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5 Best Home Improvement Projects To Drastically Boost Property Value

If you’re looking to remortgage and release equity from your property, the lower monthly repayments and reduced interest rate will likely help you finally carry out those home improvement projects you’ve been putting off.

There are several reasons homeowners should consider boosting property value as maintaining their investment should be a top priority.

Whether you are hoping to release equity, sell your property at a higher price, or simply update your living space to make it as comfortable and luxurious as possible, devoting your time to home improvement projects would be a fantastic idea.

While you can use platforms such as Habito to find the best remortgage deal, the following home improvement projects are the best to take on to drastically boost your properties value.

Remodelling Your Kitchen

The kitchen is widely considered a point of interest in any home.

Therefore, starting off your home improvement by remodelling your kitchen to give it a fresh new appeal will drastically increase the value of your home.

However, remodelling a kitchen can be extremely costly, which is why you should approach the project with a money-savvy perspective.

There are tons of ways to redo your kitchen without having to spend a small fortune.

Reusing and repurposing materials such as countertops and repainting your cabinets may be enough to give your kitchen area a complete makeover.

Although, it would be wise to splash a bit on modern kitchen appliances and charming modern light fixtures.

It is best to avoid going overboard with updating your kitchen to ensure you have adequate disposable funds to update the rest of your home.

There are ways to reduce your spend while updating and remodelling your kitchen and in the event that you are unable to part ways with your great ideas simply to save, you could consider remodelling your kitchen at a slower pace to fit your costs into your budget.

Minor Bathroom Updates

Unless your bathroom is kitted out with outdated floral pattern tiles, you may be able to get away with only updating your fixtures such as taps and railings.

Updating the decor in your bathroom can make a massively memorable impact in the event that your bathroom backdrop boasts a neutral colour palette.

If you are able to spend a bit extra, you could consider installing a vibrant backsplash tiling display to your shower or bath area of the bathroom to showcase a modern design.

There are several small modifications that you can make to your bathroom that will ultimately have a massive impact.

However, it is best to maintain a neutral colour palette as this will allow you to create a modern appeal.

Finding decor items for a modern neutral colour palette will also be relatively effortless. This will also allow your bathroom redo to boast a most timeless design.

Add A Room

An effective yet greatly overlooked method of adding value to a property’s value is simply to add square footage by building on a new room.

It is best to add another bedroom or a study area as this would be the most cost-effective addition to your home. Increasing the size of your kitchen area would cost significantly more.

This is because a bedroom would only require flooring and cupboard space while kitchen cabinets and extra appliances may not fit into budget restrictions.

If you are unable to afford the high costs of adding a room onto your home to enhance the square footage of your property, you could consider increasing the size of a particular area in your home.

You may need to break down a wall or two to maximise the space in your kitchen and the costs may not be too hefty.

However, increasing the size of a particular room will increase the value of your home as your property will be considered one with ample living space even though you have not actually increased the square footage.

This will also save you significantly in comparison to adding a new room.


The curb appeal of your home will have a mammoth impact on your home’s value, which is why you should be continually improving the appearance of your front yard and patio.

By formulating a great landscaping plan and transforming your front and backyard with incredible greenery and outdoor water features, the value of your home will be boosted drastically.

To lower the costs of landscaping you could maintain your yard on your own and build your own features such as pathways and water fountains.

Outdoor items will not be too extreme to create and planting flowers and shrubs are extremely affordable.

While you are working at improving the curb appeal of your home, you could also add a fresh coat of paint to the exteriors.

While you will need to invest in suitable quality gardening equipment such as a leaf blower, a chipper, and a lawnmower to maintain the appeal of a neat and tidy yard, landscaping is possibly one of the most pocket-friendly types of home improvement projects that you can take on.

Replace Your Flooring

If your home boasts dusty old carpets, it would be wise to finally rip them out and replace them with charming hardwood flooring.

This project may be leaning to the pricier side of home improvement, although, it will drastically boost property value immediately.

You will be able to design your home around hardwood flooring effortlessly for an elegant and modern finish and you will also be able to enjoy a reduction in sickness’ caused by carpets that are breeding grounds for dust mites and allergens.

This means the effort will definitely benefit you and your family all while boosting the value of your property significantly.

It is best to opt for hardwood flooring or alternatively, to tile your home throughout and add area rugs whilst decorating as this will give your home a most modern finish.

Carpeting is incredibly outdated, which is why it would be a great idea to finally get rid of them.