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Real Estate Marketing Trends Realtors Must Look Out For in 2019

The real-estate industry is undergoing a drastic change in terms of approaching and targeting potential customer. Digitalization has become a part of almost all kinds of industries and real estate industry is no exception. Real Estate Marketing has started following new and modern marketing techniques since the past few years. However, these techniques become predominant since 2018, and mostly all the realtors started using digital pathways to reach their customers.

Real estate industry has become very competitive, and to succeed and win customers over competitors, it is essential to use the latest and trending marketing strategies. To name a few, local blogs, 3-D content, optimized use of social media platforms are some of the latest marketing strategies which are used by almost all the realtors.

To build a successful marketing strategy in the year 2019, a real estate agent needs to have a clear understanding of the ongoing and upcoming marketing trends. Creation of an innovative marketing campaign would be as crucial as its distribution across all the digital channels and platforms.

Upcoming marketing trends for the real estate industry in the year 2019.

Automation Marketing

Automation marketing is a new and emerging marketing trend which is gaining popularity day by day among realtors. This kind of marketing strategies not only help realtors in bringing down the operational costs but also saves time. This allows the real estate agents to run their business 24/7 and be available for their client irrespective of time and day.

Automation marketing includes services:

  • Responding a lead
  • Sending e-mail marketing campaigns based on customer requirements and preferences
  • AI Chatbots
  • Property presentation
  • Resolving customer queries

While designing a marketing technique, it is necessary to make it mobile friendly. This would increase the reach of the campaign. Testing the automation process by using A/B testing is very crucial. Last and most important, the automation process would save your time and money but always remember your customers are humans. Thus showing them that you care about them is very important. Talk to them whenever needed.

Organic Social Media Marketing

In 2019, organic social media marketing won’t be as successful as it used to be. Gone are the days when posting a few hashtags or an open house on a social media account, used to attract lots of traffic.

Today, social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook want realtors to spend money to post add on them. Hence, to make optimum use of these platforms, realtors need to keep a separate budget to boost their campaign.

One common mistake made by many realtors while using these social media platforms is that they focus only on the content related to their business. Well, this can be done through the company’s website. The point is, realtors should use these channels in order to build a relationship with their existing and potential clients.

Show them that you care!

Facebook 3D Photos

Another marketing trend to look for in the year 2019 is posting 3D Photos on Facebook. Well, till today this feature is available only on iPhone X. These 3D photos can easily be viewed on laptops, mobiles, tablets, and computers.  3D images are very attractive. It gives viewers a fair idea about the area covered by various rooms.

Facebook 3D photos give viewers a feeling of the virtual walkthrough.  This marketing trend could be a refreshing and welcome change in real estate marketing. It would give viewers a chance to have a feel of the house and check the looks and room space before making an actual visit to the site.


Video advertising is not a new concept. However, making videos and using them in all possible ways on various digital mediums are going to be very popular in 2019.

Nowadays, live videos are becoming very popular. Live videos give realtors a platform where they can connect directly with their potential clients. Realtors use these videos to answer property related queries and promotion of their property.

Various upcoming video related marketing trends in 2019:

  • Home tour video of the entire property.
  • Posting home tour videos on Instagram Stories.
  • Posting videos of home tours on Facebook.

It is advisable to make a video under 1:30 minutes and covering essential details related to property and its locality.

Trust-Based Promotions

Building trust with customers is going to be very important for realtors to attain success in 2019.

Tips for building trust with your clients:

  • Be honest in your campaign.
  • Always give accurate information.
  • Post professional photographs of all the properties and use them to promote your business.
  • Keep clients updated about the ongoing work or renovations in the property.

In case of an open house, Instagram Stories can be used to inform the clients about the same. Use this social platform to give all the necessary information related to Open House to the clients. This would make the customer feel that you care about them and would create a bond of trust.

Promote your brand and position yourself as a professional. Post content and information that shows that you are an expert of this field and you have all the necessary information related to the property. You may also share various issues related to buying or selling a property. Sharing information on various topics of real estate would increase your credibility, which would further help in establishing trust.

Become an Influencer

To be a successful realtor, estate agents should try to position themselves as an influencer. They need to be an expert on whom people look up to find answers to all property related queries.

Tips that would help you in becoming an influencer:

  • Online reviews: Make your clients post reviews about you and your work.
  • Local blogs, press, and websites: Write articles on real estate related topics for local press or local blogs.
  • Design and run marketing campaigns based on real estate. Show your clients how good you are in this field.

The year 2019 is going to be very challenging for realtors. Create innovative, catchy, and informational digital campaigns to attract clients. Use social platforms to build a trust-based relationship with your clients.