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Top 5 Places to Live in Hertfordshire

In the southernmost part of England, Hertfordshire is a prominent locality with a cluster of conventional villages and towns.

It is one of the principal home counties in England.

Herts is a fascinating blend of agricultural lands alongside rural households and a thoroughly developed neighbourhood with modern architecture.

The intermediate transport links like railway networks and motorways are conveniently connected with London and other parts of England.

People looking for homes with prices on the higher-end can easily find properties with magnificent features with the help of estate agents in St Albans, Stevenage, Watford and other areas of Herts.

Living in Hertfordshire

With the booming socio-economic factors, Hertfordshire is one of the most desirable regions to live in southern England.

This county comprises people earning a high income.

Hertfordshire residents can have an enjoyable tour with several leisure places like Whipsnade Tree Cathedral, Willows Farm, Ashridge Estate and more.

Weekend getaways at villages with breath-taking views of the wild greenery are also quite popular at Herts.

Living in Hertfordshire gives plenty of perks to its residents like high employment opportunities, a mixture of households, from medieval architecture and stunning farmhouses to modern flats across the region and more.

Herts county is well known for the widespread greenery that makes it an appealing neighbourhood for the inhabitants.

St. Albans

Famous as a cathedral city and a Roman settlement, St Albans, located in Herts, is one of the oldest formed boroughs in England.

St Albans comes under the significant commuter belt enabling the residents to commute within and outside Hertfordshire with ease.

This borough is 20 minutes away from Kings Cross, the prominent commuting spot for Londoners and other nearby towns.

The nightlife at St Albans is as vibrant as the day time.

The number of old and new independent shops, bustling markets, pubs, restaurants and bars keeps the people occupied at any time of the day.

Families with children mostly prefer living at St Albans for the number of both private and public schools present in the locality.

While, weekend getaways are fun as there are plenty of places to explore within and outside St Albans like Bricket Wood, Heartwood Forest, shopping centres and more!


Harpenden is known for its abundance of foliage across the locality and bound with beautiful cress-beds and water springs flowing along the town.

It is located in St Albans with a limited population.

Renters or property buyers can easily find many options for households in this town.

Like St Albans, Harpenden is also a commuter town with a direct rail network link through significant parts of London and makes it easy for people to travel to different places.

The magical Roman touch in Harpenden adds a distinct touch to this locality.

Families planning to move into Harpenden have many schools from primary, all-girls, co-ed to all-boys schools from which the parents can pick.

The residents can spend time at cafes and coffee shops that are spread along the pavements of Harpenden amidst the conservative neighbourhood.

Restaurants and local eateries with a wide range of cuisines are famous among the locals.

The Collinson Hall estate agents in St Albans will be able to find you the perfect property in the neighbourhood.


A perfect mix of the cultural and social crowd can easily be found in Hitchin, Herts.

This market town is thirty minutes away from London and surrounded by other boroughs.

Due to its prominent location, the property demands are always high in this part of Hertfordshire at a reasonable price.

With easy access to schooling, independent shops, markets, and restaurants, Hitchin is ideal for people of all age groups to reside here.

Bishops Stortford

The perfect rural locality outside the bustling region of London is Bishops Stortford lying on the banks of River Stort.

This town is sandwiched between London and Cambridge, making it easy for people to commute to and from the city.

Walking down the North Street of Bishops Stortford will give people many varieties of cuisines from eateries out there.

Cocktail bars and breweries provide an extra punch to this locality to provide a break to the routine life of the residents.

The number of independent shops and markets lined up in the town reflects a unique and heritage filled vibe that attracts the line of people living in Bishops Stortford.

Leisure spaces like Rhodes Art Complex, Cammas Hall Farm, Southern Country Park are some of the primary hotspots for people.

Bishops Stortford is a family-friendly town with high standard schools providing quality education.


Watford is a well-known urban development located in the western part of Hertfordshire county.

Watford has got its tube station and rail network making it an ideal place of commutation for the working-class people.

Properties from chic townhouses, villas, contemporary flats with great specs are available easily at an affordable price.

There is nothing short of entertainment for Watford’s residents with several hotspots for the adults and children like the Cassiobury Park, Watford Colosseum, Warner Bros. Studio Tour.

People living in this town are fond of the cakes, sweets and freshly baked loaves of bread coming straight out of the traditional bakeries and restaurants of Watford.