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The Impact of a Violent Crime Charge & What You Should Do

When someone threatens or physically attacks another person in places like the State of Ohio, this falls into the category of violent crime.

It is not uncommon to end up in jail if arrested on such charges.

Hence, if you get caught it’s advisable to get in touch with a bail bonds firm like Castle Bail Bonds in Columbus to release yourself from prison after posting bail.

Cases of violent crime may include robbery, murder, manslaughter, sexual battery, etc.

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Categories of Violent Crimes

Imprisonment and fines form the standard penalties for a violent criminal offence in Columbus.

There are mainly two types of violence that can occur, including felony and misdemeanour.

It can be a first-degree misdemeanor, first to fifth degrees of a felony, and unclassified felony.

A felonious assault refers to an incident where someone inadvertently afflicts physical harm to a victim or an unborn child.

It can also involve the use of a fatal weapon or firearm or, if a person with HIV has sexual intercourse with another person without his or her knowledge or when the other person is not mentally fit to realise its risks.

It is again a felony if the person does it with a minor aged less than 18.

In the last case, an exception can be there if it includes a spouse.

These crimes are generally 2nddegree in nature, but if the sufferer is a law enforcement person, then it assumes the status of 1stdegree.

Unclassified felonies are the most severe crimes in this American state.

Murder and aggregated murder are the two main classifications of unclassified felonies.

A guilty person has to face 15 years of jail or a death sentence.

Additionally, some cases can involve aggravated assault where an offender on the provocation of the victim causes physical harm to him or her out of excessive or sudden emotional anger.

For any of these crimes, an offender can face several penalties depending on what he or she did.

For example, 3rddegree aggravated felony can cause jail for nine months to three years and up to $10,000 fine.

The penalties could be severe if the victim were an unborn child or a law enforcement officer.

In case of 4th degree aggravated felony offence, a person may have to spend 6 to 18 months behind bars and up to $5000 fine.

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The Impact of a Violent Crime Record on Your Life

You cannot afford to take it lightly if you get convicted on an aggravated or felony assault charge.

You may not be eligible to vote, gain employment in public office, work as a juror, or possess firearms.

You can also lose your professional license, due to which finding a job or a rental house or apartment can be extremely difficult.

Since you may never be able to lead a normal life after one of these charges, you should build a strong defence for yourself.

However, for this also, you would need to come out of jail on bail.

So, call a bail bond agent and arrange for it first.

In this context, it is crucial to remember that sometimes, a person charged with a serious felony crime doesn’t get bail.

Hence, be ready for every type of situation.