Colourful Patio Furniture

4 Things to Know Before Buying Patio Furniture Covers

Patio furniture adds to the beauty of your outdoor space.

More so if you have colourful cushions, covers, and throw pillows together with ambient lighting surrounding chairs, sofas, and benches.

After a hard day at work, you would like to sit with your family and relax amid the greenery around, sipping tea or coffee to beat the stress.

Then, you need quality outdoor furniture covers to protect your patio chairs and tables from extreme heat, rain, snow, tree sap, and insects.

According to an article published on, the colour of patio furniture matters if you are looking for accent pieces.

In such a case, choose bright shades if you would like your outdoor furniture to blend with green or bronze.

The same rule holds when it comes to furniture covers. Read on to learn more.

Covers with Breathable Design

Choose breathable patio furniture covers, as these come with vents to help with air circulation between the pieces.

Without these air pockets, your expensive teakwood furniture will become susceptible to mildew and mould.

In case, your wood furniture has already been damaged by mould or mildew, get the same removed by professionals and then buy quality covers to protect the wood material.

Make sure that you choose breathable covers that are waterproof, as well, else water or moisture will damage your butterfly chairs, tables, and benches.

Dimensions Matter

Buy covers for your outdoor furniture after taking the measurements.

Yes, you need to know the dimensions of your patio set before you make a purchase.

There are manufacturers that design covers precisely for their furniture pieces.

Therefore, read the manufacturer’s page about the furniture set to figure out whether they make their covers or not.

Otherwise, you will need to check the dimensions of the furniture pieces.

Long covers will touch the ground making the material soiled with dirt or water.

Do not buy covers with one-size fits all.

There are many products like colourful chair covers, table covers, grill covers, and more.

Take your time and choose the right-sized patio furniture covers so that there is no confusion later.

Red Waterproof Fabric

Waterproof Material

Although many patio chairs or sofa cover vendors declare that they sell waterproof materials, their products cannot endure anything more than a drizzle.

When it comes to vinyl, it lets droplets of waters to slide off the furniture cover, thus keeping your wood chairs and tables dry and protected.

Quality covers also protect your expensive patio furniture from dirt, dust, and unsightly water stains or that of tree sap and bird droppings.

Choose covers carefully because if the water is trapped inside thewrap, it will result in the growth of fungi, thus damaging your outdoor furniture pieces.

A Soft Cloth is Essential

Your outdoor furniture cover must come with soft cloth support so that the material does not scratch your classy white butterfly chair, table, and garden sofa.

Scratches can wane the finish or paint coatings, thus leaving behind ugly spots.

Therefore, buy garden furniture covers with soft cloth support.


Keep these tips and ideas in mind to keep your garden furniture protected from the elements.

Choose the best quality materials.