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Moving to Spain: Your Emigration Essentials

When you are planning on moving to the beautiful country of Spain, there will be certain things that you will need to have covered to make your emigration that much easier.

Choosing to emigrate to this attractive southern European country is a decision many more citizens of the UK are doing and this guide will fill you on how to enjoy your stay.

Find out what you need to know ahead of time with this special checklist as listed below.

Getting Your Affairs in Order

Before you make the move you will want to have your affairs in order before you relocate.

This means being aware of bills, expenses and other ties that need to be severed before your leave your home country.

Things like utility bills such as gas and electric, internet and phone contracts, insurance plans as well as taxes will need to be addressed and dealt with.

You will need to have these aspects of your life properly managed.

You do not want to be in a predicament where you are paying for bills or other costs that you no longer use or need as a future citizen of Spain.

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Packing the Essentials

Other tips include packing light and doing what you can to lower shipping costs.

Speak to a specialist company that deals in removals to Spain.

They can get your effects transferred quickly and easily, and understand the local bureaucracy to speed up the process.

Many people will want to transport all their belongings but these can be sold or given away to make the transition that much easier.

Another suggestion is to have your pets micro chipped before you move.

In Spain, it is necessary to have your furry friend microchipped.

Other rules apply for exotic animals but take this into note to prevent problems like having your animal go through a quarantine process.

After You Arrive In Spain

The very first important thing you will need is getting yourself a non-native identity number which is also referred to as a NIE number.

This is important because you will need it for health care, your financial affairs and other civic things.

It is intelligent to have this taken care of before you move and you can download the form and have it filled within the Spanish consulate of your home country.

You also have the option to have a solicitor submit this form for you and you will have to give them permission to do so.

Have this done immediately to ensure health services and other needs.

A document you will also need is a “certificate of registration” or ìCertificado de Empadronamientoî.

This needs to be completed within 3 months of moving to Spain and it is documentation you can get registered at your local Spanish town hall.

Typically you will be issued the document right then and there that day.

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Know the Spanish Healthcare System

The healthcare system is much like the system that is used within the UK in which people who work and make payments to the social security system are given access to state health care.

Luckily there is no costs other then the price of medicine.

There is a percentage chart that you have to pay based on income, age and other factors.

It should be noted that if you live primarily in the UK and live in a short term basis in Spain then you will have the option of using your EHIC card for health care.

Getting a Bank Account

When you need to open a banking account you will need your NIE number and a passport, proof of address and with some banks, proof of employment.

You will need to do this in person but some banks offer on line registration to begin the process of opening an account.

A piece of advice is to shop around for a bank that offers cash withdrawals and truly offers your requirements with as few charges as possible.

Spain has rather high charges for things like ATM transactions so be aware of your bank and their policies.

Driving in Spain

Lastly as a resident of Spain you will need to have a Spanish driving license.

It is required under law and there are required medical checks and the license itself must be renewed every 10 years.

After the age of 65 years old then your license must be renewed every 5 years.

If you have a EU license you will need to renew it within the first two years you have been a citizen of Spain which will then change it into a Spanish license.

Follow these tips above and your relocation to Spain will be much easier and will free up your time to focus on this beautiful country.

When these items are taken care of before hand and after moving to Spain will be better with less stress and more enjoyment.