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9 Ways To Keep Calm While Flying

Aerophobia – a fear of flying, is a type of anxiety disorder which panics many people when they fly.

It takes a lot of courage and practice to overcome the fear of flying.

Are you thinking of going on vacation?

Does your vacation gets clouded with the threat of getting on a plane? If so, then don’t worry!

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A deliberate mental shift can conquer your phobia.

One of the primary reasons why people are afraid to fly is the fear of crashing, and a fear of being out of control, etc.

As per the National institute of mental health, 6.5 percent of US citizen have aviophobia – (fear of flying).

Are you scared of flying and worried about ir?

If yes, then follow the given steps below to alleviate your plane flight anxiety:

Know the Facts About Flying

You may have read through safety statistics that driving is more dangerous than flying.

The more you will educate yourself on these stats, the less your anxiety will affect you.

In addition to reading safety statistics, educate yourself on how the plane works.

Understand the basics of flying such as typical sounds that planes make, etc.

Focus on Breathing

When you are in the air and sense a  panic attack is looming, redirect your thoughts to regulated breathing.

Very often, anxiety leads us to breathe too quickly with short breaths.

As per The American Institute of Stress, deep breathing increases the supply of oxygen to your brain.

This promotes a mental state of calmness while you are on a flight.

By focusing on deep and steady breathing, you can focus from your mind to your body.

This helps in distracting you from the worst thoughts running through your mind.

Speak to the Crew

Anxious Woman Sat on Plane

Greet them and tell them that you are a nervous flier.

Whilst on the plane, there would be several other fliers who are afraid of flying as well as yourself.

If there’s a time where you hear any of the noises or sensations that bother you, then ask the flight attendants about them and what they mean.

Usually, 99.9 percent of the time it is natural and nothing to worry about.

Wriggle Your Toes

The most stressful part of a plane flight for fliers is during taking off and into the air.

So, it is important to wiggle your toes for 30 to 50 seconds.

You must be thinking how does it work?

It is a part of the distraction that surely works.

What You Should Take Onboard?

Lack of control is the major issue behind the fear of flying.

So having some books, puzzles or music to listen will distract your attention.

Moreover, it takes your mind off the fact that you do not have any control over the situation.

Watch a Few Planes Take Off

Go to the airport a little early before you board your flight.

This way, you have time to hang out at the gate and watch a few planes taking off and reassure yourself everything will be fine.

Moreover, know what to expect during takeoff i.e. how long will it take, awareness of turbulence, etc.

Familiarising yourself with these things will help you remain calm.

Hold a Tight Grip

Hold the seat’s armrests with your hands as tight as you can.

At the very same time, relax your leg muscles while continuing to breathe.

Hold this position for approximately 10 to 15 minutes.

This will help release endorphins from your body which calms you down.

Avoid Alcohol & Coffee

What’s worse than feeling anxious while traveling? Hydration, sickness and inebriation.

Drink plenty of water whilst flying rather than having excess alcohol or caffeine.

Drinking plenty of water helps you avoid anxiety during a flight.

The Importance of Training Your Brain

Amygdala – the most emotional region of the brain.

It is wired to be more stressful when it feels like you are falling.

Perform this exercise before you fly:

  • Ask any of the individuals to take one step up on a flight of stairs along with you.
  • Now turn around and both should face the floor.
  • Then, put your arms on each other. Now together jump down on the floor.
  • You will experience a free-fall i.e. what you fear that the plane will do, but it is less terrifying.

In this way, your brain will associate the sensation of dipping with that positive experience

Womans Hands Resting on Plane Seat Pillow


Hopefully, the above techniques will help you alleviate your anxiety of flying.

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