3 Reasons Why Persian Rugs are Expensive

Persian rugs are the most expensive rugs in the market.

They cost so much money.

That’s why people who have them, always ensure that they take proper care of these carpets.

If well-cared for, these beautiful pieces of timeless art can be passed from different generations.

You may be wondering what makes these rugs so expensive.

Keep reading this post to find out the reasons why and visit here to read what the professionals recommend.

What is a Persian Rug?

Also called an Iranian carpet, it is made from heavy textile material and has symbolic purposes.

Persian rugs are made in Iran to be used at home or sold locally as well as internationally.

As these rugs were designed in village workshops, they reflect on Iran’s history.

Iran on a Globe

How Much Do Persian Rugs Cost?

Well, many things go into the pricing of these rugs.

That includes knot counts; this is how many knots a rug has.

Carpets with more knots will be more expensive.

That’s because these knots make them plush and soft, hence increasing their quality.

Also, age, material, and design affect its price.

Why Are Persian Rugs Expensive?

1. Artistic Value

The first Persian rug was made over 2500 years ago.

At this time, these carpets were seen as pieces of art which reflected Iran’s history and culture.

Original Persian rugs are hand woven.

This means that each rug has been designed by a skilled artist who focuses on traditional scenes as well as motifs to express this culture.

Just like buying a nice painting or sculpture, having a Persian carpet is a worthwhile investment.

2. Unique Design & Structure

Like earlier said, these carpets are handmade.

Therefore, each knot is done one by one.

The beauty of Persian rugs is that each knot in coloured thread follows a specific pattern.

This, therefore, creates a beautiful handmade piece of art.

Persian carpets often have curved designs as well as curved weaving.

Unlike ordinary geometrical designs, these ones are hard to create hence need the minds of skilled artists.

Not many people know how to weave perfect knots.

In fact, it’s among the things that individuals look at when determining an original from counterfeit Persian rug.

Denting and lushing knots without destroying the pattern requires someone with experience.

More knots mean clearer and more beautiful carpet.

Thus, buying a carpet that has many knots from a master weaver will cost you more.

3. High Quality Materials

Like any other product, the quality of materials used affects its price.

Persian rugs, therefore, are expensive considering that they’re made from high-quality material.

Weavers typically use natural plant or fibres from animals including wool, silk, jutte, cotton or sisal to weave these carpets.

Fibres used are long lasting, easy to clean and don’t fade colour quickly.

Additionally, research says that materials that are man-made can potentially increase allergic reactions.

But Persian rugs have fibres which are best for air quality in your rooms.

Therefore, if you don’t want to buy another carpet soon, you should invest in this rug.

Furthermore, artificial fibres are often controlled.

However, since it’s almost impossible to control natural fibres, it means that each Persian carpet will have a unique creation.

You can find resemblance in these other carpets.

However, no two Persian rugs are identical because the natural materials used will always bring some difference in terms of colour.

Plus, as they are not machine made, they can’t exactly look alike.

Prayer Stone on Persian Rug

Final Thoughts

Well, these are valid reasons that make Persian mats expensive.

But there are other considerations as well that contribute to their high prices.

For instance, if one gets a rare Persian carpet that is still in pleasing conditions, it can be very pricey, since it’s treated as a rare historical piece of art.

Again, where the Persian was made in plays a huge role in its price.

Carpets from Turkey for instance, are more expensive than Indian-made Persian rugs.

Now, as these carpets are expensive, it’s best that you find a suitable one for you.

Among other things consider pattern, origin as well as size when shopping for one.