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How to Buy a Company Car Like a Pro

Buying a new business car is a big deal, as the car you choose is likely to stay with your company for at least a few years. So, you want to pick a car that can suit your business-related needs, regardless of whether you’d be using it every day or only once a month. So, to help you make the right choice, here are a few questions you should have an answer to before making the final decision.

How big of a car do you need?

Even though aesthetics matter, when it comes to choosing a business car, you should think about function first. For example, if you’d be using your car for deliveries of any kind of items, you should probably opt for one with more storage space. On the other hand, if it would be used mostly for carpooling and personal traveling, a smaller car would work just fine. So, consider how your business car will be used on a daily basis, and choose the size in regard to the main function.

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Do you need any extras?

When choosing the best car for your business, think about which optional extras you might need, if any. For instance, if you’d be traveling a lot with the car, a good GPS could come in handy. On the other hand, if you’d be using it only in your city – where you can easily find your way around – then the GPS would only be an energy-draining and room-taking tool. Also, if your car would be used for carpooling or simply driving around clients, passenger airbags should be a must. Moreover, there are some aesthetic extras that can be useful as well. For example, a nice metallic paint job or alloy wheels could make your brand look more sophisticated and, thus, trustworthy to potential clients.

What’s your budget?

Buying a car is not where your financial obligations end. You still have to maintain it, refill the gas tank, clean it, change the tires occasionally, etc. With all that in mind, the car you want may not be the car you can afford, and getting yourself into debt is the last thing any business needs, especially if this is your first business car and you’re still growing. Therefore, be realistic about your needs and financial abilities, and you’re less likely to notice a significant dent in your business wallet.

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What kind of car insurance do you need?

It goes without saying that your car should be insured, you just need to choose the best insurance. There are usually three types of business car insurances: business-related use by only you, business-related use that includes all drivers, and commercial traveling policies. So, make sure to do your research on each of them, and choose the one that fits your needs the most. Moreover, you also want to choose an insurance company that actually cares about its clients and doesn’t treat them like just another name in a book. This way, you’re much less likely to have any insurance problems in the future.

What kind of car does your competition have?

If you work in a business field where the car is actually a part of your business, you might want to look at the cars of your competitors. True, you don’t want to overspend on a luxurious limo that would cost more to maintain than it does to buy. However, you also don’t want to look inferior when compared to other companies offering similar services. So, do your homework before choosing your new business car.

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What do you want it to look like?

Speaking of aesthetics, it can be said that functionality matters more – but aesthetics do, still, matter. After all, your car will represent your company, and it will be seen while you’re driving it around the city. This is why it can be said that it serves as a mobile advertisement, so you should treat it as such. In other words, you want your car to be noticed, whether due to its pleasing colors, shape, or some other detail. Even if you choose a car that is a tiny bit “unusual”, you’re bound to stand out from the crowd.

Just like choosing your personal car is a big decision that depends on everything from your budget to your needs, picking the right business car does depend on a few factors. So, take your time, answer all the listed questions, and you’ll be one step closer to buying a car that you will enjoy using for years to come.