Storage Units

What is a Self Storage Facility & Why Do You Need It?

Self Storage or Self-Service Storage is a business industry that facilitates renting storage spaces for personal and business purposes.

These storage spaces include outdoor space, rooms, lockers, or containers depending upon the type of goods to be stored.

The storage space is termed storage units.

It can be stored on both short term and long-term basis depending upon the tenant’s need.

The storage facility provider often rents it on the month to month basis.

With the increase in population, the issue of storage has risen.

The economic expansion of business has led people to spend more and more.

With the ever-shrinking world as the world has transformed into a global village, people travel.

Students travel to countries up-building their careers, and they cannot afford to have their own homes where they visit.

Businesses struggle to maintain inventory backup for their day-to-day business.

In situations like these, the self storage concept becomes the handiest and cheapest solution.

The idea of ‘self-storage’ first emerged from the US and now it has been adopted in other countries including the UK.

You must have searched for storage units near me several times.

This is the cheapest alternative that will assure you of secure self-storage.

They provide the most suitable and reliable access to your storage.

Why You Need Self-Storage

Individuals and businesses equally need self-storage.

They engage in search of the best self-storage that fulfills their needs. These needs could be numerous.

  • Seasonal storage: You are often worried about your clothes when the season ends. If you wish to store your offseason items self-storage will be an excellent way that will save your space.
  • Renovation: People choose self-storage when they opt for renovating their homes or offices. You would not want your possessions to worsen while you are busy remodeling your place. This is where self-storage comes in handy.
  • Students: London is the home to the largest population of students in the UK. If you are one of the students who have come to London for your college degree; you will have a huge load of belongings that you would not wish to store in your dorm while you visit back home. There are several self-storage stores near London specifically Brighton. You can search for self-storage near me and look for the cheapest and most convenient option.
  • MoveLondon has young professionals moving once every six months on average. The idea of self-storage can ease the process. You can easily secure your furniture and appliances until you move completely.
  • BusinessThe growing business demands space. With rising prices of rent; self-storage has become a cheaper option.

Renting Self-Storage Near You

The self-storage mechanism is quite simple.

Most of the storage facilities are rented on a short-term basis but they also have the options of the long term.

The self-storage facility insures your belongings and incorporates the charges in the rent amount.

Few of the self-storage facilities may not have the insurance covered and you will need to purchase the insurance separately.

The employees of the self-storage facility do not have the authority to access your self-storage.

Only you will have complete control of your possessions.

You will have the lock and key.

This assures safe and secure storage of your belongings.

The STORED self-storage facility provider presents a convenient way to rent self-storage.

You will only be responsible for booking their service.

The rest is handled by the service provider.

They will collect your stuff, store it, and return it to your door-step whenever you ask for it.

Self Storage Unit Sizes

As a tenant, you will have to be aware of the storage units you wish to store before you search for self-storage near you.

You certainly do not want to pay more for a storage space near you nor do you want your items to be crowded in a small space.

This is the reason you should be educated about self-storage units.


You opt for an indoor storage unit when you do not want your belongings to get affected by external elements.

These are houses or stories in buildings. This storage unit is a safer option.


You opt for outdoor storage units when you want to ease access in loading and unloading your possessions.

This storage unit is present in a garage or rooms that are connected to the driveway.

Climate Controlled

You choose the climate control storage when your items to be stored are temperature sensitive.

These are typically indoors.

The items may include electronics, clothing, instruments that may get affected by humidity.


You go for a vehicle storage unit when you have a car, a bike, or any vehicle to be stored.

It may be both indoor and outdoor.

The storage may be open or enclosed in a space whatever you wish to choose from.

Benefits of Self-Storage Solutions

Self-storage facilities provides an edge as it is a safer and cheaper option when compared to other self-storage facility provider in London.

  • Cheap storageunitsif you reside in London
  • Easy access to your storage 24 hours and 7 days a week.
  • A secure and reliable option
  • Good customer service
  • Suitable for both personal and commercial purposes.


The self-storage unit prices depend upon the sizes and the length of time you use the service.

The self storage industry is growing with the growing demand.

To avoid the hassles of trouble moving or carrying your goods yourself that involves inconvenience and travel costs; self-storage can be the ultimate way out.

Save yourself from extra expenses and unnecessary tension.

Let the self-storage facility provider handle it in an organized way with all the safety required.