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8 Top Factors For Millennials When Finding a Place to Live in 2021

If a city is well-rounded, then chances are that millennials will be rushing to live in there.

Affordability and job opportunities are some of the important factors a lot of millennials are now looking into when searching for a place to live.

Other aspects might include walkability, access to coffee shops, bars, and restaurants, etc.

A bigger percentage of the millennials who don’t yet have spouses and children are only focused on their needs.

So they may want to relocate as their careers advance.

To that end, we’ve highlighted some of the important factors for millennials to consider when finding a place to live in 2021.

Employment Opportunities

While moving to a locale full of employment opportunities is important, moving to one with professional opportunities is equally important and healthy.

When you live around like-minded people, chances are that you become a better person.

Also, when you are always interacting with ambitious and creative minds, you are better-placed to hatch new ideas while increasing creativity.

For instance, a lot of actors in the US have moved either to NYC or LA.

The millennial age is focused on growing careers, and almost everyone has a dream job that they are working towards securing.

In fact, it is very common for many millennials to move in pursuit of better employment opportunities.

Maybe you are jobless and looking to move, look at potential income and available job prospects when choosing a location.

So, search for a place that offers opportunities to advance your carrier.

A lot of millennial professionals have been relocating to Florida.

Cost of Living

Is the cost of living in the location you intend to move to affordable to you?

You will need to buy or rent a house, but will you be able to afford that cost?

Real estate differs from one town/city or country to another, so what works for one place might not work for the next.

Before moving and buying a house in a new place, ensure that you can afford to pay for the mortgage and other associated costs.

Also, apart from that, there are other expenses you will incur, for instance, transportation, utilities, taxes, groceries, gas, and entertainment, just to mention a few.

In short, you want to find a place where it will be easy to live a lifestyle within your means.


A lot of millennials are more drawn to areas with the kind of environment that offers most of the things that they enjoy doing.

You will want to find a place with opportunities that allow you to pursue your interests and passions, leaving you feeling satisfied.

For instance, if you enjoy great nightlife, then don’t just settle for an area that has most of the places closed barely into the evening hours.

You will want a more vibrant place that allows you to do things you enjoy.

Family Friendly Environment

Most millennials either have young families or have the intention to start one.

As such, it is important to find somewhere where you will comfortably raise your family.

If you already have a family of your own or choose to start one soon after you move, is the environment suitable enough?

For instance, you might want to consider a place you are assured of quality education for your children.

In addition to finding a family-friendly environment, also ensure that the proximity to other family members and close friends is considerable.

You don’t want to move so far that your loved ones cannot easily access you.

However, this might be a little difficult if the reason for your move is a new job.

Crime Rates

Security is one of the biggest concerns before moving and settling in a new place.

A location with a low crime rate comes with peace of mind since you are guaranteed safety for both you and your family.

You don’t have to worry about commuting to work, restaurants, the mall, or going out for a fun day with the family.

If you intend to start a business, you have a problem less to worry about.

Also, a low crime rate might be an indication of high employment opportunities, which creates more room for the growth of an area.


Poor infrastructure makes it difficult to attend to important matters like work and generally, going about your daily errands.

This can be stressful whether you drive yourself or use public transport.

Poor roads and other infrastructure only translate to an increase in commute time, and no one wants to waste all their time commuting to the next place.

Also, it would only be reasonable to find a place with different public transport options, especially if you don’t have a private means.

When it comes to accessibility, traffic is also a huge concern for daily commuters.

So, find a strategic location away from all the heavy traffic.

Healthcare Facilities

If there is one thing that 2020 has taught everyone, it is that quality healthcare is very important.

It makes no sense to live far away from healthcare facilities, considering the fact that healthcare will affect the quality of life in the long run.

Especially if you have kids, ensure that you are neighboured by good hospitals.


Believe it or not, a location’s climate will affect your lifestyle.

It affects behaviour and hobbies e.g. if you love skiing then you can’t live in areas that don’t snow.

Perhaps you don’t like humidity, you might want to avoid areas with high humidity.

Climate will affect most outdoor activities and limit how much you do outside.

Also, some areas experience extreme weather which might affect your health and that of your family.

Find a place with a climate that you are comfortable with.

Final Word

There are a lot of factors that will affect your decision to move, but your search for a new place will mostly be tied to what is most important to you and your family.

Growth is important, and regardless of the reason why you are moving, you should find a place that provides an environment for you to grow in.

While finding the perfect place can be frustrating, research will save you the headache and allow you to find a good location and house within a fraction of the time needed.