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8 Most Common Types of Carpet on the Market

You can think of a carpet like a photo frame.

It goes that final finishing touch to the home decor in the absence of which; the house may feel like it’s lacking something major.

But, before you look for a carpet store near me, it pays to take a look at some of the popular styles and forms of carpets you’ll find in the market.

The aim of this post is to help you pick the right carpet for your house and make an informed decision.

1. Cut-Loop Carpet

As evidence, this genre of carpets uses yarn that has been cut and looped.

While out and about, you would want to look for myriad surface textures; the most common ones being sculpted square effects, swirls, and chevrons.

The multi colors come in handy in concealing stains and soil marks.

2. Polyester Carpet

Polyester is most loved for its soft texture; especially as a luxe pile of thick plush carpets.

In terms of styling attributes, it’s on the same ground as nylon you can go for a regular loop or a cut loop.

The colours stand out well in a polyester carpet.

However, on the downside – it’s not too resilient.

It is, however, easy to maintain and resists soil very well.

Polyester is ideal for bedrooms and playrooms.

3. Loop Pile Carpet

Loop pile carpets come in 2 types – multilevel and level loops.

The tips of the carpet years are unexposed which makes them ideal for places that bear a lot of traffic.

For example, family rooms and hallways.

Let’s take a look at them:

Multi-Level Loop Pile

This style carries multilevel heights for a striking pattern which gives it a dimensional look.

These carpets are also highly durable.

Level Loop

In this pile, the loops are at a similar height; giving it a uniform appearance.

It’s ideal for high-traffic areas and is also durable.

4. Shag Carpet

The plush look of a shag carpet is ideal for homeowners who are looking for comfort above everything else.

Shag carpets are deep-cut piles that can be tough to maintain.

They are good for low-traffic areas in the room.

5. Plush Pile

The winning highlight of a plush pile carpet is just how comfortable and soft they feel underfoot.

It uses short fibres to create a velvety texture.

These carpets are easy to clean making them ideal for living room and bedroom space.

Go for it if you’re looking for something stylish and comfortable.

But, the carpet may retain watermarks and deteriorate over time.

6. Berber

In a Berber carpet, the fibre is bent and woven into multiple loops.

That gives it a lot of strength and durability.

Berber carpets are highly stain-resistant but don’t have much cushioning to offer.

Berber carpets often come in smooth tones.

Go for these if you’re looking for something both durable and stylish.

7. Frieze

This type of carpeting makes use of short fibres culled in several directions.

It gives the carpet a tough look which is well capable of hiding footprints.

However, frieze is not necessarily ideal for heavy foot traffic areas.

Too much foot traffic could make the carpet give way.

Frieze is good for creating informal, homey looks which exude luxury and plushness.

But be careful.

Do not handle messy items around this carpet.

The wine spills could take forever to come out.

8. Pattern

A patterned carpet uses a mix of looped and cut-yarn spots.

A lot of prior planning goes into deciding which areas will sport looped yarn and which ones will have cut spots.

This gives the carpet a nice heterogeneous pattern.

That’s because, in a true sense, it’s not the colors or dyes that make the pattern prominent; rather than its construction.

You can find them in a blend of synthetic and natural carpet fibre.

You can also go for colored yarns woven in contrasting patterns.

Different Types of Carpet Fibre

Below are the commonest carpet fibre materials you’re going to find in the market.

Be sure to study each one and their characteristic before buying one:


This happens to be the most popular choice.

It’s durable and lasts a long time.

But, it doesn’t fight stains well; though some varieties do treat stains well.


Is very resistant to mould, moisture, and mildew.

It’s good for the outdoors and basement.

It’s a lot tougher than nylon but not too comfortable.


A single natural fibre that goes into the carpeting.

Being highly stain-resistant and durable; wool is thought to be the most eco-friendly option.


The most inexpensive of all alternatives.

It’s not easily available though

Picking the Best Carpet For Your Home

First off, you need to think about your home’s personality.

Accordingly, pick a carpet style that would either component that personality or add striking contrast.

A playroom or an office would best use carpet tiles.

On the other hand, a luxe Saxony carpet is ideal for a guest room where you’ll be entertaining a lot of people.

The biggest problem is knowing about different carpet types.

Most people cannot tell a synthetic fibre from a natural fibre.

They don’t know plus from shag carpeting.

Think about the amount of traffic in the house, whether or not you can devote time for maintenance and if durability is a big concern.

Also, think about your personal style and special finishes.

If you have a thing for certain patterns, shades, or hues; go accordingly