6 Effective Ways to Improve the Overall Performance of Your Car

The urge to go faster than others is inherent in all of humankind.

But this instinct doubles where cars are involved.

Powerful and efficient engines make a world of difference.

The opportunity to tinker with a car’s mechanism is hard to miss among the enthusiastic motor community, and since we have mentioned them, here is what we found on Quora.

What are the most effective ways to improve the overall performance of a car?

The question was originally asked on the knowledge-sharing platform and ensued the revelation of many tips and tricks that work.

I and my mates have jotted down a few of the best advice from the discussion on Quora and many other websites to help our readers.

So without much ado, let’s jump right into it!

Boost Engine Power

Vehicles need more combustion in the fuel chamber to increase speed.

It is not possible when you try to overfeed the engine with unnecessary oil.

The key here is the art of making smart modifications that enable a car to utilize more fuel, but also air.

Here are five things that can be done to boost the engine and make your automobile faster than it has ever been.

1. Reduce the Weight

The primary step that everyone can take is the intelligent reduction of weight to boost the overall performance of the car.

When less force is exerted on the engine, along with lesser weight on the suspension, the inertia is reduced.

It is a known fact that a lighter car will move faster than its competition.

The replacement of heavy parts throughout the vehicle is critical here.

Merely making a few changes in the engine block would damage your car in the long run.

And you would soon be looking up car buying service in uk to get a better car compared to the modified monster that now rests in your garage.

You can get rid of:

  • Unused junk from the trunk of your car
  • Remove extra seats
  • And even replace glass windows with acrylic options.

The car can be made more aerodynamic by installing disc brakes to assist the engine in using more power.

Under Car Bonnet

2. Installation of Cold Air Intake

CAI is the most affordable way to add to a car’s horsepower and a straight forward way of increasing torque.

The Cold Air Intake system is added to help a car in pulling the air and making it dense and cool.

When this air is swirled with the fuel, they collectively burn and result in more power.

The condensation of air increase the combustion which ultimately results in a better performance of the car engine.

According to Howrah Engine Tuning, cold air intakes from top manufacturers may add from 5 to 12 horsepower.

3. Investment in Induction Systems

The tools that help your car with its engine power work by supplying more air for combustion.

Your car can produce an additional fifty percent of horsepower by the simple introduction of a supercharger in the mechanism.

4. Installation of Better Exhaust Systems

Catalytic Converter
Source: https://www.cars.com/auto-repair/glossary/catalytic-converter/

When you decide to rid your car of the ancient exhaust pipes, attaching the latest cat-back exhaust system to the catalytic converter is the best step that you can take.

It creates a combination of an ideal exhaust setup with a high flow catalytic converter to speed the supply of the airflow and enhance torque to improve the horsepower.

When exhaust gases are pushed out faster, more room is found for fuel and air.

However, when you decide to modify your car for better speed, you must remember the ethical concerns of pollution, environmental damage, and global warming.

5. Utilise Smart Systems

The existence of automatic control systems has helped the latest car models to reach a better economy.

These computer systems, such as the performance chipset, can control the ration of combustion, the anti-lock brakes, and also the overall timing of the car performance.

The mentioned installations make changes to the default factory settings and enable you to make a better engine.

Smart Car Connectivity
Source: https://medium.com/@owdeskupwork/smart-car-connectivity-info-graphic-83492acaea0e

6. Boost the Overall Efficiency of the Car

If you want to improve the horsepower of your vehicle, then you can easily remodel the internal parts, tinker with the head and blow thousands of pounds on the modification of the engine.

The use of coil-over kits improves handling, and what about the economy?

When people ask for effective solutions, what they truly mean is the most affordable way for the mass of the audience.

Something that is easily accessible and would not burn a hole in your pocket.

Here is a list of six does and don’t to further your assistance in improving the performance of your car.

Things to Do

  1. Oil
    Upgrade the oil pan to avoid starvation that could potentially result in disaster.
  2. Components
    Invest in lowered springs or high-quality coil-overs for an instant improvement in handling. It is essential to purchasing components from dealers that you know. The safety components of your car must be bought from an official store. Purchasing replicas off of eBay would not work for your car, after all.
  3. Tires
    Purchase pressure-cast or forged wheels that are light in weight. Remember to inspect whether the lighter wheels are compromising the car quality or not. High-quality tires improve the capabilities of suspension and wheel setup.

Things Not to Do

  1. Safety
    Do not cut springs at any cost. It is not only unsafe but also damages the handling potential. Removing the safety apparatus to reduce the car’s weight can lead to your car crashing somewhere without any airbags. And that is something no one wants to face!
  2. Cold Air Intake
    Don’t invest in a CAI system if your car has natural aspirating available. Electric fueled cars do not get a boost in horsepower and only damage the pocket with useless hydro locks.
  3. No silly modifications
    Don’t make any modifications until you fully understand the function and total cost.

Final Thoughts

Car modification for better performance is a serious business and requires a lot more research than just a few Google searches.

You need to understand the amount of components that need an upgrade, the extent of replacements, and also the total cost.

We suggest you take some time before you commit to any modifications and find solutions that work best for you!

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