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7 Best Ways to Update your Kitchen

You may have heard the saying “the Kitchen is the heart of any house”

When we think of it, this is true to the core. A kitchen is a place where most part of the day is spent cooking delicious meals.

Since a big chunk of everyday is spent inside the kitchen, it has to be comfortable and pleasant.

Décor of the kitchen needs as much attention as the other parts of the home.

Updating your kitchen might look very arduous and daunting.

But with proper planning and best choice of ideas and material you can update your kitchen with much ease and satisfaction.

Just look around and you will find dozens of ideas to upgrade your kitchen without spending much.

Here we have shared some easy ways to update your kitchen and make it more modern, organized and well decorated without causing much damage to your wallet.

1. Renew Your Cabinets

Cabinets are the most important part of a kitchen and their appearance plays a major role in the overall look of any kitchen.

In order to give your kitchen a fresh and updated look, try painting the cabinets.

Choose a color that would complement your countertop, the walls and the gadgets around the place.

If you are ready to spend some extra bucks, consider swapping wooden cabinet doors with the ones that come with fixed frosted glass. It will give a modern and neat look.

2. Kitchen Storage & Organisation

By decluttering and reorganizing your kitchen, you can create so much free space to use for other useful purposes.

Clear the worktop and organize the cabinets by getting rid of the useless stuff and make space for the things that you use daily.

Make use of the free space or use hanging rolls to increase the storage.

3. Change the Lighting

Swap your outdated lights with something that is more stylish and up to date.

Consider putting up pendant lights or something similar.

Apart from considering only how the lighting may affect the way your kitchen looks, think about putting up small spot lights at places where it is needed.

Ceiling lightings are not always suffice for lightening up the entire place.

There are low cost LED lights available in the market that are battery operated and can stick to any surface.

These small LED spot lights are a good option to be placed underneath the overhead cabinets or even inside the cabinets.

Sometimes the top portion of the cabinets look so empty and boring.

To make that a part of the whole décor, place lamps on the top of the cabinets.

You can use Himalayan salt lamps for this purpose. These lamps are made with pure rock salt chunks and give off very beautiful glow.

4. Plants in Pots

Plants of any size give a refreshing look to the place.

Choose plants that are suitable according to the ventilation and light conditions of your kitchen.

There is a wide range of indoor plants available that have different properties such as Aloe Vera, English ivory, snake plant, and peace lilies.

These plants will provide you with fresh air to breathe in.

Another best option is easy to grow herbs.

You can set up your own kitchen garden with different kinds of herbs and enjoy the greenery as well as the aroma of these herbs.

They are hassle free and come in handy when you need to use herbs in your cooking.

These herbs will add the freshness and improve the quality of air.

5. Paint an Accent Wall

If you are thinking of repainting your walls, try doing an accent wall. Go for a bold contrast.

A pop of color will add excitement and attractiveness to your kitchen.

6. Add a New Colourful Backsplash

If you don’t find accent wall your thing, think about renewing the backsplash.

Choose something that is easy to put up and makes cleaning easier and blends well with the existing scheme of your kitchen.

You can add a tile backsplash as it is cost effective and less time consuming.

It would be easy to replace the old tiles with the new ones.

You can also DIY the backsplash with some ceramic or stainless steel backsplash or can use chalkboard paint.

You can also use wallpaper as an easy and affordable option.

Ideas are so many, so just choose the one that will compliment your kitchen.

Just make sure to use the water resistant material.

7. Add a New Kitchen Faucet

Old tarnished faucets can make the whole kitchen look boring and grungy.

You don’t need to add an extravagant expensive faucet, even a simple and budget friendly faucet is enough to make your kitchen neat and clean.

Now you know some easy and affordable ideas to update your kitchen and make it a beautiful part of your home, so give them a try and enjoy your cooking time.

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