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How to Correctly Rollout a Company Rebrand

There are a number of things you have to think about when starting a rebrand project.

Are you doing it for the right reasons?

Do you know what exactly you want to achieve?

Do you have the right team?

Only once you have answers to all of these questions should you embark on a rebrand.

However, even if you do, it doesn’t mean your rebrand will turn out to be a success.

The only way to make sure you roll it out properly is to plan everything through.

With that said, here are a few things you can do to make your rebrand rollout the way you intend it to.

Prepare Touchpoints

There’s no point in uploading the new company logo to your website but still hand out business cards with the old one.

The last thing you want to do is confuse your customers which is why you want your rebrand to be effective immediately, with absolutely everything boasting the new look of your brand.

Also, you want your rebrand reveal to create some noise and nothing can make it less effective than visual inconsistencies.

Of course, your logo isn’t the only thing that might need a new look.

Everything from your email signature to business cards needs updating.

If you tackle it in phases, make it very clear what changes are yet to take place.

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Get Your Style Guide Ready

People in general, try to resist change as much as possible.

This is why your team members might need all the help you can provide when it comes to understanding the new look of your brand.

The best way to make sure the change goes smooth for them is to prepare a style guide.

As long as your guide is comprehensive and easy to navigate, they’ll know how to represent the company the right way.

Make all assets such as fonts, logos, and colour schemes available with your style guide.

Another good idea is to have someone in charge and have team members come to them in case they have any questions about your rebrand.

Start By Launching Internally

A style guide can help employees grasp the new look of your brand easier but it doesn’t give them time to adjust to the changes.

It’s critical to bring everyone in the office into the brand story and make sure they know exactly how to represent it.

Launching the new brand design internally is the perfect way to do it as it leaves plenty of room for questions and approvals.

To make it more official, you can even think about hosting a special unveiling event where the creative team can walk everyone through the rebrand.

You can rely on videos and games to help your employees adjust to the rebrand faster.

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Host An Event For Your Customers

We’ve talked about hosting an internal unveiling event but there’s more you need to do if you want to make adjusting smooth for your customers as well.

Making the rebrand official is even more crucial while launching it externally and hosting an event is extremely important.

The best part of it is that the event isn’t only going to help your customers understand the new look of your brand but it might help you make more sales as well.

Promote your event by creating promo assets for every platform your brand is on.

Another thing you can do is hand out promotional products with your new colour scheme and logo.

Tell Your Rebrand Story

There’s a story behind every rebrand including reasons for tackling the project and everything that the new brand design brings.

The story about your rebrand can do wonders for your business but it’s up to you to tell it right.

This means you should use every opportunity to tell all about it on a more detailed level.

What this does is add a human element to the whole project which can be a huge plus.

When unveiling the rebrand on your website, make sure it’s followed by a detailed explanation of why you changed your logo or how you came up with the new name.

You can also use these stories to give your email and social media marketing a slight boost.

Not a single brand out there has been built overnight.

A rebrand sure is an exciting endeavour but it’s not the end.

Once the entire project has been completed, it’s time to start looking for what further updates you can make to your brand and help your business grow even more.