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5 Ways to Get Your Patio Ready for Winter

When the summer ends and the long, warm nights in your patio come to an end, it’s time to prepare your outdoors for the cold days ahead.

This way you can still enjoy your patio without freezing out.

Usually, springtime is the season for the deep cleanings, however, it’s very important to get ready before wintertime.

With some of the tips we are leaving you with here, you will be able to keep your patio pretty nice until the warm weather comes back again, but they will also help you protect it from the rain, snow, and wind.

Let’s get down to it.

Patio Heaters

With winter already making an appearance and the temperatures going down, spending too much time outside is impossible and makes the bones shake.

However, the fact the cold weather is here doesn’t mean you can’t keep using your patio and bring your guest out.

One solution for this: Taking advantage of the best patio heaters 2020.

These will keep your patio warm and pleasant enough to hang out, even on the colder days.

These heaters are practical, very efficient, and easy to carry around from one place to another when needed.

There’s a wide range of these, changing in aspect, details, and made for different price ranges.

You don’t need to worry anymore about the lack of space for your guests or dinner parties just because of the cold weather outside.

Storage Your Summer Furniture

If during the summer, you usually have beach umbrellas or sun loungers, or other summer pieces, then it’s time to store them up in the garage or storage unit.

This way you are able to protect your furniture from the cold weather and rain, which can definitely damage it, avoiding also the need of buying new ones next summer.

However, before storing them up, be sure to clean them well and even cover them under a sheet, or plastic, so they don’t get dirty or deteriorate.

Take special attention to the rattan and steel furniture, these ones need to always be stored during the winter.

Even though wood and aluminium are more resistant, they also need attention.

As the summer elements are stored, it’s time for the winter ones to come out.

Gather pillows and a warm blanket to turn your patio cozier for the cold, and even a few rugs to cover the ice stone floors.

Turn on the Lights

With winter, comes the smaller days and early dark skies.

This makes the patio time shorter and less used.

However, if you incorporate more outdoor lights to the existing ones, then it will be easier to be outside.

For example, string lights, besides being popular and quite aesthetic, light up nicely an open space and create a very comfortable ambiance, not to say that they are very easy to set up and move if necessary.

Trust me, it’s time to brighten your patio.

Deep Cleaning

This might be a not-so-fun activity, nonetheless, deep cleaning is pretty important.

One of the first things to be done is to clean your patio, remove all the leaves and dust to avoid the formation of mould and fungus in the wood.

Also, in case you own a BBQ grill, be sure to clean it before the wintertime, otherwise, when the summer comes and you want to use the grill again, it won’t be looking good.

Get a proper cleaner for grease and scrub it down.

In case you are not sure of what to use, check the grill manual, or ask for the help of a professional.

Get Yourself a Windbreaker

Lastly, even with a patio heater, sometimes this is not enough to prevent the icy wind of this season.

Consider putting up a windbreaker on the side of your patio.

Adding to this, a roof might be a good choice too, so you can avoid rain and snow to make all your furniture wet and dirty.

Ready for the Winter

A patio can be a lot of work but is all worthy when you get to enjoy it.

Taking proper care of your furniture and surfaces will help you keep it neat and good for a long time, without having to spend unnecessary money.

Have you done any of these already?

Tell us in the comments.