Freestanding Wooden Carport

Top Benefits of Installing a Timber Carport

Protect Your Vehicles All Year with a Bespoke Wooden Carport

Today we would like to address benefit homeowners can take advantage of when it comes to protecting their vehicles from their elements.

The option we speak of today is the modern carport.

It is an easy solution that is a great alternative to a garage.

They are simply built and are an excellent option when your home does not have a lot of extra space.

Add Value to Your Home

It is interesting that there are a few things that people can easily do to change their home to make it better and improve it which actually goes unnoticed on a conscious level.

Some things have a greater impact on the subconscious and a carport is just the thing that will add that subtle benefit to your home.

The great thing about a carport is that you can use them for cars, boats, tractors, trucks, RV’s, trailers, motorcycles and other such things.

They also a wide variety of benefits that will make you want to purchase one of these right away.

Below we will list the 10 ways you can benefit from having carport installed in your home.

Lean-To Timber Carport
A Typical Lean-To Timber Carport Style. Image credit: Pinterest

The first benefit of installing a simple timber framed carport is that it provides your car a protective cover for any damages caused by the weather.

You won’t have to worry about fading paint, hailstone damages, or problems related to turbulent weather.

The second benefit you will notice is the additional space that a carport offers.

You can always use your carport in warmer weather and use it for an area to relax outside for family barbecue get-togethers.

The third benefit of a carport is that it protects your vehicle from any possible theft or vandalism.

Your car will be visible which means that you can keep an eye on it at all hours to prevent any problems.

The fourth benefit is that a carport can be used for any type of vehicle and you are not restricted to just cars.

All forms of a vehicle can be easily shielded and protected from the elements using a carport including motorcycles, boats, and RVs.

The fifth benefit of a carport is its ease of use.

Since it is basically a canopy like structure, it does not have doors.

Convenient & Easy to Install

When your hands are full with groceries you will not have the problems associated with having to open doors.

You save yourself a real struggle while still being protected from the elements when you are leaving your vehicle.

Another feature of a carport is that they are an energy efficient storage method.

A carport eliminates the need for electric doors and other features like lighting that take energy and electrical wiring.

With a canopy, you save yourself in your homes electrical usage which is an added benefit.

Another great element of a canopy is that in the summertime they are an option for being able to enjoy the beauty of the summer but also gives you shade with a lower temperature.

Pressure Treated Timbers
Wooden Carports Are Constructed Only Using Pressure Treated Timbers. Image credit: Eugene Forest Products

Bespoke wooden carports are built from high-quality pressure treated timbers and polycarbonate or traditional tiles are typically used for the roofing.

Carports have a sleek and minimalist design and can easily be customised to match the colours of your home.

Lastly, you can position your carport to your home’s side so you don’t have to worry about pulling too close to your house.

You can have it installed so you can be covered by the roof as you enter and exit your vehicle.

Outdoor carports are simple and flexible shelters that you can enjoy with your friends and family.

A carport is a great addition to your home and you will have to make specific decisions based on the factors that will ensure a greater user experience as an addition to your home.

When the right carport is chosen, you will be sure that you, your family and friends will be safe and enjoy the great outdoors in full comfort.

It is a good idea to look online to see the different measurements of each carport model that is available to make sure that it will fit your given space that is available.

You may have limited space and by getting a carport that is too big could be a real problem.

Also look into the different styles of a canopy that are addressed to your specific needs.

Every person is unique and a carport can really be used as an addition to your home for a wide variety of uses.

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