analysis of the process shows that the maximum space lost after installation of Maxiboard is around just 6-7cm.

It is the main reason why Maxiboard is one of the best options to controlling sound from spilling out of your home cinema.

Sound Absorbing Acoustic Panels

Sound Absorbing Acoustic Panels

Absorbent acoustic panels is another feasible solution to getting the required sound quality in a home cinema.

These panels are very slim, and are quick and easy to install in any home cinema.

The panels are designed to absorb the noise in the room and prevent it from bouncing around the room, without affecting sound quality.

Even though the acoustic panel absorbs the sound coming out of the home cinema, there is a possibility that it might not restrict the noise from going outside completely.

The acoustic panels come with different varieties of colours and designs, which can match the décor of any home cinema.

Isomax Clip System

Isomax Clip System Illustration

When looking for a high-quality soundproofing system, the Isomax clip system ise the best option to keeping sound from disturbing your neighbours.

This impressive soundproofing system can restrict noise from the home cinema up to 65dB.

Additionally, the Isomax clip system can be combined with other soundproofing material to achieve the very best possible home theatre experience.

The system is very advanced and can restrict sound from all areas of the home cinema from walls, floors, and ceilings.

The Isomax clip system is very is to install and does not occupy a lot of space in the room in question.

All that is required is a little space where the moulded rubber and the galvanised steel will be mounted.

The installation process of the system is however quite complex and requires the service of an expert engineer to get it up to standard.

The Isomax clip system can last for an extended period without breakage or the need of renovation like other soundproofing methods.


All of the soundproofing methods listed above work very well in keeping movie noise right inside the home cinema without disturbing neighbours and others living nearby.

The process that will suit each home cinema depends on the room size and sound equipment that is installed.

If one method is not enough to get the perfect soundproofing result, the best option may come from combining more than one soundproof method to keep out the noise from leaving the room.