Kodi on Various Devices

Watch Your Favourite Shows on an Amazon Firestick with Kodi

The Amazon Firestick is an amazing little device that runs on Android and can turn your ordinary HDMI TV into a smart TV.

Did you know, you can also jailbreak the Amazon Firestick to install several third-party applications like Kodi?

Install Kodi

Kodi is the most popular media player device available on the internet.

It will allow you to watch several different types of online content in the form of videos, podcasts, and so on.

You can install Kodi on any Android device and also on your Firestick.

Kodi is completely free.

Installing Add-ons

Kodi becomes incredibly powerful when you install extra add-ons onto it.

You can easily find hundreds of free add-ons for Kodi on the internet.

These add-ons are all developed by third parties and are safe for installing.

They are also free.

Not only are these add-ons free, but they will also let you watch your favourite TV programs for free.

This will let you view hundreds of television channels live from all over the world.

You can also watch news shows; sports programs live without having to pay for any subscriptions.

Thus you must always install these amazing add-ons.

Macbook Running Nord VPN

Some Essential Advice

While it is not technically illegal to jailbreak the Amazon Firestick and install Kodi or any third-party applications, it might come across as online piracy if you access any programs for free on these apps.

It is seen on a par with downloading movies illegally using torrents.

Some countries can have strict rules against such online downloading or viewing of any video content.

It is for this reason that you must use a good VPN service when you use Kodi or any other app.

A VPN is basically a virtual private network, and it will help to cloak your IP address on the internet and keep you safe from getting caught.

The VPN would be essential in keeping you away from any prying eyes on the internet and protect you.

If you want to know more about using Kodi, then you must search for Kodi no limits in your web browser’s search box.

You should also note that it would be wise to use a VPN service when you watch programs for free on Kodi or download any content from torrents.

You can get a good VPN service by searching for the best free VPN for torrenting on the internet.


One of the most popular apps today for watching video content on the internet is Kodi.

Kodi is free and open-sourced, and hence, it can be easily used for watching several programs across different devices.

When you install certain specific add ons, you can also watch the most popular television shows and web series for free on Kodi.

However, remember that online piracy is illegal in many countries, so you must always use a VPN when you use Kodi.

This will help in protecting your identity and keeping you safe.

Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.