Digging Foundations

5 Things To Do Before You Dig A Building Foundation

You probably feel happy and excited about purchasing a lot and creating a plan for your area.

At the time of building a new home, a community project, or a business facility, some things can be time-consuming because it needs setting out, excavation, site clearance, and safety measures based on the depth of excavation.

Before you schedule your excavation and grab the shovel, there are several things to consider and check off in your to-do list.

Your hired builder would probably do the excavation checklist, but it is better to have an in-depth understanding of the entire process of the site work.

By that, you already have a good grasp that your construction site is ready for development.

To know more, here are five things to do before you dig your foundation.

Have Your Property Surveyed

Whether you intend to purchase new land or have plans to build on property you already own, there are many reasons why you may need a feature or land survey.

Getting your property surveyed is a substantial way of preventing costly mistakes in the future.

A property survey is not only beneficial, but it is also a requirement for moving forward with your plans and the development of your construction work.

One of the reason is when you are trying to choose if the project will obtrude on someone else’s property.

Furthermore, it is also essential that you hire a land surveyor to avoid property line disputes.

Also, for you to know if whether or not a building is in a flood hazard area when you are preparing for a subdivision layout.

Deforested Field

Owner’s Check Prior to Excavation Activity

You and your builder consultant should know some specific things before doing any activity in the construction site.

For excavation, you will want to inspect all cleanouts and manholes for damage and mark them with bright paint.

You also need to check the weather forecast the day before the excavation activity as you don’t want to open up the hole when it is raining.

Also, if you are building in cold temperatures, be sure that you have a plan for blocking the ground from freezing.

Site Preparation Process

The site preparation process is the first step to do and to be done.

A person who wants to build a new home, a community project, or a business facility need a clear and adequately prepared site.

There are various processes involved in preparing the site.

Here are some of the step by step site preparation process.

  • Site clearing is the first task of site preparation. The site should be in a cleared and graded condition. The site clearing involves the removal of barriers such as trees, bushes, and debris that can be crucial to excavation and can affect the construction process in the future or hinder the project to be done.
  • Soil testing is a significant task that requires to be done before the site is acquired. It is essential to examine the quality of the soil to determine its workability. Soil testing must be done by a competent geotechnical engineer to evaluate how the soil onsite will react to certain conditions and to regulate how much weight a building can hold.
  • Site plan design is the next step after the soil testing is completed. Having a site plan alter the composition to indicate the placement of all the necessary fixtures. Without the design, nothing can be accomplished on the site.
  • Underground Utility Mapping. Aside from removing the old structures and other possibles obstructions from the area, the developer and the crews will also account for the utilities and subsurface structures.

The underground utility mapping is an important factor in maintaining safety in the job site and not to expose the crew to more significant risks. Failure to map the subsurface utilities could be catastrophic such as causing injuries to the team and massive project delays.

The Code

Before you build, don’t forget to take one last look at the city’s building codes.

The builder, developer, and designer should familiarize all the rules and regulations that encompass around your build.

For instance, digging the area that infringes or is too close to someone’s home or property could result in costly fixes. Make sure the construction is up to a given standard so that the labor and process will go smoother.

The Utilities

When you choose an area or land within an existing development, you don’t need to be worried about the utilities.

Your chosen developer has extinguished all water, gas, and power to the area to make the development of the building much more manageable.

Having the water and energy dramatically helps in the smooth run of the building process.

However, if you pick out an undeveloped land, you have to certainly bring the utilities to the area before cultivating the ground.

You also need to know where the utilities will enter before pouring a foundation.


The strength of the building lies in its foundation, and most people understand that the foundation of any building provides the necessary support for the entire structure.

The five things mentioned above are one way of making construction work successful, and it should not be taken for granted as it protects all people visiting the building in the future.

Author’s Bio

Louise Davis is a part-time writer and a full-time mom on her 5-year-old daughter. She is also engrossed in the architecture and engineering field and is a web writer for Winola Excavating and other construction companies.  When not working, Louise enjoys reading books and watching fashion shows.

Crash Test Cars in Collision

Step-by-Step Guide Of What to Do When Involved in a Vehicular Accident

Accidents in the road happen, and it’s an inevitable no matter how careful and cautious you are.

Millions of car accidents occur around the globe each year, and the total cost of the casualties is immeasurable.

Therefore, knowledge about such events will come in handy in case you’ll get involved in an accident.

So what should you do if you’re in a car accident?

When you’re involved in one, there may be a shock not only to your mental health but to your body as well that could lead to a severe injury.

But the first thing you should remember if you’re involved in an accident is to calm yourself down and try to assess what happened.

There are essential things you need to do if you’re involved in a car or any vehicular accident.

These factors can help you make sure everyone, including you, is safe.

To protect your interest and the lives of the victims, prepare yourself by learning the right ways of dealing with an accident.

So here are the things you should do in case an accident occurs.

Assess and Secure the Area

First and foremost, check yourself if you have injuries caused by the incident and check your surrounding if anyone requires medical assistance.

If anyone’s injured, don’t hesitate to call the emergency hotline services immediately.

If you know first aid, apply it to the victims and make them comfortable.

If there are severe injuries such as spinal and head injuries, don’t move them and wait for the ambulance to arrive.

You also need to check the area if it’s safe for the other vehicles to pass as secondary accidents are still possible.

In addition, make sure to switched off your car’s engine to lessen the hazard in the area.

If it’s safe to do so, you can move the vehicles involved in the accident as some accidents occur in highways and can cause high traffic.

Lastly, always keep in mind that if there’s an accident, the first people you have to call is the emergency services then the authorities or the police to attend and help the people in the venue.

Collect and Exchange Information

After attending to the needs of everyone and while waiting for the help to arrive, collect and exchange information with the other drivers or driver included in the accident.

You can also discuss insurance information with them.

It’s essential that when you’re talking to them, you have to be polite and cooperative.

Keep in mind that you don’t need to force them to talk with you as they’re also involved in an accident and some of them might be still shocked at what happened.

However, one of the most important things to remember is that you shouldn’t apologize for anything that happened in the scene as you may be admitting legal liabilities for the accident.

Information is critical when it comes to this type of accident.

So when collecting for information, don’t forget to record their full name, the location of the accident, driver’s license especially when you’re the victim, plate number, model and color of the vehicle as well as the insurance company’s name and policy number.

Contact Your Insurer or Insurance Company

If possible, call your insurer and inform them about the accident right away.

While talking with them, they’ll be able to advise you of what you should do next.

But most insurers usually warn their people not to admit liability to anyone.

Fully cooperate with them, explain the facts clearly, and tell the truth about what happened in the incident.

Don’t lie to your insurance company as it’s against the law, but be mindful of the information you’re telling them.

If they have questions for you, answer them truthfully and provide an honest answer about the incident.

Don’t assume things and blame others for the incident.

Let the police and your insurance company handle their jobs and determine who’s at fault.

Business People Shaking Hands

Consider the Help of an Attorney

If you feel liable about the incident or you’re a victim of any vehicular collision such as bus accident, consider hiring a personal injury attorney to help you with legal matters concerning injuries, and lawsuits.

But remember, if you feel liable for the incident, better keep it to yourself as it could be the reason for you to be in jail.

Hiring an attorney can help you maximize your recovery time if you sustain injuries and can help you defend yourself if you’re at fault.

In addition to that, you won’t have to worry about the fees as most attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, which means they only receive payments if you receive a settlement.


Bottom line, if you’re involved in a vehicular accident, try to stay calm.

Panicking will never be an option as it could just possibly make things worse.

Remember that you don’t know any of the people in the incident, so you have to think of yourself first before attending to their needs, and that is if you don’t have any injuries.

The best thing you can do when you’re involved in an accident is to stay calm, assess what happened, and go through the steps listed above and let your insurer and attorney settle the legalities of the situation.

Author Bio

Louise Davis is a single mom with a 5-year-old daughter. She often loves writing stories and watching thrillers. She’s also an aspiring lawyer. Aside from being a writer, she’s a self-confessed bookworm too.

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Two Cars in a Metal Carport

How Carports & Garages Protect Cars From Damage Throughout The Year

Your car is an asset for you, if it got damage through natural causes or human faults then it directly affects its warranty as well as it’s resale price.

Using Carport or Garage may be a good investment for protecting your car’s or other vehicles from natural causes or human faults.

If you are buying a carport or garage, then you’re increasing the durability and in turn the money value of your car over the period of time.

There are numerous methods mother nature uses to harm your car the most.

If you don’t possess a carport or garage, the one that most people today encounter, sometimes daily, is heat.

It’s worth mentioning even though it is always in the news, that you should never abandon a child or animal in your car when there is too much heat.

The majority of us know this, but there are still lots of incidences that occur every day that prove that it is still just most, maybe not all.

Similarly, you can’t leave your car in the winter and rainy season.

Here are some natural causes from that metal carports or garages can protect your vehicles:

Hurricanes & Snowfall in Winter

Abandoned Car Covered in Thick Snow & Ice

Heavy snowfall can damage your car brutally.

It can jam all the parts of your vehicle rapidly, that’s why you can’t leave your car in an open area in the heavy snowfall.

Also, there are further ways mother nature picks to harm your vehicles and other property, like a hurricane.

Hurricanes are powerful destructive forces and are known to slash houses from the ground.

In any case, ensure you and your family are secure until you concern yourself with your vehicle.

In the event you purchase certified top-rated metal carports, you have much less to be worried about.

If you do not, there are an assortment of items that may completely mess up your vehicle.

Ensure that your car is not parked close to any trees or massive objects.

Also, be conscious of areas in which water can pool during a storm.

If you park your vehicle next to the bottom of a mountain, then you may experience water damage.

Also, the inability to really go and get supplies following the storm once your car is parked in the sand, not on concrete under a carport or garage.

Keeping your vehicle under a covered metal construction is by far the best method to keep it safe from damage, and we recommend installing a concrete base for superior wind speed assurance.

It is important to get a car in the functioning condition in the event you want to deplete and can be the difference within death and life.

Heavy Rainfall

Old Pickup Truck Stuck in Flood Waters

As you know that heavy rain could be brutal, and also flash floods are unpredictable.

Check your altitude all around your home before selecting where to put in your carport, or before pouring the concrete base you need to install it on.

If you live somewhere that floods occur many times, you should search for a large area available on your house to install your garage or carport.

Water damage can entirely ruin interiors even if it barely makes it in.

Mold may cause your car to be uninhabitable, and should you have allergies can make driving a nightmare.

The same as in the case of hurricanes, having a fantastic thought of the surrounding region’s large objects during a flood is essential.

Heavy Heating

Car with Engine on Fire

In the summer season birds are chirping, the swimming pool is open, the kids are out of college or school, and you’re preparing to break down your garage or carport.

But wait before you do that, you should be aware that the heavy heating can still damage your car and another vehicle.

Heat can be much more damaging than a singed fingertip at the touch of a seemingly white-hot seat belt clip.

Harmful UV rays can sunburn the paint of your car, acid rain may eat off at the finish, which changes in humidity and temperature can encourage rust! plus, all the neighborhood kids are out placing your vehicle at risk of baseballs, bicycles, hula-hoops, scooters, and more.

And today that Fido is out in the yard more often, you’d better hope he doesn’t drag a rod down the side of your vehicle!

On second thought, maybe you need to leave your car right in which it’s – under the security of your reliable garage or carport.


Different seasons come and go over the period of a year then each one can damage your car and vehicles brutally so, because of that your car and vehicles can lose their warranty and money value year by year.

By having a good quality carport or metal buildings can save you lots of money by protecting your precious car and other vehicles.


Mobile App Development Trends for 2019

Since the introduction of the first ever iPhone in 2007, mobile app development has come a long way and is continuing to soar.

Mobile applications have revolutionised the digital world we live in making ground-breaking movements in the dynamic technology industry.

Such movements have put the mobile app development market at the peak of success, and developers are constantly trying to find ways to evolve the cutting-edge approach of mobile app development.

Why is Mobile App Development So Important?

Developing mobile apps for business has many benefits, not just for business owners, but for customers as it is a fundamental factor in maintaining customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Because of their huge popularity that continues to grow, mobile applications serve to be an amazing opportunity for entrepreneurs and are a worthwhile investment, particularly as trends continue to soar and evolve. Here are the top app development trends in 2019;

5G Wireless

Following the celebration of 4G wireless, one of the biggest app development trends this year is the welcoming of 5G wireless which will hit the entertainment market, as well as improving the mobile app marketing also.

The applications that take a long time to download will be downloaded in a matter of seconds.

What is it?

5G wireless is the next generation of mobile internet connectivity which promises much faster data downloads and upload speeds, as well as wider coverage and more stable connections.

As the world has turned into a mobile frenzy, the consumption of data has increased dramatically over the years, particularly as the popularity of video and music streaming increases.

Whilst 4G has become congested, 5G has the power to handle such commands, simultaneously and quicker.

On Demand Apps

On demand apps are now one of the most successful business models of modern era and a trend with a strong future that is here to stay.

Almost all businesses have embraced on-demand services and no industry is going to let go of such a successful business model in 2019.

Mobile Wallets

There is absolutely no doubt that consumers demand for mobile wallets is on the rise, particularly with security being a number one concern, the usage of mobile wallets is only going to increase throughout 2019.

This ‘frictionless’ payment method is one of the main features consumers look out when choosing to use a mobile app.

This year alone, mobile wallets as well as payment gateway integration that offer the highest level of secured encryption will become mainstream in most kinds of mobile apps.

This technology was deemed as the missing piece in the mobile app development puzzle and is, without a doubt, a trend that is here to stay.

Why so successful?

On demand apps are considered to be an intermediate between the customer and business owners of various different sectors.

It allows consumers to purchase every kind of service or product ranging from food to a ride, grocery, laundry, mechanic or massage with minimal taps in a super convenient manner.

Uber is one of the most popular and successful on-demand services which has changed the way of running a business.

This is why most entrepreneurs are also adopting this latest trend and using careful branding to build an on-demand delivery service with the help of professional app developers and branding agencies in order for their business to stand out from the competition.


Technological Accessories

No, this doesn’t mean a new phone case. Beautiful innovations such as smart watches and motion trackers have become one of the biggest trends of 2019. Not only have such gadgets helped ordinary people, but medial science as well.


These types of accessories not only help people stay in touch with their mobile phone for management, but also keep track of their health and fitness.

As well as this, they are a great form of entertainment which is accessible at all times, on-the-go.

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Machine Learning and AI have dug their heels deeper into mobile apps than we may have realised.

AI makes itself manifest in the form of ChatBots. Siri is one of the biggest proofs why machine learning and AI are very much a part of mobile apps and ones that cannot be separated now.

The rising demand for machine learning and AI in the form of virtual assistants and ChatBots is a trend that is continuing to proliferate in 2019.


Machine learning and artificial intelligence are embraced by digital marketing organisations to build profitably and decrease operational expenses.

Not just the customer service sector but healthcare and automobile are also disrupted by ChatBots and Artificial Intelligence.

Machines are capable of learning by themselves reducing the efforts implemented by humans into different coding elements of the programme.

Instant Apps

In 2016, we witnessed the birth of instant apps – native mobile applications that are smaller in size than usual apps, user friendly, and highly convenient.

As the name suggests, such apps can be accessed instantly without any need to download.

With the constant demand for better user experience and shorter load times, instant apps are indeed one of the biggest trends in 2019 thanks to the elimination of waiting time required during installation.

Writing Tax into a Notebook

Ten Ways You Are Accidentally Committing Tax Fraud

More often than not, a lot of people commit tax fraud without even realizing it.

The tax laws change every year, and if you are not familiar with it or keep yourself updated, you just might be a victim eventually.

Usually, these mistakes happen due to negligence than ill intent, and it is advisable always to cross-check your return before you file your taxes, to ensure that what you are doing is legal and you are not accidentally committing a fraud.

Whether deliberate or a simple mistake, tax fraud attracts grievous repercussions from the IRS, so you might want to take a second look at your account.

What is Tax Fraud?

According to the IRS, Tax Fraud is “intentional wrongdoing on the part of a taxpayer with the specific purpose of evading a tax known or believed to be owing.”

An individual or business entity that falsifies information to limit the amount of tax could be arrested for committing tax fraud. This could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars and years in jail.

To avoid finding yourself in this fix, here are ten ways to know if you are accidentally committing tax fraud.

1. Putting the wrong information

Putting the wrong information on your account could cause a serious problem later. Often times, people forget to fill a part of the return or fill it incorrectly.

This includes omitting or incorrectly entering essential data like Social-Security-number or recording your deductions in the wrong column.

Even if it were a mistake, it could be seen as an act of deliberation to attempt tax fraud.

To avoid putting wrong information, simply implement a tax preparation software that won’t allow you to submit your forms without entering vital data.

You could also hire professional tax preparers who are more familiar with it.

2. Inaccurately demanding the acquired income tax credit

The income tax credit is for low to moderate earners, as it helps them ease the load of Social Security taxes.

To qualify, you must meet certain criteria, which changes often and must be reviewed to avoid claiming it incorrectly.

You could be eligible with the previous year’s criteria but no longer eligible with the updated criteria.

So, it is important that you do not rely on an outdated rule, as it could draw the attention of the IRS.

3. Math errors

One or more math errors in your tax return could affect your overall calculations and result in an incorrect sum of the tax you owe.

This could suggest tax fraud to the IRS, and you are not safe.

To avoid this, always double check every figure before you include it in your tax return to avoid miscalculating your total income and changing your actual liability.

If it is a one-time thing, it could be dismissed as an error, but there will be suspicions if the same mistake keeps recurring.

Implementing tax software will help reduce the risk of math errors by pointing out the inconsistencies in your calculation.

4. Tax shelters abuse

While tax shelters could help minimize your taxes, they could also be abused, which could be accounted for as tax fraud.

Too-good-to-be-true tax shelters often deceive many taxpayers looking out for tax shelters from wealth planners and accountants.

Some of these tax shelters often do not correlate with the financial status of the taxpayer, which could result in accidentally committing tax fraud.

To avoid this, always avoid tax shelters that do not match your financial needs.

The IRS releases a “Dirty Dozen” list of tax scams yearly to help keep taxpayers in check when settling for a tax shelter.

If you are not careful, you might end up spending more to cover up for back taxes, interest, and penalties, in the bid to avoid or minimize your tax.

It could also cost you a fine and a jail sentence if it is recorded as tax fraud or avoidance. Debt freedom relief management could be a good option to eliminate tax debt.

5. Improper form

The effect of double-checking your form before sending cannot be overemphasized, as it could save you time, effort and money.

It is possible that you picked the wrong 1040 form while in a rush, and this could affect your entire tax return details.

Always check the form before you fill it.

And if it turns out that you picked the wrong form, you will have to file an amended tax return, which must be mailed directly to the IRS or to any direct address suggested by the IRS.

6. Claiming the wrong deductions

Before you deduct an expense, ensure it is necessary.

This is especially for small business owners or self-employed persons who are allowed to deduct business expenses where necessary.

In a bid to deduct expenses, it could be tricky to deduct random expenses that aren’t business related.

Examples include vacation expenses or home groceries.

If you are caught, you could be imprisoned for 3 years, with a fine of $100,000.

Using the tax prep software could help prevent this by showing you the necessary deductions. Also, understand the rules and be honest.

7. Taking inflated tax deductions

The IRS frowns at taking inflated tax deductions.

While it is understandable that you need to cut your taxes as much as you can, it is also vital that you do not make them up or artificially enhance the one you have.

Before you claim tax deductions, be sure that you are eligible and also, try not to overinflate it.

Don’t falsely claim deductions, expenses or even credits on tax returns.

With the increasingly efficient IRS automated systems, you could be liable to penalties for taking inflated tax deductions.

Some of these penalties include a $5000 fine, 20% of the disallowed amount and 75% of the amount owed in addition to the full income tax owed.

To avoid this, you have to be sincere with the numbers and probably work a payment plan with the IRS on how best you could pay what you owe, if you can’t do it all at once.

8. Unreported income

You might not be able to record all your tips when filling your tax, especially if you do contract or freelance jobs.

However, this doesn’t mean you should be nonchalant about it, as unreported income to the IRS could also be counted as tax fraud.

Although with multiple streams of income, it is easy to hide your income from the government, you are still required to disclose and report every tip, as failure to do so may be building up for impending danger.

An unreported income that is later found could cost you a penalty equivalent to 50% of the taxes you owe in Medicare, Social Security, and Railroad Retirement taxes on unreported income.

It could also cost you $250,000 fine and about 5 years in prison.

This can be avoided by keeping an updated record of all tip income received and report them.

9. Victim of fraudulent by the tax preparer

While a tax preparer is meant to be a professional to help with your tax returns, you could easily fall into the trap of tax preparer fraud.

Since they will be helping with the calculating, filing and signing of your tax return, they will have access to your personal financial details, which is a very crucial aspect of your life and/or business.

This is the first important reason why you should choose yours wisely if you are looking to hire one.

Although many of them are professionals and will handle your tax return in the best way, getting into the wrong hands could get you into trouble.

A fraudulent tax preparer will likely dupe you into committing tax fraud, without you realizing.

The penalty for this often falls back on the tax preparer, but you could also be a victim if you were found to be involved in the scamming process.

This can be avoided by hiring a professional, which can be vetted online via the IRS Directory of Federal Tax Return Preparers by using the details of his credentials.

10. The bottom line

Errors happen all the time, but they can be avoided by simply double checking.

And if you ever fill the wrong form, you will have to file an amended tax return or get reviewed by an IRS.

The good news, however, is that the IRS takes into account possible mistakes that could happen while filing the tax return.

These accidental mistakes are not outrightly considered as a fraud; the IRS has to carefully review the case before drawing a conclusion if it should be charged as tax fraud or identified as an accidental mistake.

The tax preparer software is available on the IRS website for free, to help you file your tax return properly, with little or no mistakes in the process.

This could save you a lot of future hassles.


Being charged for tax fraud will not only cost you time, effort and money but also your reputation and records with the IRS.

No one ever wants to have an issue with the IRS, as it never turns out pleasant.

Watch out for these common mistakes often made while filing a tax return and ensure you are on track.

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Flag of Spain

Moving to Spain: Your Emigration Essentials

When you are planning on moving to the beautiful country of Spain, there will be certain things that you will need to have covered to make your emigration that much easier.

Choosing to emigrate to this attractive southern European country is a decision many more citizens of the UK are doing and this guide will fill you on how to enjoy your stay.

Find out what you need to know ahead of time with this special checklist as listed below.

Getting Your Affairs in Order

Before you make the move you will want to have your affairs in order before you relocate.

This means being aware of bills, expenses and other ties that need to be severed before your leave your home country.

Things like utility bills such as gas and electric, internet and phone contracts, insurance plans as well as taxes will need to be addressed and dealt with.

You will need to have these aspects of your life properly managed.

You do not want to be in a predicament where you are paying for bills or other costs that you no longer use or need as a future citizen of Spain.

Young Couple Moving Home

Packing the Essentials

Other tips include packing light and doing what you can to lower shipping costs.

Speak to a specialist company that deals in removals to Spain.

They can get your effects transferred quickly and easily, and understand the local bureaucracy to speed up the process.

Many people will want to transport all their belongings but these can be sold or given away to make the transition that much easier.

Another suggestion is to have your pets micro chipped before you move.

In Spain, it is necessary to have your furry friend microchipped.

Other rules apply for exotic animals but take this into note to prevent problems like having your animal go through a quarantine process.

After You Arrive In Spain

The very first important thing you will need is getting yourself a non-native identity number which is also referred to as a NIE number.

This is important because you will need it for health care, your financial affairs and other civic things.

It is intelligent to have this taken care of before you move and you can download the form and have it filled within the Spanish consulate of your home country.

You also have the option to have a solicitor submit this form for you and you will have to give them permission to do so.

Have this done immediately to ensure health services and other needs.

A document you will also need is a “certificate of registration” or ìCertificado de Empadronamientoî.

This needs to be completed within 3 months of moving to Spain and it is documentation you can get registered at your local Spanish town hall.

Typically you will be issued the document right then and there that day.

New House Key

Know the Spanish Healthcare System

The healthcare system is much like the system that is used within the UK in which people who work and make payments to the social security system are given access to state health care.

Luckily there is no costs other then the price of medicine.

There is a percentage chart that you have to pay based on income, age and other factors.

It should be noted that if you live primarily in the UK and live in a short term basis in Spain then you will have the option of using your EHIC card for health care.

Getting a Bank Account

When you need to open a banking account you will need your NIE number and a passport, proof of address and with some banks, proof of employment.

You will need to do this in person but some banks offer on line registration to begin the process of opening an account.

A piece of advice is to shop around for a bank that offers cash withdrawals and truly offers your requirements with as few charges as possible.

Spain has rather high charges for things like ATM transactions so be aware of your bank and their policies.

Driving in Spain

Lastly as a resident of Spain you will need to have a Spanish driving license.

It is required under law and there are required medical checks and the license itself must be renewed every 10 years.

After the age of 65 years old then your license must be renewed every 5 years.

If you have a EU license you will need to renew it within the first two years you have been a citizen of Spain which will then change it into a Spanish license.

Follow these tips above and your relocation to Spain will be much easier and will free up your time to focus on this beautiful country.

When these items are taken care of before hand and after moving to Spain will be better with less stress and more enjoyment.

HMRC Self Assessment Tax Form

How to file your UK tax return with ease

Understanding HMRC’s Self-Assessment System

If you have not filed your tax return yet do not feel bad as this article will help you understand the commonalities of how to file your UK tax return correctly.

We aim to enlighten you and dispel myths and other misinformation which may be holding you back from accomplishing knowing how to file your UK tax return correctly.

We will do our best to cover all the different angles necessary.

As you may or may not know you are required to file your taxes by January 31st of this year.

If you miss this deadline you can possibly face a £100 fine and you may face even more penalties if you are extremely late.

There are two options for filing your tax return with the online version and the paper format.

Both are essential and we will show you how to get it done properly as you continue reading below.

HMRC Payment Deadline Letter
Filing a tax return late can lead to a fine. Image credit: Channel 4

Who Needs to File a Tax Return?

You will need to fill out a tax return if you are self-employed have a job or do any type of freelance or casual work.

All income that you earn through the year has the potential of being taxable.

You will have to fill out a tax return if you have £2,500 or more in untaxed income from things like property, investments or savings.

Secondly, you will have to file a tax return if your investment or savings income was £10,000 before tax.

Also if your income was more then a £100,000 or if you made a profit from selling a rental property then you will be required to pay a capital gains tax.

This report is designed to offer tips and suggestions and for further requirements we recommend you visit the official HMRC website to get all the exact details.

Get All Necessary Documents Together

The very next thing you will need to do is get a hold of your bank statements, household bills, invoices, a copy of your P60 as well as your P11D.

If you don’t have access to either of these forms then be sure to contact the payroll office of where you work for the required paperwork to get your taxes done.

If you have never filed your taxes you will need to register as a new user at the HMRC online services website.

You will need your 10 digits unique taxpayer reference number.

Next, you will be given a unique user identification that you will need to hold on too for future use.

You will receive an activation code when you signup.

Once you have received it you can log into the HMRC Self Assessment portion of their website.

If you have already signed up for self-assessment online then you don’t have to go through signing up and activating your account again.

You will just need to use your user identification as well as password.

If your tax affairs are marked as “relatively straightforward” then the HMRC will take you out of the self-assessment tool.

If this applies to you the HMRC will send you a letter stating you no longer have to fill out a form for taxes.

Some people would like to know how to file your UK tax return correctly in a way that will reduce the overall bill.

Always Claim Expenses

One method for lowering your bill is by claiming expenses.

If you are a home-based business owner you can claim a percentage of your heating, electricity, internet and telephone bills.

You can even claim a portion of your mortgage or rent, insurance and even charges from the bank.

You can also do such things as claiming expenses associated with your business such as new computers, vehicles used in business, the costs of petrol as well as car repairs.

However, you cannot claim these expenses if you are working at home for a full-time employer.

If you worked offshore on a cruise ship, yacht or seaborne vessel outside of UK waters for a considerable length of time, the you may be able to claim Seafarers Earnings Deduction.

The rules surrounding this exemption are complex so you are advised to consult seafarers tax accountants for help and guidance.

This isn’t all the information you need to know about on how to file your UK tax return correctly.

We highly recommend that you visit and review the helpful HMRC website or you can always call their self-assessment helpline.

The phone number is active from Monday to Saturday and the phone number is 0300 200 3310.

They are there to help you and answer any questions that you may have about filing your taxes.

Sometimes it may take a little while to reach a live operator on the helpline but it is worth it if you need help.

Ultimately filing your taxes on time is the best option available as you will not have to spend money on any penalties or fines.

Be sure to file on time!

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Freestanding Wooden Carport

Top Benefits of Installing a Timber Carport

Protect Your Vehicles All Year with a Bespoke Wooden Carport

Today we would like to address benefit homeowners can take advantage of when it comes to protecting their vehicles from their elements.

The option we speak of today is the modern carport.

It is an easy solution that is a great alternative to a garage.

They are simply built and are an excellent option when your home does not have a lot of extra space.

Add Value to Your Home

It is interesting that there are a few things that people can easily do to change their home to make it better and improve it which actually goes unnoticed on a conscious level.

Some things have a greater impact on the subconscious and a carport is just the thing that will add that subtle benefit to your home.

The great thing about a carport is that you can use them for cars, boats, tractors, trucks, RV’s, trailers, motorcycles and other such things.

They also a wide variety of benefits that will make you want to purchase one of these right away.

Below we will list the 10 ways you can benefit from having carport installed in your home.

Lean-To Timber Carport
A Typical Lean-To Timber Carport Style. Image credit: Pinterest

The first benefit of installing a simple timber framed carport is that it provides your car a protective cover for any damages caused by the weather.

You won’t have to worry about fading paint, hailstone damages, or problems related to turbulent weather.

The second benefit you will notice is the additional space that a carport offers.

You can always use your carport in warmer weather and use it for an area to relax outside for family barbecue get-togethers.

The third benefit of a carport is that it protects your vehicle from any possible theft or vandalism.

Your car will be visible which means that you can keep an eye on it at all hours to prevent any problems.

The fourth benefit is that a carport can be used for any type of vehicle and you are not restricted to just cars.

All forms of a vehicle can be easily shielded and protected from the elements using a carport including motorcycles, boats, and RVs.

The fifth benefit of a carport is its ease of use.

Since it is basically a canopy like structure, it does not have doors.

Convenient & Easy to Install

When your hands are full with groceries you will not have the problems associated with having to open doors.

You save yourself a real struggle while still being protected from the elements when you are leaving your vehicle.

Another feature of a carport is that they are an energy efficient storage method.

A carport eliminates the need for electric doors and other features like lighting that take energy and electrical wiring.

With a canopy, you save yourself in your homes electrical usage which is an added benefit.

Another great element of a canopy is that in the summertime they are an option for being able to enjoy the beauty of the summer but also gives you shade with a lower temperature.

Pressure Treated Timbers
Wooden Carports Are Constructed Only Using Pressure Treated Timbers. Image credit: Eugene Forest Products

Bespoke wooden carports are built from high-quality pressure treated timbers and polycarbonate or traditional tiles are typically used for the roofing.

Carports have a sleek and minimalist design and can easily be customised to match the colours of your home.

Lastly, you can position your carport to your home’s side so you don’t have to worry about pulling too close to your house.

You can have it installed so you can be covered by the roof as you enter and exit your vehicle.

Outdoor carports are simple and flexible shelters that you can enjoy with your friends and family.

A carport is a great addition to your home and you will have to make specific decisions based on the factors that will ensure a greater user experience as an addition to your home.

When the right carport is chosen, you will be sure that you, your family and friends will be safe and enjoy the great outdoors in full comfort.

It is a good idea to look online to see the different measurements of each carport model that is available to make sure that it will fit your given space that is available.

You may have limited space and by getting a carport that is too big could be a real problem.

Also look into the different styles of a canopy that are addressed to your specific needs.

Every person is unique and a carport can really be used as an addition to your home for a wide variety of uses.

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Selection of Modern Kitchen Handles

How to give your kitchen a facelift by changing the handles and hardware

There is no need to replace your whole kitchen to give it a facelift.

Simple and rather effortless replacements can still make a huge difference to its look.

One of these things is to change the handles and hardware.

Besides it is evidently more affordable too.

You could also spray paint the cabinets, and/or opt for worktop overlays too.

All of these will make your kitchen look much different, at a fraction of the cost.

Modern Chrome Kitchen Bar Handles
Modern Kitchen Door Handles. Image credit: The Golden Bird

First off, one of the things that are mostly subjected to wear and tear are the hardware, the handles, knobs and pulls.

Older designs can also date very quickly too! Just imagine how many times you opened and closed the doors and drawers.

No wonder that they appear worse for wear.

Besides there are so many different styles to choose from nowadays, that the sky’s the limit when it comes to replacing handles and knobs.

There are lots of different styles, finishes, shapes and colours to choose from, so you may wish to take into account your personal preferences so as to narrow down the choices a bit.

It will also depend on the style of your kitchen.

The more modern a kitchen is, the more room for originality there is going to be, both in terms of orientation, as well as angles.

However, do bear in mind that if you are going to install the handles in a rather untraditional manner, you may need to touch up the doors or drawers so hide where the previous handles were.

Nowadays bar pulls are among the most popular choices when it comes to handles for modern and contemporary kitchens.

These tend to be really long and wide, and definitely much more sturdy.

Bolts and knobs may sometimes be preferred to handles, especially in vintage kitchens or for those who prefer minimalist designs, but you will need to take into account the width of the drawer or the length of the door, so as to see if they are feasible enough when it comes to opening and closing easily.

Huge Selection of Modern & Vintage Kitchen Handles
Traditional Kitchen Handles. Image credit: Pinterest

When it comes to replacing the kitchen hardware make sure that you buy ones of the same size.

In that way you will avoid the problem of having any parts not being properly covered up, leading to the need to retouch your cabinets unnecessarily.

The spacing of the screws and the hinge overlay, will need to be taken into account when buying the new hardware.

This will make things much easier when it comes to installing them.

So make sure to remove all of the parts and to take them with you when going shopping for new hardware.

To remove the old hardware all you will need is a screwdriver, or a cordless drill to make the job even faster.

So remove the door or drawer, and then unscrew the hinges and the handle.

It is a good idea to buy some extra handles just in case.

Then, simply start to screw the new hardware to each cabinet door and drawer.

Rehang them by screwing the hinges to the frame of the cabinets, and that is about it!

You will be amazed at how much difference those little new handles make to give you the ultimate in low-budget kitchen makeovers.

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Hammer of Justice

How to Choose the Right Personal Injury Lawyer

Get legal compensation with the best solicitors

Getting the advice and legal assistance of a lawyer is something that most of us cannot do without at some point in their lives.

Be it because of marital problems, child custody, or accidents, there are a myriad of situations which call for the legal advice of a solicitor.

However, not all lawyers are going to be specialized in offering legal assistance in any and every case.

Most lawyers prefer to specialize in a limited number of areas, or in just one field only.

They do this in order to be able to dedicate themselves more specifically to that legal field, and be of expert guidance to their clients.

So, if you have been a victim of some form of personal injury, it is imperative that you look for a personal injury lawyer, who would be specialized in this particular legal field.

Cutting Up Marriage Certificate

Finding a Suitable Lawyer

Choosing a good personal injury lawyer is very important if you want to make sure that the outcome of your case is according to your wishes.

Let us discuss some things you should bear in mind when looking for a personal injury lawyer.

First of all, as a victim of a personal injury, your first thought will be that you need to get what is owed to you as a form of compensation for the injury or injuries that you suffered.

Therefore, you are going to have certain expectations which will revolve around the need and the wish of getting what is owed to you in one form or another.

This could be financial compensation, or payment of medical expenses for example.

Therefore you need the assistance of a personal injury lawyer to help you bring your case against the person/s who are responsible for the injury or injuries that you sustained.

The personal injury lawyer will also be defending you if you are the one against whom someone else is claiming that he or she suffered injuries because of you.

So, either way, you need a lawyer who has considerable experience in this field.

The personal injury lawyer will be aware that a lawsuit will need to be filed within a certain period of time, and so you need to talk to such a lawyer as soon as possible.

However this should not impede you from taking the time to choose a good lawyer.

Law Books

Choosing the Right Lawyer

You also need to ensure that he/she is a person of integrity, a good communicator, and someone that you feel at ease with.

You will also need to consider the expenses involved as different lawyers charge different rates.

These are some basic things you should bear in mind when looking for a personal injury lawyer.

Having said that, let us now elaborate a bit further on how to arriving to the final choice.

  1. Do some research so as to learn more about different personal injury lawyers, their experience and training. Personal injury lawyers will not only be experienced in the laws which deal with such cases, but they will also have an in depth understanding of medical processes, diagnosis and treatments required for people who have been injured in most common cases such as falls, slips, road accidents, and accidents at the place of work. This is often referred to as tort law, and personal injury lawyers will have an aptitude with negotiation as well as trial experience.
  2. Check what their past clients have to say about previous cases they handled for them. You will be able to get a better idea about different lawyers’ reputations, trial experience and record of cases they won. You could also try asking for personal referrals such as relatives or co-workers who availed of the services of a personal injury lawyer sometime before.
  3. Contact some personal injury lawyers who seem to be experienced and reputable so as to schedule a meeting with them. Meeting in person and discussing your case will give you the best idea of whether a personal injury lawyer is a good choice or not. You will be able to see how he/she intends to handle your case, whether he/she has a timeframe to resolve it, whether a trial will be required, and other key factors. You will also judge whether he/she is a good communicator, and a patient and emphatic person, or whether he/she is just considering you as a number and seems to be constantly busy answering calls even during your consultation.

Your choice of a personal injury lawyers should be based on whether you feel comfortable with him/her as a person, and with the cost structure of whether the lawyer offers a no win no fee arrangement or upfront payment terms.

You will also need to base your decision on his/her experience and credentials, but especially on whether he/she dealt with cases such as yours successfully in the past.

Needless to say each case differs from another, but your chances of getting a good outcome from your case will improve considerably if the personal injury lawyer of your choice is experienced in that particular type of accident and injury.