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7 Deadly SEO Sins That Will Send Your Website Rankings Down

Irrespective of the type of business you are running, if you have an online website and you want people to see it, Google is your best option.

But, how should one rank their websites on Google?

Thanks to the experts in the field of SEO marketing!

The reliable science of SEO can help you rank your website on Google within no time.

It doesn’t matter if you are running a nationwide business or you are working on a global scale, as far as you are implementing the right search engine strategy, your business will start appearing in search results.

When you will hire a specialist to rank your business, you will understand that there are two types of SEO specialists in the market.

  1. The black hat strategists
  2. The white hat strategists

While both of these SEO specialists are good at implementing some great strategies for your website at the back-end, they often find themselves surrounded with the seven deadly grave sins of the SEO.

Are you wondering what these 7 Deadly grave sins are? Here are seven deadly SEO sins that one should avoid at all cost.

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1. Excessive Blackhat SEO Practices

What are black hat techniques in the world of SEO? If you are not really aware of what black hat techniques are such techniques where the SEO specialist manipulates the search engine to move a certain link at the top.

To do so, the SEO practitioner violates many terms and conditions of Google.

To learn what happens when you violate Google policies, click here.

This can be considered as cheating. Hence, it is considered a black hat technique and if Google catches you implementing one, it will flag your website link. Fix the issue or you will get punished. Hence, it is advised that you build up your ranking through organic and legitimate ways only.

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2. Overlooking Website Speed & Performance

The user experience of your website is just as important as the content and the quality of your design.

If your website has a slow page load time it can seriously increase your bounce rate which in return can hurt your online business gravely.

And Google considers speed as an important aspect to rank.

Never forget, the Internet is all about delivering a good experience to users and hence, it studies the website from all major perspectives.

Hence, it is always advised that you choose a quality host.

Also, make sure that you do not add too much of dynamic elements to the site so it doesn’t get heavier.

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3. Creating Multiple Website Versions

Here’s what a lot of businesses do wrong!

They create several versions of the same website.

To achieve that, they purchase several similar domains of the same name which is not a good practice.

The purpose of purchasing these domains is not anything ethical because they are trying to lower down the competition.

Instead, what they don’t realize is that they are confusing Google big time.

Anything that confuses the search engine eventually ends up getting pushed down the search.

Therefore, it is advised that you use redirects instead of publishing multiple domains on the Internet.

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4. Ignoring Schema Markup

If your website is operational across more than one search engine than you need to ensure that there is schema markup present on your website.

Schema markup ensures that all of the major search engines on the Internet have background information on the data you have presented on your website.

It can simply become confusing for Google.

You can achieve a better organic ranking because the search engine bots actually understand what your website desires and how much it desires it.

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5. Overlooking Mobile Optimisation

One of the gravest mistakes that you can commit in the world of SEO marketing in this digital age is that you can forget making your website mobile optimized.

Do you know that Google prioritizes the mobile version of the website over the desktop version?

That’s why it is important that your website should be optimized for mobile.

Today, the whole world is ruled over by smartphones and access to the Internet has become quite common.

Hence, it is important that your website performs well on smaller devices.

The best SEO Company will always make sure that a website stays amazingly optimized on smaller devices.

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6. Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is a well-known black hat technique but it’s so commonly used by experts all around, that it deserves a separate place on my list.

Keyword stuffing might’ve been accepted as one of the best SEO practices for a decade or so.

However, now it has remarkably changed over the course time.

Now, the ranking factor of the site greatly depends upon quality content.

If Google finds that you have irrelevantly used keywords in the context of your website, then you will be penalized and pushed down.

Hence, it is essential that your content is informative, original, engaging and unique mapped with relevant keywords.

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7. Targeting the Wrong Keywords

Lastly, speaking of keywords, many times people target wrong keywords on their website to rank their content quickly up the charts.

You will find some websites covering completely odd topics which do not belong to the original niche of the website.

They use the wrong keywords in their content.

People usually perform long tail keyword research.

Often times, wrong keywords are often found in between these long tail keywords which ultimately result in bringing the website ranking down.

If you find yourself committing one of the seven deadly SEO sins, then don’t feel worried.

There are several ways how you can fix these issues.

One way is to hire the right consultant to do the job.

In this way, you will stay not only safe but can also avoid serious risk of penalty.